«Біологічні науки»: журнали, представлені у фондах Залу іноземних періодичних видань Відділу комплексного бібліотечного обслуговування

Журнали, представлені на виставці:


1. Biologija = Biology : lietuvos mokslu akademijos ir aukstuju mokyklu zurnalas/ Lietuvos Mokslu Akademija ; ed. V. P. Rancelis. - Vilnius : [б.в.], 1994 . - Текст лит., англ. та рос. мовами.- Отримується з 1995.

Biologija is a journal of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, published since 1990 one volume (4 issues) per year as a continuation of the “Transactions of the Academy of Sciences of Lithuanian SSR. Series C” (started in 1955).

Biologija publishes original papers, review articles, preliminary notes, short communications and case reports in various fields of medicine and biomedical sciences. Subjects covered by this journal: Molecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Virology, Immunology, Physiology, Cell Biology, General Biology.

Indexed in Thomson ISI®, CABI Publishing, USDA Database, VINITI, EBSCO.

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2. Biological letters / The Poznan society for the advancement of the arts and sciences ; ed. A. Lesicki. - Poznań : PTPN. - Виходить щорічно.- Отримується з 1995.

The journal Biological Letters is a peer-reviewed semi-annual journal in English. It is published in Poznań, Poland, jointly by the Poznań Society for the Advancement of the Arts and Sciences, and the Adam Mickiewicz University (Faculty of Biology). The journal was formerly published as Bulletin de la Societe des Amis des Sciences et des Lettres de Poznań, Serie D Sciences Biologiques (Vol. 1-30 of 1960-93) and as Biological Bulletin of Poznań (Vol. 31-38 of 1994-2001).

The Biological Letters has a long tradition of publishing papers on all topics related to biology. The journal covers a wide spectrum of biological disciplines, including animal science and zoology, general biochemistry, botany, and ecology. We also encourage submission of manuscripts related to conservation biology and wildlife management. The BL welcomes submission of original articles, review articles, short communications, and proceedings of international conferences. The BL is published both in print and in open-access electronic format.

The journal is indexed in: AGRO, Chemical Abstracts (CAS), Zoological Rekord, DOAJ, EBSCO, Ulrich's periodicals, Worldcat, BIOSIS Preview/BIOSIS.

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3. Zoosystematics and evolution [Текст] : Mitteilungen/ Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin ; ed.-in-chief M. Glaubrecht. - Weinheim : WILEY-VCH. - Виходить двічі на рік.- Отримується з 2011., - ISSN 1435-1935

Zoosystematics and Evolution, formerly Mitteilungen aus dem Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin, Zoologische Reihe - is an international, peer-reviewed life science journal devoted to whole-organism biology. It publishes original research and review articles in the field of Metazoan taxonomy, biosystematics, evolution, morphology, development and biogeography at all taxonomic levels. Its scope encompasses primary information from collection-related research, taxonomic descriptions and discoveries, revisions, annotated type catalogues, aspects of the history of science, and contributions on new methods and principles of systematics. Articles whose main topic is ecology, functional anatomy, physiology, or ethology are only acceptable when of systematic or evolutionary relevance and perspective.

All submitted manuscripts are subject to peer-review by the specialists for the respective topic. The high scientific profile of the journal is reflected by an outstanding print quality which is adept in conveying the valuable information contained in the often detailed line drawings and photographs of scientific illustrations.

Abstracting and Indexing Information: Biological Abstracts (Thomson ISI), BIOSIS Previews (Thomson ISI), Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA/CIG), Web of Science (Thomson ISI), Zoological Record (Thomson ISI).

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4. Systematics and biodiversity [Text]/ The natural history museum ; ed. B. Rosen. - Cambridge : Cambridge university press, 2003 . - Виходить щоквартально.- Отримується з 2003., - ISSN 1477-2000

Systematics and Biodiversity is devoted to whole-organism biology. It is a quarterly, international, peer-reviewed, life science journal, without page charges, which is published by Taylor & Francis for The Natural History Museum, London. The criterion for publication is scientific merit. Systematics and Biodiversity documents the diversity of organisms in all natural phyla, through taxonomic papers that have a broad context (not single species descriptions), while also addressing topical issues relating to biological collections, and the principles of systematics. It particularly emphasises the importance and multi-disciplinary significance of systematics, with contributions which address the implications of other fields for systematics, or which advance our understanding of other fields through taxonomic knowledge, especially in relation to the nature, origins, and conservation of biodiversity, at all taxonomic levels.

Each issue contains a main section devoted to formal peer-reviewed original research papers, and a shorter, more informal 'Perspective' section. As well as taxonomic discovery, description, revision and recording, the research section carries studies of adaptation, anatomy, biodiversity patterns in time and space (including response to environmental and human factors, and to global change), biogeography, coevolution, conservation biology, development, evolutionary biology, functional morphology, growth and form, molecular science, phylogenetics, cladistics, speciation, and systematic ecology. State-of-knowledge reviews and papers on the theory and practice of systematics are also welcome. There are no restrictions on the geographical location of authors, their material and study areas, or on the institutional locations of their studied collections. The 'Perspective' section covers a similar range of subjects to the main section, but gives scope for debate and comment as well as reviews of books.

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5. Natur und Heimat [Text] : floristische, faunistische und ökologische Berichte/ Westfälisches Museum für Naturkunde ; red. B. Gries. - Münster : Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe.- Отримується з 1958.

Natur und Heimat – floristische, faunistische und ökologische Berichte. Die Zeitschrift wurde 1934 gegründet. Die Zeitschrift „Natur und Heimat" veröffentlicht Beiträge zur naturkundlichen, insbesondere zur biologisch-ökologischen Landeserforschung Westfalens und seiner Randgebiete. Ein Jahrgang umfasst vier Hefte.

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6. Genes & Genetic Systems [Text] : official Journal/ Genetics Society of Japan ; ed. T. Endo. - Hiroshima : [б.в.].- Отримується з 1955-1965; 1968-., - ISSN 1341-7568

Genes & Genetic Systems (GGS) is the official journal of the Genetics Society of Japan, which has been published bimonthly since 1918.

GGS covers a wide range of fields in genetics, including general genetics, molecular genetics, cell genetics, developmental genetics, behavioral genetics, ecological genetics, chemical genetics, epigenetics, cytogenetics, population genetics, evolutionary genetics, and molecular evolution. GGS also welcomes papers in the following fields, if they are related to genetics: genome-wide research, bioinformatics, systems biology, database, genetic bioresources, and technical advances (in both experimental and in silico methods).

Genes & Genetic Systems (GGS) opened its World Wide Web (WWW) home page. The address (URL) of the GGS home page is: http://gsj3.jp/GGS.html. The full articles of GGS from 1993 to the present are now available without charge online at https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/browse/ggs

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7. Bulletin of mathematical biology : a j. devoted to research at the junction of computational theoretical, and experimental biology : offic. j. of The Soc. for Math. Biology/ Soc. for Math. Biology ; ed. P. K. Maini. - Oxford, UK : Springer, 1939 . - Виходить 8 разів на рік.- Отримується з 2009.

The Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, the official publication of the Society for Mathematical Biology. Its aim is to be of major interest to theorists and experimental biologists alike. The Bulletin of Mathematical Biology is devoted to research at the junction of computational, theoretical and experimental biology. Articles offer a combination of theory and experiment, documenting theoretical advances with clear exposition of how they further biological understanding.

Abstracted/Indexed in Science Citation Index, Science Citation Index Expanded (SciSearch), Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition, PubMed/Medline, SCOPUS, EMBASE, Zentralblatt Math, Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), Google Scholar, EBSCO, CSA, CAB International, Academic OneFile, Academic Search, AGRICOLA, ASFA, Biological Abstracts, BIOSIS, CAB Abstracts, CSA Environmental Sciences, Current Contents/ Life Sciences, Elsevier Biobase, EMBiology, Gale, Global Health, INIS Atomindex, International Bibliography of Book Reviews (IBR), International Bibliography of Periodical Literature (IBZ), Mathematical Reviews, OCLC, SCImago, STMA-Z, Summon by ProQuest, Zoological Record

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8. Acta biochimica polonica [Текст]/ Pol. min. of science and higher education ; ed. G. Wegrzyn. - Warszawa : [s. n.]. - Виходить щоквартально.- Отримується з 1955., - ISSN 0001-527X

Acta Biochimica Polonica publishes experimental and theoretical papers in all areas of modern biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology. Acta Biochimica Polonica is a journal covering enzymology and metabolism, membranes and bioenergetics, gene structure and expression, protein, nucleic acid and carbohydrate structure and metabolism.

Acta Biochimica Polonica publishes research articles, short communications, review articles and book reviews.

Acta Biochimica Polonica is indexed and abstracted in Current Contents (ISI, U.S.A.), Biochemistry and Biophysics Citation Index (ISI, U.S.A.), BIOSIS (U.S.A.), Chemical Abstracts (Columbus, U.S.A.), Excerpta Medica (Elsevier, Netherlands), Index Copernicus (Poland), Medline (U.S.A.), Polska Bibliografia Lekarska (Poland).

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9. Revue roumaine de biochimie [Текст]/ Académie Romaine ; red. C. Motas. - Buc. : [б.в.].- Отримується з 1964., - ISSN 0001-4214

Romanian Journal of Biochemistry, abbreviated as Rom.J.Biochem. - is edited by The Romanian Academy & The Institue of Biochemistry, and it is published by The Romanian Academy Press.

Romanian Journal of Biochemistry is a peer reviewed general biochemical journal covering topics related to: Cellular Processes and Systems Biology, Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, Biomethods and technologies, Diseases, Molecular Medicine and Diagnostics, Bionanotechnology and Biocompatibility

In these areas and related topics, the journal accepts for publications research papers and reviews of both large and short communication format. The journal does publish also special issues such as: covering scientific events; book reviews; proceedings of national and international bio-meetings held in Romania.

Romanian Journal of Biochemistry is indexed and abstracted in ISI Thomson Scientific Master Journal List, Biological Abstracts, Biosis Previews, CAB Abstracts, Genamics JournalSeek, VetMet Resource, In-cites.

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10. Journal of BioScience and Biotechnology [Текст] : an open access interdisciplinary j./ Plovdiv Univ. "Paisii Hilendarski" ; ed.-in-chief B. Dzhambazov. - Plovdiv : Plovdiv Univ. Press "Paisii Hilendarski", 2012 . - Виходить три рази на рік.- Отримується з 2012., - ISSN 1314-6238

The Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering (JBB) is an international journal devoted to the rapid publication of papers describing original research in the field of biotechnology. JBB encourages and publishes new concepts in technology/methodology that significantly advance the understanding of bioscience and bioengineering and contribute to the development of chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, food, and agricultural industries. The Editorial Committee makes its best efforts to provide expeditious, rigorous and fair peer-review, ensuring the high quality of articles published in JBB.

JBB is published monthly (2 vols. in 12 issues) by the Society for Biotechnology, Japan and distributed outside Japan by Elsevier. Online version is available in ScienceDirect. The journal was first published in 1923, originally being named Jyozogaku Zasshi (in Japanese) and then renamed Hakkokogaku Zasshi (in Japanese) (1944), Journal of Fermentation Technology (1973), and Journal of Fermentation and Bioengineering (1989). It was given the current name in 1999. JBB has established itself as one of the most influential biotechnology journals and is now highly appreciated by scientists throughout the world.

JBB is abstracted/indexed in BIOSIS, Chemical Abstracts, Current Contents, EMBASE/Excerpta Medica, Elsevier BIOBASE/Current Awareness in Biological Sciences, ISI Biotechnology Citation Index, and MEDLINE/PubMed.

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11. Acta of bioengineering and biomechanics [Text] : journal/ Wroclaw University of technology ; ed. R. Bedzinski. - Wroclaw : [б.в.].- Отримується з 1999.

Acta of Bioengineering and Biomechanics is a platform allowing presentation of investigations results, exchange of ideas and experiences among researchers with technical and medical background.

Acta of Bioengineering and Biomechanics contains original theoretical and experimental papers dealing with: engineering biomechanics, biomechanics of sport, modeling and investigating biomechanical problems, biomechanics of labour protection, rehabilitation engineering, orthopedic biomechanics, substitutive systems that assist a therapy, dental biomechanics, biomaterials, biotribology, computer simulation in biomechanics and experimental methods in biomechanics.

Indexed in: Current Contents, Medline, EMBASE/Excerpta Medica, Index Copernicus, Thomson Reuters: Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE), Journal Citation Reports (JCR) Focus On: Sport Science & Medicine

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12. Ekologija [Text] = Ecology/ Lietuvos Mokslu Akademija ; ed. I. Eitminaviciute. - Vilnius : [б.в.], 1990 . - Текст лит., англ. та рос. мовами. - Виходить щоквартально.- Отримується з 1990.

Ekologija is a journal of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, published since 1990 in English and Lithuanian; 4 issues per year.

Ekologija publishes original papers, review articles, preliminary notes, short communications and case reports in various fields of ecology and environmental sciences. Subjects covered by this journal: General Ecology, Molecular Ecology, Organism and Environment, Landscape Ecology, Ecology of Territorial Systems, Water System Ecology, Ecology of Parasites, Anthropogenic Impact of Ecosystem, Ecosystem Protection, Applied Ecology, Biodiversity.

Indexed in: Thomson ISI®, Georef Preview Database (American Geological Institute), EBSCO (www.epnet.com, Environment Complete)

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13. Ecological chemistry and engineering A = Chemia i inżynieria ekologiczna A/ Soc. of ecological chemistry and eng. ; ed. W. Wacławek. - Opole. - Виходить щомісяця.- Отримується з 2010.

Monthly Ecological Chemistry and Engineering A/Chemia i Inżynieria Ekologiczna A publishes articles (experimental, review and technological) in the field of ecological chemistry and engineering, renewable energy sources, ecological agriculture as well as the related fields and case reports and varia (professional information, book reviews, etc.)

Ecological Chemistry and Engineering A is abstracted and indexed by: Chemical Abstracts and BazTech.

Starting from 2010 on the website of the Society of Ecological Chemistry and Engineering you can find links to freely accessible all papers published in the journal Ecological Chemistry and Engineering A as well as selected earlier papers.

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14. Polish journal of ecology/ Polish acad. of sciences, Inst. of ecology ; ed. A. Hillbricht-Ilkowska. - Dziekanow Lesny : [s. n.]. - Виходить щоквартально.- Отримується з 1953.

POLISH JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY (formerly Ekologia polska) publishes original scientific research papers dealing with all aspects of ecology: both fundamental and applied, physiological ecology, ecology of population, community, ecosystem, landscape as well as global ecology. There is no bias regards taxon, environment or geographical area.

POLISH JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY has been selected (since 2002) by Institute of Scientific Information in Philadelphia (presently Thomson Reuters- Science) for coverage in Current Contents (Agriculture, Biology & Environmental Sciences (CC/AB&ES) and Science Citation Index Expanded. POLISH JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY is also covered by: Ecological Abstracts, Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts, Biological Abstracts, Zoological Record, NISC's FISHLIST/Fisheries Review, Life Science Collection (Cambridge Scientific Abstracts), CAB Abstracts, Referativnyj Zhurnal and others. POLISH JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY is also indexed and abstracted in Elsevier BIOBASE (Current Awareness in Biological Sciences (CABS). The contents and abstracts of current issues are also available in database of Polish Scientific Journals Contents and in databases of Polish Technical Journals (http://baztech.icm.edu.pl) and of Index Copernicus Int. (www.indexcopernicus.com)

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15. Wiadomości ekologiczne [Текст]/ Polska Akademia Nauk, Instytut ekologii ; red. G. Bujalska. - Warszawa : [б.в.]. - Виходить щоквартально.- Отримується з 1955., - ISSN 0013-2969

Kwartalnik "Wiadomości Ekologiczne" poświęcony ekologii i ochronie środowiska wydawany przez Instytut Ekologii Polskiej Akademii Nauk oraz Oficynę Wydawniczą PAN.

"Wiadomości Ekologiczne" stanowi kontynuację kwartalnika "Ekologia Polska Seria B" (począwszy od tomu XVI z 1970 r.). W kwartalniku publikowane są materiały z ekologii, rozumianej tradycyjnie jako dziedzina biologii, a nie - ochrona środowiska, obejmujące (1) artykuły (teoretyczne, przeglądowe, metodyczne) i referaty, (2) recenzje książek, (3) sprawozdania (impresje) z konferencji i sympozjów, informacje o działalności placówek naukowych itp. (Nie są publikowane prace i doniesienia naukowe). Wszystkie materiały publikowane są w języku polskim (artykuły i referaty - z krótkimi streszczeniami w języku angielskim). Przestało ukazywać się.

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16. Estonian journal of ecology [Text] : an international quarterly journal/ Estonian Academy of sciences ; ed. J. Putting. - Tallinn : [б.в.], 1952 . - Виходить щоквартально.- Отримується з 1956.

An international scientific journal published by the Estonian Academy of Sciences in collaboration with the University of Tartu, Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn University, and Estonian University of Life Science. The journal published since 1952. Formerly: Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences: Biology, Ecology.  

Abstracted and indexed in: Biological Abstracts, Zoological Record, CAB Abstracts, Global Health, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, Chemical Abstracts, IBIDS, ISI, NISC SA, Scopus, EBSCO, The Gale Group Inc., ProQuest LLC, Airiti Inc.

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17. Hercynia [Текст]/ Originalberräge über Erforschung ; ed. M. Frühauf. - Halle : [б.в.].- Отримується з 2007., - ISSN 0018-0637

Die Hercynia publiziert Originalbeiträge über Erforschung, Pflege und Schutz natürlicher Ressourcen aus den Bereichen der Botanik, Geologie, Geographie, Forst- und Landwirtschaft sowie Zoologie vorwiegend aus dem herzynischen Raum.

In der Hercynia publizierte Beiträge werden referiert in CAB ABSTRACT, Elsevier Science, Referativnyi Žurnal (Vinity), Wildbiologie und Zoological Record. Veröffentlichung der Abstracts und Zusammenfassungen in: SCOPUS: www.scopus.com; BfN „Dokumentation Natur und Landschaft“ – online”: www.dnl-online.de. Homepage der Hercynia: www.hercynia.uni-halle.de.

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Шифр зберігання журналу у НБУВ: Ж43078


18. Ecohydrology & hydrobiology : international journal/ Polish academy of sciences, International centre for ecology ; ed. M. . Zalewski, D. M. Harper. - Warsaw : [б.в.], 2001 . - Виходить щоквартально.- Отримується з 2001.

In 2001 Polish Academy of Sciences launched the international journal of ECOHYDROLOGY & HYDROBIOLOGY. Currently the journal is published jointly by European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology of Polish Academy of Sciences and Elsevier.

Ecohydrology & Hydrobiology is an international journal that aims to advance ecohydrology as the study of the interplay between ecological and hydrological processes from molecular to river basin scales, and to promote its implementation as an integrative management tool to harmonize societal needs with biosphere potential.

The journal will publish high-quality science aimed at increasing the understanding of water–biota interplay in all types of ecosystems and exploring how this knowledge can be used to regulate hydrological and biogeochemical processes to enhance the carrying capacity especially of anthropogenically modified ecosystems.

Ecohydrology & Hydrobiology is indexed/abstracted in: CAB Abstracts and Global Health – CAB International, CSA Water Resources Abstracts – ProQuest, Geo Abstracts – Elsevier, Georef, – AGI, FishLit NISC – South Africa, IC Journals Master List – Index Copernicus International, Life Science – NISC (USA), Polish Scientific Journals Contents, Science Citation Index Expanded – ISI – Tompson Scientific, SciVerse SCOPUS – Elsevier, Zoological Rekords – BIOSIS (USA).

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19. Marine biodiversity [Тext] : peer-reviewed international journal/ Senckenberg Research Institute ; ed. P. M. Arbizu. - B. : Springer.- Отримується з 2010., - ISSN 1867-1616

Marine Biodiversity is a peer-reviewed international journal devoted to all aspects of biodiversity research on marine ecosystems. The journal is a relaunch of the well known "Senckenbergiana maritima" and covers research at gene, species and ecosystem level that focuses on describing the actors (genes and species), the patterns (gradients and distributions) and understanding of the processes responsible for the regulation and maintenance of diversity in marine systems. Also included are the study of species interactions (symbioses, parasitism, etc.) and the role of species in structuring marine ecosystem functioning.

Marine Biodiversity offers original papers, short notes and review articles. It forms a platform for marine biodiversity researchers from all over the world for the exchange of new information and discussions on concepts and exciting discoveries.

Abstracted/Indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded (SciSearch), Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition, SCOPUS, Google Scholar, CSA, Academic OneFile, ASFA, Biological Abstracts, BIOSIS, Current Contents/ Agriculture, Biology & Environmental Sciences, Fish & Fisheries Worldwide, Geobase, GeoRef, International Bibliography of Book Reviews (IBR), International Bibliography of Periodical Literature (IBZ), OCLC, SCImago, Summon by ProQuest, Zoological Record.

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20. Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom.

Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom [Текст]/ Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom ; ed. in chief M. C. Thorndyke. - Cambridge : Cambridge Univ. Press. - Виходить 8 разів на рік.- Отримується з 2013., - ISSN 0025-3154

JMBA is an international journal, publishing original research on all aspects of marine biology. Subjects covered include: ecological surveys and population studies of marine communities; physiology and experimental biology; taxonomy; morphology and life history of marine animals and plants; and chemical and physical oceanographic work. In addition we also welcome original articles and short reviews in the area of Ocean Acidification and Climate Change, Human Health and the Oceans as well as Novel Educational and Outreach tools for promoting marine biology and also marine issues related to policy and for policy makers.

Papers published in the JMBA are covered by the following abstracting or indexing services Animal Breeding Abstracts, ASFA, Biological Abstracts, Biological and Agricultural Index, Chemical Abstracts, Current Advances in Ecological Science, Current Content, Current Titles in Oceanography, FISHLIT, Geological Abstracts, GeoRef, Helminthological Abstracts, Lead Abstracts, Nutrition Abstracts, Oceanic Abstracts, Selected Water Resources Abstracts, Zincscan.

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Шифр зберігання журналу у НБУВ: Ж43942


21. Journal of applied ichthyology [Text] : official journal of the World Sturgeon Conservation Society/ ed. H. Rosenthal. - Berlin : [б.в.]. - Виходить раз на два місяці.- Отримується з 2005., - ISSN 0175-8659

The Journal of Applied Ichthyology publishes articles of international repute on ichthyology, aquaculture, and marine fisheries; ichthyopathology and ichthyoimmunology; environmental toxicology using fishes as test organisms; basic research on fishery management; and aspects of integrated coastal zone management in relation to fisheries and aquaculture. Emphasis is placed on the application of scientific research findings, while special consideration is given to ichthyological problems occurring in developing countries. Article formats include original articles, review articles, short communications, technical reports and book reviews.

Abstracting and Indexing Information: Aquatic Sciences & Fisheries Abstracts; Biological Abstracts®; BIOSIS Previews®; CAB Abstracts; Cambridge Scientific Abstracts; Chemical Abstracts; Current Contents: Agriculture, Biology & Environmental Sciences; Derwent Veterinary Drug File; FISHLIT/Fish and Fisheries Worldwide; Food Science & Technology Abstracts (FSTA); Geobase; Research Alert; Science Citation Index; SUBIS Current Awareness in Biomedicine; VINITI-RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCE, Zoological Record.

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Шифр зберігання журналу у НБУВ: Ж42850


22. Journal of systematic palaeontology [Text]/ The natural history museum ; ed. A. B. Smith. - N.Y. : Camridge university press, 2003 . - Виходить щоквартально.- Отримується з 2003., - ISSN 1477-2019

The Journal of Systematic Palaeontology is a peer-reviewed quarterly scientific journal of paleontology published by Taylor & Francis on behalf of the British Natural History Museum.

The Journal of Systematic Palaeontology publishes papers which use systematics in ways that significantly advance our understanding of palaeogeography, palaeobiology, functional morphology, palaeoecology, biostratigraphy or phylogenetic relationships, as well as papers describing new or poorly understood fossil faunas and floras.

Subjects covered by this journal: Animal Taxonomy; Earth Sciences; Earth Sciences; Environment & Agriculture; Natural History - Evolution and general biology; Palaeontology; Paleobiology; Taylor & Francis Collection; Zoology

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23. Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments [Текст] : peer-reviewed international journal/ Senckenberg Research Institute ; ed. P. Koenigshof. - Frankfurt am Main : Springer, 1919 . - Текст англ. та нім. мовами.- Отримується з 1969., - ISSN 1867-1594, - ISSN 1867-1608

Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments is a peer-reviewed international journal for the publication of high-quality multidisciplinary original studies and comprehensive reviews in the fields of palaeobiodiversity, palaeoenvironments and palaeobiogeography in Earth’s history. The journal incorporates original research, review papers, short notes as well as special issues. Its principal fields of interest are biodiversity of all fossil animal/plant groups and their palaeoenvironment, palaeoecosystems and climate changes in Earth’s history, environment-organism interaction, comparison of modern and ancient sedimentary environments, palaeoecology, and palaeobiogeography.

The intended readership is the Earth Science community interested in the evolution and dynamics of palaeoecosystems and the interaction with and influence by physical processes.

Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments is a relaunch of the journal Senckenbergiana lethaea. The first issue (Volume 89, No 1) has been published in September 2009.

Indexed in /Abstracted by: Science Citation Index Expanded (SciSearch), SCOPUS, Google Scholar, CSA, Academic OneFile, Algology, Mycology and Protozoology Abstracts (Microbiology C), ASFA, ASFA1, Biological Sciences and Living Resources, Bacteriology Abstracts (Microbiology B), Biological Abstracts, BIOSIS, CSA Biological Sciences, Current Contents/ Agriculture, Biology & Environmental Sciences, Environmental Science and Pollution Management, Geobase, GeoRef, International Bibliography of Book Reviews (IBR), International Bibliography of Periodical Literature (IBZ), OCLC, SCImago, Summon by Serial Solutions, Water Resources Abstracts, Zoological Record.

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24. Acta palaeontologica Polonica [Text] : intrnational quarterly journal/ Polska Akademia Nauk, Instytut Paleobiologii ; ed. Z. Kielan-Jaworowska. - Warszawa : [б.в.], 1956 . - Виходить щоквартально.- Отримується з 1956., - ISSN 0567-7920


Acta Palaeontologica Polonica is an international quarterly journal publishing papers of general interest from all areas of paleontology. Since its founding by Roman Kozłowski in 1956, various currents of modern paleontology have been represented in the contents of the journal, especially those rooted in biologically oriented paleontology, an area he helped establish.

In-depth studies of all kinds of fossils, of the mode of life of ancient organisms and structure of their skeletons are welcome, as those offering stratigraphically ordered evidence of evolution. Work on vertebrates and applications of fossil evidence to developmental studies, both ontogeny and astogeny of clonal organisms, have a long tradition in our journal. Evolution of the biosphere and its ecosystems, as inferred from geochemical evidence, has also been.

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica is indexed in Biological Abstracts, Current Contents/Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences, GeoArchive, Geological Abstracts, GeoRef, PASCAL, Petroleum Abstracts, Polish Scientific Journal Content – Agric. & Biol. Sci., Referativniy žurnal, Research Alert, Science Citation Index Expanded, SciSearch and Zoological Record.

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25. Musei rerum naturalium Bohemiae occidentalis.

Folia Musei rerum naturalium Bohemiae occidentalis. Geologica et paleobiologica [Текст]/ West Bohemian Musei in Pilsen ; ed. J. Pšenička. - Plzeň : [s. n.].- Отримується з 2012., - ISSN 1805-2371

Folia Musei rerum naturalium Bohemiae occidentalis - Geologica et Paleobiologica is an journal publishing original research papers, regionally oriented, review articles, longer contributions focused on palaeoenvironmental geology, systematic palaeontology, stratigraphy, sedimentology, palaeogeography, palaeoecology, and palaeoclimatology.

The Folia Musei Rerum Naturalium Bohemiae Occidentalis, Geologica et Palaeobiologica is a direct successor to the Folia Musei Rerum Naturalium Bohemiae Occidentalis, Geologica that was established in 1972 as a peer-reviewed scientific journal to irregularly publish longer monographic papers with a regional emphasis.

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26. Phytologia Balcanica [Текст] : intern. j. of Balkan flora and vegetation/ Bulg. Acad. of sciences, Inst. of botany ; ed. A. Petrova. - Sofia : [s. n.]. - Виходить три рази на рік.- Отримується з 1995., - ISSN 1310-7771


Phytologia Balcanica is an international journal which publishes original scientific articles and communications concerned with the following fields of study: taxonomy or biosystematics of plants, chorology, floristics, evolution, phytocoenology, palaeobotany, palynology, plant anatomy, embryology, ecology, monitoring, biology and chemistry of medicinal and aromatic plants.

The journal is covered in Biological Abstracts and BIOSIS Prewiews.

Internet address: http://www.bio.bas.bg/~phytolbalcan/

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27. Botanica lithuanica / Botanikos institutas ; ed. R. Pakalnis. - Vilnius : [б.в.], 1995 . - * - з додатком.- Отримується з 1995.

Ed. : Pakalnis R. - ISSN 1392-1665

Botanica Lithuanica is a biannual scientific journal published by Nature Research Centre. It was established in 1995. Since 2012 Botanica Lithuanica has become an open-access journal in DE GRUYTER OPEN website (http://www.degruyter.com/view/j/botlit).

Botanica Lithuanica published original research papers dialing with wide range of issues related to plants (including algae), fungi, bacteria and phytoviruses. Review papers in botanical, mycological and microbiological research fields are accepted as well.

Botanica Lithuanica is abstracted and indexed in: EBSCO: Central & Eastern European Academic Source, TOC Premier, Science and technology collection; THOMSON REUTERS: BIOSIS Previews, Thomson Scientific Master Journal List, Biological abstracts; CAMBRIDGE SCIENTIFIC ABSTRACTS; VINITI.

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28. Polish botanical journal [Текст] : international journal/ Polish academy of sciences, W. Szafer Institute of botany ; ed. J. J. Wojcicki. - Krakow : [б.в.].- Отримується з 1956., - ISSN 1641-8190

Polish Botanical Journal is an international journal publishing original papers covering various aspects of vegetation science, plant and fungi biodiversity, biosystematics (including plant anatomy, cytology and embryology), phytogeography, evolution and ecology. Polish Botanical Journal is issued twice per year. The two issues form one annual volume. This journal was founded in 1953 as Fragmenta Floristica et Geobotanica, continued from 2001 onwards as Polish Botanical Journal.

Polish Botanical Journal is now an open access journal. All articles published in the journal are freely available in PDF format.

Indexed in: AGRO, CABI - CAB Abstracts, Celdes, CNPIEC, DOAJ, EBSCO (relevant databases), EBSCO Discovery Service, Elsevier - BIOBASE/CABS (Current Awareness in Biological Sciences), Elsevier - Geobase, Elsevier - SCOPUS, INIST Institut de l’Information Scientifique et Technique,  J-Gate, Microsoft Academic Search,  Naviga (Softweco),  Polish Scientific Journals Contents,  Primo Central (ExLibris),  ProQuest (relevant databases), ReadCube, SCImago (SJR), Summon (Serials Solutions/ProQuest), TDOne (TDNet), Thomson Reuters - BIOSIS Previews, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory/ulrichsweb,  WorldCat (OCLC)

Since volume 58(1), the journal is published electronically through the publishing house De Gruyter Open.

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29. Fragmenta floristica et geobotanica Polonica [Текст]/ Polska akademia nauk, Instytut botanik im. W.Szafera ; red. J. Staszkiewicz. - Krakow : [б.в.].- Отримується з 2000., - ISSN 1640-629X

Fragmenta Floristica et Geobotanica Polonica są polskojęzycznym czasopismem wydawanym od 1994 r. przez Instytut Botaniki im. W. Szafera Polskiej Akademii Nauk, które zajmuje się problematyką botaniczną i geobotaniczną związaną z terenem Polski. Wcześniej tematyka ta była uwzględniana w wydawanym od 1953 r. czasopiśmie "Fragmenta Floristica et Geobotanica".

Fragmenta Floristica et Geobotanica Polonica jest czasopismem publikującym oryginalne prace z botaniki, artykuły i notatki dotyczące taksonomii, ekologii, fitogeografii, anatomii roślin, cytologii i embriologii, jak też biosystematyki, botaniki ewolucyjnej i ochrony bioróżnorodności. Przyjmowane są także recenzje, wspomnienia, prace przeglądowe i polemiki. Zawierają artykuły problemowe (z anglojęzycznymi abstraktami), okolicznościowe, dział Notatek botanicznych oraz recenzje, wspomnienia i polemiki. Każdy tom opatrzony jest indeksem.

Czasopismo jest indeksowane w następujących bazach: AGRO, Biological Abstracts, BIOSIS Previews, SCOPUS, Google Scholar, WorldCat, Polish Scientific Journals Contents.

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30. Wiadomości botaniczne [Текст]/ Polska Akademia Nauk, Instytut botaniki im. W. Szafera ; ред. G. Bujalska. - Kraków : [б.в.], S. a...- Отримується з 1957., - ISSN 0043-5090

Wiadomości Botaniczne to kwartalnik Polskiego Towarzystwa Botanicznego o charakterze przeglądowo informacyjnym, ukazujący się od 1957 r. Prezentuje szerokie spektrum publikacji od artykułów przeglądowych do recenzji z różnych dziedzin botaniki. Przynosi także niemal kompletny serwis informacji o bieżących wydarzeniach z żcia społeczności botanicznej w kraju oraz oraz ważniejszych osiągnięciach w botanice na świecie. Tytuły, krótkie streszczenia, oraz opisy rycin i tabel w jęz. angielskim czynią pismo dostępnym dla szerszego grona botaników zagranicznych.

Częścią kwartalnika był od początku Biuletyn Ogrodów Botanicznych, Muzeów i Zbiorów - najpierw jako osobny dział z redakcją działową, a od 1986 r. jako wychodząca dwa razy w roku osobna wkładka; od roku 1991 ukazuje się on już jako odrębny rocznik.

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31. Acta societatis botanicorum poloniae [Текст] : polish journal of Botany/ Botanical Society of Poland ; ed. J. Fabiszewski. - Wroclaw : Lopoldium. - Виходить щоквартально.- Отримується з 1955., - ISSN 0001-6977

The international journal Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae is published by the Polish Botanical Society, with financial assistance of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. It is the oldest scientific journal promoting all aspects of plant science, functioning continuously (with the exception of WWII) in Poland since 1923.

The journal offers Open Access publication of original research papers, short communications and reviews written in English, in all areas of plant science including evolution, ecology, genetics, plant structure and development, physiology and biochemistry.

The journal is indexed in: AGRICOLA, AGRIS, AGRO, BIOSIS Previews, CAB Abstracts, Chemical Abstracts, Current Contents/Agriculture, Biology & Environmental Sciences, DOAJ, EBSCO Academic Search Complete, Genamics, Google Scholar, Index Copernicus, Thomson Reuters Master Journal List, Web of Science, Microsoft Academic Search, Science Citation Index Expanded, Scopus, WorldCat.

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32. Austrobaileya [Text] : a journal of plant systemaatics/ Queensland Herbarium ; ed. P. Forster. - Brisbane : [б.в.]. - Виходить щорічно.- Отримується з 1989., - ISSN 0155-4131

Austrobaileya is a journal of the Queensland Herbarium and publishes peer-reviewed research on plants, algae, fungi and lichens (systematics, morphology, geography, anatomy, karyology, conversation biology and botanical history), with special emphasis on taxa from Queensland.

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33. Genetics and plant physiology [Текст] : new sci. j./ Inst. of plant physiology and genetics Bulg. Acad. of sci. ; ed.-in-chief E. D. Ananiev. - Sofia : [s. n.].- Отримується з 2011., - ISSN 1314-6394

Genetics and Plant Physiology is the new scientific journal issued by the Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The journal will continue the tradition of its predecessors, the former journals “General and Applied Plant Physiology” and “Genetics and Breeding”, to publish original articles in English on all aspects of plant biology including plant physiology and biochemistry as well as genetics and breeding. The scope will cover the basic physiological processes in plants such as photosynthesis, mineral nutrition, water relations, growth and development in normal and stress conditions as well as molecular plant biology, classical genetics and breeding. Studies can be based on physiological, environmental, genetical, biophysical or molecular approaches.

Available online at http://www.ifrg-bg.com

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34. Acta zoologica bulgarica [Text]/ Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of zoology ; ed. V. Golemansky. - Sofia : [s. n.]. - Резюме на болг. яз.- Отримується з 1975., - ISSN 0324-0770

The journal is continuer of the first scientific journal of the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, entitled BULLETIN DE L’INSTITUTE DE ZOOLOGIE ET MUSEE (1951—1974). ACTA ZOOLOGICA BULGARICA publishes original scientific papers and reviews on the basic problems on the Bulgarian and Balkan fauna mainly, ecology of terrestrial and aquatic fauna (including Black Sea fauna), parasitology, palaeozoology, biology of development, population genetics, animal evolution and new methodical contributions in zoology. Short reviews or annotations of zoological books and information about scientific events past or forthcoming are accepted.

Information on the contents of this journal is indexed in the following Thompson Reuters services:  Science Citation Index Expanded (SciSearch®); Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition; Biological Abstracts; BIOSIS Previews; Zoological Record.

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35. Folia zoologica [Text] : international journal of Vertebrate zoology/ Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Institute of vertebrate biology ; ed. J. Zima. - Brno : [б.в.]. - Виходить щоквартально.- Отримується з 1977., - ISSN 0139-7893

Folia Zoologica is a continuation of the periodical Entomologické Listy (Folia Entomologica, 1938-1951, volumes 1 14), Zoologické a Entomologické Listy (Folia Zoologica and Entomologica, 1952-1955, volumes 1-4, n.s.) and Zoologické Listy (Folia Zoologica, 1956-1976, volumes 5-25).

Folia Zoologica publishes articles containing original insight into various aspects of vertebrate zoology that are not published and not under consideration for publication elsewhere. The journal welcomes significant papers presenting new and original data of more than regional significance. The journal is published quarterly and one volume usually consists of four issues. However, additional issues can be published occasionally. Full papers published in Folia Zoologica are available on http://www.ivb.cz/pubser_en.htm one year after publishing articles. Folia Zoologica is indexed by CAB Abstracts, Elsevier Bibliographic Databases incl. Scopus, Web of Knowledge by Thomson Reuters and NISC Bibliographic databases. Contents are distributed by EBSCO Publishing.

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36. Acta zoologica lilloana [Текст]/ fundacion miguel lillo ; ed. T. A. Porcu. - Tucuman : [б.в.]. - Періодичність: Publ.2 volumes por ano.- Отримується з 2004., - ISSN 0065-1729

Acta zoológica lilloana es una revista publicada por la Fundación Miguel Lillo, que tiene como objetivo divulgar trabajos originales sobre zoología, principalmente estudios sistemáticos, morfológicos, ecológicos, fisiológicos, genéticos, etológicos y zoogeográficos de la fauna argentina. Los trabajos son evaluados por árbitros externos e internos. Incluye resúmenes en español e inglés.

Publicación indexada en las siguientes bases de datos: Latindex (Nivel 1), Biological Abstracts, Biosis Reviews, Zoological Record, Periodica (UNAM, México), Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, Entomology Abstracts (CSA).

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37. Fragmenta faunistica [Текст] : intern. j./ Polska Akad. nauk, Muzeum, Inst. zoologii ; ed.-in-chief J. Wytwer. - Warszawa : [s. n.], 1930 . - * - з дод. - Виходить двічі на рік.- Отримується з 1930., - ISSN 0015-9301

Fragmenta Faunistica is an international, semiannual journal published by the Museum and Institute of Zoology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The journal, first published in 1930, appeared under the title Fragmenta Faunistica Musei Zoologici Polonici until 1953. Now, it is a peer reviewed, open access journal, publishing the papers devoted to fauna – its differentiation, distribution and transformations. Faunology, which quantitatively examines the dynamics and structure of faunistic complexes is the main object. The journal publishes the results of original studies, review articles and syntheses dealing with faunology and with related sciences such as zoogeography, zoocoenology or taxonomy.

Fragmenta Faunistica is on Thomson Reuters Master Journal List, it is reported in Biological Abstracts, BIOSIS Previews and Zoological Records.

Fragmenta Faunistica is available from the platform of the Digital Repository of Scientific Institutes: https://rcin.org.pl/ Archives are gradually made available to the progress of the licensing arrangements.

The journal is indexed in: AGRO, Biological Abstracts, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA, Proquest), Zoological Rekord, IC Journals Master List, BIOSIS Preview/BIOSIS

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38. Polskie Pismo Entomologiczne [Text] = Polish Journal of Entomology/ Polscie Towarzystwo Entomologiczne ; ed. J. Banaszak. - Wroclaw : [б.в.], 1922 .- Отримується з 1984., - ISSN 0032-3780

The Polish Journal of Entomology was founded in 1922 as a periodical of the Polish Entomological Society under the title Polskie Pismo Entomologiczne (subtitle Bulletin Entomologique de Pologne). The journal publishes original research papers and reviews from any entomological discipline. It deals with all aspects of entomology and has no geographical limits. The journal contains descriptions of new taxa, systematic revisions, diagnoses, keys for identifications of insects, contributions to their ecology and geographical distribution. Four issues of the journal are published annually.

The Polish Journal of Entomology is sponsored by the Polish Entomological Society and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. It is covered by the Zoological Record, Entomological Abstracts, Biological Abstracts.

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39. Journal of Ornithology [Текст]/ Deutsche Ornithologen- Gesellschaft ; ed. F. Bairlein. - Heidelberg : Springer, 1853 . - * - z dod.- Отримується з 2006., - ISSN 0021-8375

The Journal of Ornithology (formerly Journal für Ornithologie) founded 1853 and published quarterly by Deutsche Ornithologen-Gesellschaft e.V.

The journal publishes original papers, reviews, short notes, technical notes, and commentaries dealing with all aspects of ornithology. Fields of Interest: Scientific Ornithology, in particular Ecology, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Taxonomy, Biology of Breeding and Ethology of Birds.

Abstracted/Indexed in Current Contents (ISI); Index Medicus / Medline; Bioscience Information Service (BIOSIS); Other: Biological Abstracts, Geobase, Research Alert, Science Citation Index, Sci Search, Wildlife Review Abstracts, Zoological Record.

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40. Mauritiana / Naturkundliches Museum Mauritianum Altenburg ; Red.: A. Borowski [at al.]. - Altenburg : [s. n.]. -Назва на колонтитулі: Mauritiana (Altenburg).- Отримується з 2012.

Die Mauritiana ist eine periodisch erscheinenende Fachzeitschrift des naturkundlichen museums Mauritianum Altenburg und behandelt vorwiegend Themen aus den Fachgebieten Botanik, Zoologie, Okologie, physische Geographie, Geologie, Landschaftsentwicklung und Wissenschaftsgeschichte.

Die Mauritiana ist die Fortsetzung der  Mitteilungen aus dem Osterlande, die 1837-1941 in zwei Folgen und 43 Banden herausgegeben wurden. Seit 1958 ist sie eine Zeitschrift des Mauritianumus, und bis 1985 erschien sie in 11 Banden unter dem Titel Abhandlungen und Berichte des Naturkundlichen Museums Altenburg.

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41. Acta morphologica et anthropologica/ Inst. of experimental morphology, pathology and anthropology with Museum bulgarian anatomical soc. ; ed. board: Y. Yordanov (ed.-in-chief) [et al.]. - Sofia : Prof. Marin Drinov Acad. Publishing House.- Отримується з 2012.

Acta morphologica et anthropologica is the continuation of Acta cytobiologica et morphologica.

Acta morphologica et anthropologica publishes original and review articles in the following sections:

Section A - Morphology: 1. Neurobiology; 2. Structure and Metabolism of the Cells; 3. Cell Differentiation and Kinetics; 4. Cellular Immunology; 5. Experimental Cytology; 6. New Methods; 7. Anatomy.

Section B - Anthropology: 1. Physical Developmerrt; 2. Somatotype and Body Composition; 3. Population Genetics and Medical Anthropology; 4. Paleoanthropology and Paleopathology.

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42. Acta neurobiologiae experimentalis : journal publ. the results of original brain research in England/ Nencki institute of experimental biology ; ed. A. Wrobel. - Warsaw : [б.в.], 1928 .- Отримується з 1959.

Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis (ANE) is a fully peer-reviewed quarterly with an international board of editors. Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis covers all aspects of neuroscience, from molecular and cellular neurobiology of the nervous system, through cellular and systems electrophysiology, brain imaging, functional and comparative neuroanatomy, development and evolution of the nervous system, behavior and neuropsychology to brain aging and pathology, including neuroinformatics and modeling. Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis publishes original research reports, short communications, reviews, descriptions of new methods, theoretical papers and letters to the editor. Chronicle of the Polish Neuroscience Society is published on separate pages within the ANE issues. Dates of submission and acceptance are specified at the end of each manuscript. Last issue of each year contains the list of content of the volume, index of authors and the list of reviewers.

Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis is indexed by the Institute of Scientific Information, Philadelphia USA. Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis is also indexed by the Current Contents/Life Sciences, Index Medicus, Biological Abstracts, Science Citation Index, EMBASE/Excerpta Medica, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts USA, Medline, Index Copernicus, and Polska Bibliografia Lekarska GBL. An electronic version of the journal is available free of charge on-line in PDF format at www.ane.pl

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