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Журнали представлені на виставці:


1. Applied Optics. – Washington. – ISSN 1559-128X

Volume 54, Number 17, 10 June 2015



“Albedo dome”: a method for measuring spectral flux-reflectance in a laboratory for media with long optical paths     Bonnie Light, Regina C. Carns, and Stephen G. Warren


Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

Inherent optical properties of Jerlov water types     Michael G. Solonenko and Curtis D. Mobley


Extreme ultraviolet spectrometer for the Shenguang III laser facility     Gang Xiong, Guohong Yang, Jiyan Zhang, Minxi Wei, Yang Zhao, Bo Qing, Min Lv, Zhenghua Yang, Feng Wang, Shenye Liu, Houzhi Cai, and Jinyuan Liu

Improving space domain awareness through unequal-cost multiple hypothesis testing in the space surveillance telescope     Tyler Hardy, Stephen Cain, Jae Jeon, and Travis Blake

False alarm suppression of multipulsed laser ranging system with Geiger-mode detector     Hanjun Luo, Huigang Xu, Benlian Xu, Zhengbiao Ouyang, and Yadan Fu


Diffraction model for thermoreflectance data     S. Kureshi, D. Fabris, S. Tokairin, C. V. Cardenas, and C. Y. Yang

Diffraction and Gratings

Fast and accurate focusing analysis of large photon sieve using pinhole ring diffraction model     Tao Liu, Xin Zhang, Lingjie Wang, Yanxiong Wu, Jizhen Zhang, and Hemeng Qu

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

1550  nm modulating retroreflector based on coated nanoparticles for free-space optical communication     Etai Rosenkrantz and Shlomi Arnon

Photosensitivity of gallium-doped silica core fiber to 193  nm ArF excimer laser     Dinusha S. Gunawardena, Khairul A. Mat-Sharif, Nizam Tamchek, Man-Hong Lai, Nasr Y. M. Omar, Siamak D. Emami, Shahrin Z. Muhamad-Yasin, Mohd I. Zulkifli, Zulfadzli Yusoff, Hairul. A. Abdul-Rashid, Kok-Sing Lim, and Harith Ahmad

Numerical model of tapered fiber Bragg gratings for comprehensive analysis and optimization of their sensing and strain-induced tunable dispersion properties    Tomasz Osuch, Konrad Markowski, and Kazimierz Jędrzejewski

Geometric Optics

Design of a brightness-enhancement-film-adaptive freeform lens to enhance overall performance in direct-lit light-emitting diode backlighting     Bin Xie, Run Hu, Qi Chen, Xingjian Yu, Dan Wu, Kai Wang, and Xiaobing Luo


Digital holographic three-dimensional Mueller matrix imaging     Toshitaka Kobata and Takanori Nomura

Illumination Design

LED champing: statistically blessed?     Zhuo Wang

Image Processing

Theory and algorithms of an efficient fringe analysis technology for automatic measurement applications     Rigoberto Juarez-Salazar, Fermin Guerrero-Sanchez, and Carlos Robledo-Sanchez

Model-based recognition of 3D articulated target using ladar range data     Dan Lv, Jian-Feng Sun, Qi Li, and Qi Wang

Imaging Systems

Spatio-angular minimum-variance tomographic controller for multi-object adaptive-optics systems     Carlos M. Correia, Kate Jackson, Jean-Pierre Véran, David Andersen, Olivier Lardière, and Colin Bradley

Robust hybrid source and mask optimization to lithography source blur and flare     Chunying Han, Yanqiu Li, Xu Ma, and Lihui Liu

Synthetic aperture microscopy based on referenceless phase retrieval with an electrically tunable lens     Dennis J. Lee, Kyunghun Han, Hyeon Jeong Lee, and Andrew M. Weiner

Parity decomposition theory of full wavefront aberration measurement using the intensity differences of aerial images in microlithography     Satoshi Yashiki

Quantitative analysis and temperature-induced variations of moiré pattern in fiber-coupled imaging sensors     Salman Karbasi, Ashkan Arianpour, Nojan Motamedi, William M. Mellette, and Joseph E. Ford

Instrumentation, Measurement, and Metrology

Surface shape evaluation with a corneal topographer based on a conical null-screen with a novel radial point distribution     Manuel Campos-García, Cesar Cossio-Guerrero, Víctor Iván Moreno-Oliva, and Oliver Huerta-Carranza

Neural network implementation for a reversal procedure for water and dry matter estimation on plant leaves using selected LED wavelengths     Elian Conejo, Jean-Pierre Frangi, and Gilles de Rosny

Identifying sampling comb changes in Fourier transform spectrometers with significant self-emission and beam splitter absorption     J. Brasunas, A. Mamoutkine, and N. Gorius

Direct deflection radius measurement of flexible PET substrates by using an optical interferometry     Jiong-shiun Hsu and Po-wei Li

Optimization of galvanometer scanning for optical coherence tomography     Virgil-Florin Duma, Patrice Tankam, Jinxin Huang, Jungeun Won, and Jannick P. Rolland

Ultralarge magneto-optic rotations and rotary dispersion in terbium gallium garnet single crystal     Amrozia Shaheen, Hassaan Majeed, and Muhammad Sabieh Anwar

Phase-shift feedback cavity ring-down spectroscopy     Chris Hovde and Anthony L. Gomez

Intensity evaluation using a femtosecond pulse laser for absolute distance measurement     Hanzhong Wu, Fumin Zhang, Jianshuang Li, Shiying Cao, Xiangsong Meng, and Xinghua Qu

Electrokinetic pixels with biprimary inks for color displays and color-temperature-tunable smart windows     S. Mukherjee, W. L. Hsieh, N. Smith, M. Goulding, and J. Heikenfeld

Integrated Optics

Analysis of optical fiber-based LP01 ↔ LP02 mode converters for the O-, S-, and C-Band     Hakim Mellah, Xiupu Zhang, and Dongya Shen

Lasers and Laser Optics

High-power, micro-integrated diode laser modules at 767 and 780  nm for portable quantum gas experiments     Max Schiemangk, Kai Lampmann, Aline Dinkelaker, Anja Kohfeldt, Markus Krutzik, Christian Kürbis, Alexander Sahm, Stefan Spießberger, Andreas Wicht, Götz Erbert, Günther Tränkle, and Achim Peters

Laser diode pumped, actively Q-switched, and mode-locked Nd:YAG/PbWO4 Raman laser     Ze Ding, Shuanghong Ding, Haixu Jia, Jiajia Liu, Lili Yang, Junqiang Huangfu, and Shiwu Wang

Development of stable, narrow spectral line-width, fiber delivered laser source for spin exchange optical pumping     Bo Liu, Xin Tong, Chenyang Jiang, Daniel R. Brown, and Lee Robertson

Double-pulse laser based on a semiconductor optical amplifier     H. G. Pan, A. L. Zhang, Y. M. Shi, and Y. M. Xue

Machine Vision

Dynamic tread wear measurement method for train wheels against vibrations     Xu Chen, Junhua Sun, Zhen Liu, and Guangjun Zhang

Medical Optics and Biotechnology

Assessing the reliability of diffuse correlation spectroscopy models on noise-free analytical Monte Carlo data     Tiziano Binzoni and Fabrizio Martelli


Coherent diffractive imaging microscope with a high-order harmonic source     Khuong Ba Dinh, Hoang Vu Le, Peter Hannaford, and Lap Van Dao

Dual-mode super-resolution imaging with stimulated emission depletion microscopy and fluorescence emission difference microscopy     Yifan Wang, Ye Ma, Cuifang Kuang, Yue Fang, Yingke Xu, Xu Liu, and Zhihua Ding

Nonlinear Optics

Efficient terahertz detection in a sheet cavity using a nonlinear optical parametric process     Kyosuke Saito, Tadao Tanabe, and Yutaka Oyama

Optical Design and Fabrication

Concept and modeling analysis of a high fidelity multimode deformable mirror     Chao Zhou, Yun Li, Anding Wang, and Tingwen Xing

Optical Devices

Performance improvement in silicon arrayed waveguide grating by suppression of scattering near the boundary of a star coupler     Jaegyu Park, Gyungock Kim, Hyundai Park, Jiho Joo, Sanggi Kim, and Myung-Joon Kwack


Enhancing the absorption capabilities of thin-film solar cells using sandwiched light trapping structures     S. Abdellatif, K. Kirah, R. Ghannam, A. S. G. Khalil, and W. Anis


Development of a multidimensional fluorometer and its application for authenticating objects marked with upconverting security markers     Anatoliy Borodin, Michael Gouzman, and Vladislav Kuzminskiy

Capability of shifted excitation Raman difference spectroscopy under ambient daylight     Martin Maiwald, André Müller, Bernd Sumpf, Götz Erbert, and Günther Tränkle

Determination of carcinogenic fluorine in cigarettes using pulsed UV laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy     Mohammed A. Gondal, Yusuf B. Habibullah, Luqman E. Oloore, and Mohammed A. Iqbal

Журнал надходить до Інституту радіофізики і електроніки ім. О.Я. Усикова міста Харкова.


2. Applied Optics. – Washington. – ISSN 1559-128X

Volume 54, Number 18, 20 June 2015



Effects of a measurement floor on Mueller matrix measurements in a dual rotating retarder polarimeter bidirectional scatter distribution function system     Stephen E. Nauyoks and Michael A. Marciniak

Smartphone-based platform optical setup measuring π/256 optical phase difference in an interference process     Iftak Hussain and Pabitra Nath


Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

Improved time-of-flight range acquisition technique in underwater lidar experiments     Zao Cheng, Kecheng Yang, Jiefei Han, Yiyu Zhou, Liying Sun, Wei Li, and Min Xia

Two-frequency mutual coherence function for Gaussian-beam pulses propagating along a horizontal path in weak anisotropic atmospheric turbulence     Chunyi Chen, Huamin Yang, Shoufeng Tong, and Yan Lou

Inversion of spectral absorption coefficients to infer phytoplankton size classes, chlorophyll concentration, and detrital matter     Xiaodong Zhang, Yannick Huot, Annick Bricaud, and Heidi M. Sosik


Digital micro-mirror device-based detector for particle-sizing instruments via Fraunhofer diffraction     Jiayi Zhou, Zhang Cao, Heng Xie, and Lijun Xu

Diffraction and Gratings

Diffraction of collinear correlated photon pairs by an ultrasonic wave     Piotr Kwiek

Local foci of a parabolic binary diffraction lens     Svetlana N. Khonina, Andrey V. Ustinov, Roman V. Skidanov, and Alexey P. Porfirev

Uniformly thick tri-color filters capitalizing on an etalon with a nanostructured cavity     Wenjing Yue, Sang-Shin Lee, Eun-Soo Kim, and Byung-Gook Lee

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Theoretical and experimental study of structural slow light in a microfiber coil resonator     Cheng-Ju Ma, Li-Yong Ren, Yi-Ping Xu, Ying-Li Wang, Hong Zhou, Hai-Wei Fu, and Jin Wen

Smooth end face termination of microstructured, graded-index, and step-index polymer optical fibers     Ricardo Oliveira, Lúcia Bilro, and Rogério Nogueira

Nonplanar fiber-optic sensing head for the compensation of bending-induced birefringence in Faraday current sensors     César D. Perciante, Sofía Aparicio, Ricardo Illa, and José A. Ferrari

Hindering effect of the core–cladding interface in thermally poled optical fibers     Lin Huang, Guobin Ren, Yixiao Gao, Bofeng Zhu, and Xiaomeng Sun

Fourier Optics and Signal Processing

Dynamic gate algorithm for multimode fiber Bragg grating sensor systems     D. Ganziy, O. Jespersen, G. Woyessa, B. Rose, and O. Bang

Speckle fields generated with binary diffusers and synthetic pupils implemented on a spatial light modulator     L. Cabezas, D. Amaya, N. Bolognini, and A. Lencina


Enhancing the quality of reconstructed 3D objects by using point clusters     Fan Yang, Andrzej Kaczorowski, and Tim D. Wilkinson

Image Processing

Optimization of reconstructed quality of hard x-ray phase microtomography     Huiqiang Liu, Xizeng Wu, and Tiqiao Xiao

Imaging Systems

3D nondestructive testing system with an affordable multiple reference optical-delay-based optical coherence tomography     Roshan Dsouza, Hrebesh M. Subhash, Kai Neuhaus, Josh Hogan, Carol Wilson, and Martin Leahy

Orthoscopic real image reconstruction in integral imaging by rotating an elemental image based on the reference point of object space     Jae-Young Jang and Myungjin Cho

Instrumentation, Measurement, and Metrology

Measurement of the residual wedge angle of a nontransparent parallel plate with a modified cyclic path optical configuration     Sanjib Chatterjee and Y. Pavan Kumar

Michelson interferometer vibrometer using self-correcting synthetic-heterodyne demodulation     Michael J. Connelly, José Henrique Galeti, and Cláudio Kitano

Balancing a retroreflector to minimize rotation errors using a pendulum and quadrature interferometer     T. M. Niebauer, A. Constantino, R. Billson, A. Hankla, and P. G. Nelson

Tilting double-prism scanner driven by cam-based mechanism     Anhu Li, Wanli Yi, Wansong Sun, and Liren Liu

Modified three-step iterative algorithm for phase-shifting interferometry in the presence of vibration     Qian Liu, Yang Wang, Jianguo He, and Fang Ji

Lasers and Laser Optics

FPGA-based phase control of acousto-optic modulator Fourier synthesis system through gradient descent phase-locking algorithm     Kenneth J. Underwood, Andrew M. Jones, and Juliet T. Gopinath

Terahertz wave parametric oscillations at polariton resonance using a MgO:LiNbO3 crystal     Zhongyang Li, Pibin Bing, Sheng Yuan, Degang Xu, and Jianquan Yao

Beam shaping design for compact and high-brightness fiber-coupled laser-diode system     Junhong Yu, Linui Guo, Hualing Wu, Zhao Wang, Hao Tan, Songxin Gao, Deyong Wu, and Kai Zhang

External cavity diode laser with frequency drift following natural variation in air pressure     Akifumi Takamizawa, Shinya Yanagimachi, Takeshi Ikegami, and Ryuzo Kawabata

Continuous-wave yellow–green laser at 0.56  μm based on frequency doubling of a diode-end-pumped ceramic Nd:YAG laser     Wenming Yao, Jing Gao, Long Zhang, Jiang Li, Yubing Tian, Yufei Ma, Xiaodong Wu, Gangfei Ma, Jianming Yang, Yubai Pan, and Xianjin Dai

Passively Q-switched mode locking performance of Nd:GdTaO4 crystal by MoS2 saturable absorber at 1066  nm     Guoju Wang, Qi Song, Yajing Gao, Bingyuan Zhang, Wenjun Wang, Minghong Wang, Qingli Zhang, Wenpeng Liu, Dunlu Sun, Fang Peng, and Guihua Sun

Optical Design and Fabrication

Corrective finishing of a micro-aspheric mold made of tungsten carbide to 50  nm accuracy     Jiang Guo

Optical Devices

Simulation of optically encoded multiplexing for parallel multipoint sensing     C. Babu Rao, Pandian Chelliah, and Trilochan Sahoo

Optics at Surfaces

Microsecond-resolved SDR-based cavity ring down ellipsometry     D. Sofikitis, A. K. Spiliotis, K. Stamataki, G. E. Katsoprinakis, L. Bougas, P. C. Samartzis, B. Loppinet, T. P. Rakitzis, M. Surligas, and S. Papadakis

Weak value amplification of an off-resonance Goos–Hänchen shift in a Kretschmann–Raether surface plasmon resonance device     A. D. Parks and S. E. Spence

Quantum Optics

Electrically controllable single-photon switch based on graphene     Lu Sun and Chun Jiang


Surface roughness measurement by depolarization method     Zhuang Liu, Qize Zhong, Xia Yu, Qi Jie Wang, and Ying Zhang

Surface Plasmons

Optimization and maximum potential of optical antennae in near-field enhancement     PingPing Chen, Ju Liu, Li Wang, Kuijuan Jin, Yan Yin, and ZhiYuan Li

Thin Films

Infrared transmissometer to measure the thickness of NbN thin films     Kristen A. Sunter, Andrew E. Dane, Christopher I. Lang, and Karl K. Berggren

Ultrafast Optics

Multiwavelength 25-GHz picosecond pulse generation with phase modulation and double-side Mamyshev reshaping     Li Huo, Hongfeng Li, Dong Wang, Qiang Wang, and Caiyun Lou

X-ray Optics

Design of multi-area grating for soft x-ray flat-field spectrograph     Huoyao Chen, Zhengkun Liu, Ying Liu, Qingbo Wang, Tao Yi, Guohong Yang, and Yilin Hong

Alignment method for fabricating a parallel flat-field grating used in soft x-ray region     Qingbo Wang, Zhengkun Liu, Yanchang Zheng, Huoyao Chen, Yu Wang, Ying Liu, and Yilin Hong

Pd/B4C/Y multilayer coatings for extreme ultraviolet applications near 10  nm wavelength     David L. Windt and Eric M. Gullikson

Журнал надходить до Інституту радіофізики і електроніки ім. О.Я. Усикова міста Харкова.


3. Applied Optics. – Washington. – ISSN 1559-128X

Volume 54, Number 19, 1 July 2015



Norwegian doctoral defense: editorial     Ron Driggers

Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

Infrared atmospheric sounder interferometer radiometric noise assessment from spectral residuals     Carmine Serio, Carsten Standfuss, Guido Masiello, Giuliano Liuzzi, Emmanuel Dufour, Bernard Tournier, Rolf Stuhlmann, Stephen Tjemkes, and Paolo Antonelli

Identification and quantification of 16 inorganic ions in water by Gaussian curve fitting of near-infrared difference absorbance spectra     Gerrit W. Steen, Elmar C. Fuchs, Adam D. Wexler, and Herman L. Offerhaus

Transparent material thickness measurements by Raman scattering     Sergey M. Pershin, Vasily N. Lednev, Renat N. Yulmetov, Vladimir K. Klinkov, and Alexey F. Bunkin

Diffraction and Gratings

Diffraction-resistant scalar beams generated by a parabolic reflector and a source of spherical waves     Michel Zamboni-Rached, Mariana Carolina de Assis, and Leonardo A. Ambrosio

Design principles for morphologies of antireflection patterns for solar absorbing applications     Yoon-Jong Moon, Jin-Young Na, and Sun-Kyung Kim

Chromatic dispersion of a high-efficiency resonance domain diffractive lens     Omri Barlev and Michael A. Golub

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Pixel-level fringing-effect model to describe the phase profile and diffraction efficiency of a liquid crystal on silicon device     Tianxin Lu, Mike Pivnenko, Brian Robertson, and Daping Chu

Influence of the optical fiber type on the performances of fiber-optics current sensor dedicated to plasma current measurement in ITER     Matthieu Aerssens, Frédéric Descamps, Andrei Gusarov, Patrice Mégret, Philippe Moreau, and Marc Wuilpart

Guided acoustic-wave Brillouin scattering characteristics of few-mode fiber     Takashi Matsui, Kazuhide Nakajima, and Fumihiko Yamamoto

Image Processing

Density adaptive trilateral scan integration method     Bao-Quan Shi and Jin Liang

Imaging Systems

Compressive spectral imaging using variable number of measurements     Yaohai Lin, Xuemei Xie, Guangming Shi, Danhua Liu, and Dahua Gao

Instrumentation, Measurement, and Metrology

Calibrating system errors of large scale three-dimensional profile measurement instruments by subaperture stitching method     Zhichao Dong, Haobo Cheng, Yunpeng Feng, Jingshi Su, Hengyu Wu, and Hon-Yuen Tam

Precision and accuracy testing of FMCW ladar-based length metrology     Ana Baselga Mateo and Zeb W. Barber

Enhancing the resolution limits of spectral interferometric measurements with swept-wavelength interrogation by means of a reference interferometer     Nikolai Ushakov, Alexandr Markvart, and Leonid Liokumovich

Scattering and polarization properties of the scarab beetle Cyphochilus insulanus cuticle     Christina Åkerlind, Hans Arwin, Tomas Hallberg, Jan Landin, Johan Gustafsson, Hans Kariis, and Kenneth Järrendahl

Real part of refractive index measurement approach for absorbing liquid     Hao Liu, Junwei Ye, Kecheng Yang, Min Xia, Wenping Guo, and Wei Li

Shadow removal method for phase-shifting profilometry     Lei Lu, Jiangtao Xi, Yanguang Yu, Qinghua Guo, Yongkai Yin, and Limei Song

Strain field measurement by transverse digital holography     Karl A. Stetson

Development of traceable measurement of the diffuse optical properties of solid reference standards for biomedical optics at National Institute of Standards and Technology     Paul Lemaillet, Jean-Pierre Bouchard, and David W. Allen

Real-time phase error compensation in phase sensitive scanning near-field optical microscopy     Xiaoyu Wu, Lin Sun, Jia Wang, and Qiaofeng Tan

Integrated Optics

Analysis and simulation of nonlinearity and effects of spontaneous emission in Schottky–junction–based plasmonic amplifiers     Abdolber Mallah Livani and Hassan Kaatuzian

Design and analysis of large-core multitrench channel waveguide for high-power applications     Than Singh Saini, Ajeet Kumar, and Ravindra Kumar Sinha

Liquid Crystals

Holographic binary grating liquid crystal cells fabricated by one-step exposure of photocrosslinkable polymer liquid crystalline alignment substrates to a polarization interference ultraviolet beam     Kotaro Kawai, Tomoyuki Sasaki, Kohei Noda, Moritsugu Sakamoto, Nobuhiro Kawatsuki, and Hiroshi Ono


Gain of an axially slotted cylinder covered with a chiral coating and embedded in a chiral medium     Z. A. Awan

Medical Optics and Biotechnology

Investigation of aberration characteristics of eyes at a peripheral visual field by individual eye model     Qiqi Lou, Yan Wang, Zhaoqi Wang, Yongji Liu, Lin Zhang, Yi Zhai, and Hui Fang


Multi-dimensional, non-contact metrology using trilateration and high resolution FMCW ladar     Ana Baselga Mateo and Zeb W. Barber

Nonlinear Optics

Extreme ultraviolet digital in-line holography using a tabletop source     Michael Zürch and Christian Spielmann

Q-switched laser in an SMS cavity for inhibiting nonlinear effects     Jiaqi Zhou, Yi Lu, Bing He, and Xijia Gu

Optical Coherence Tomography

Optical coherence tomography imaging for analysis of follicular development in ovarian tissue     Yuuki Watanabe, Kei Takakura, Reiko Kurotani, and Hiroyuki Abe


Electro-optical phase-change 2 × 2 switching using three- and four-waveguide directional couplers     Haibo Liang, Richard Soref, Jianwei Mu, Xun Li, and Wei-Ping Huang


Smear correction of highly variable, frame-transfer CCD images with application to polarimetry     Francisco A. Iglesias, Alex Feller, and Krishnappa Nagaraju


Enhanced forward emission of YAG:Ce3+ phosphor with polystyrene nanosphere coating     Zhongyang Ge, Alan Piquette, Kailash C. Mishra, and David Klotzkin


Infrared radiation properties of Ho3+ in multicomponent germanium tellurite glasses     Z. Q. Sui, B. J. Chen, E. Y. B. Pun, and H. Lin

Matrix effect of sodium compounds on the determination of metal ions in aqueous solutions by underwater laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy     Christian Goueguel, Dustin L. McIntyre, Jinesh Jain, Athanasios K. Karamalidis, and Cantwell Carson

Real-time trace gas sensor using a multimode diode laser and multiple-line integrated cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy     Andreas Karpf and Gottipaty N. Rao

X-ray Optics

X-ray Moiré deflectometry using synthetic reference images     Dan Stutman, Maria Pia Valdivia, and Michael Finkenthal


Medical Optics and Biotechnology

Simple and accurate expressions for diffuse reflectance of semi-infinite and two-layer absorbing and scattering media: erratum     Laurent Pilon, Arka Bhowmik, Ri-Liang Heng, and Dmitry Yudovsky

Журнал надходить до Інституту радіофізики і електроніки ім. О.Я. Усикова міста Харкова.


4. Applied Optics. – Washington. – ISSN 0078-5460

Volume 54, Number 30, 20 October 2015


Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

Simple and robust algorithm to extend the dynamic range of tip-tilt for a Shack–Hartmann sensor     Mingxing Li, Dayu Li, Lifa Hu, Quanquan Mu, Zhaoliang Cao, Huanyu Xu, Xinghai Lu, and Li Xuan

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Effect of colliding partners on the performance of SF6 and SO2 trace measurements in photoacoustic spectroscopy     B. Dibaee, P. Parvin, A. Bavali, V. Daneshafrooz, and M. R. Mohebbifar


Restoration of the near-diffraction-limited response size at heterodyne detection of microholograms, distorted by spherical aberration     Ilya Sh. Steinberg and Yuri A. Shepetkin

Highly sensitive lateral deformable optical MEMS displacement sensor: anomalous diffraction studied by rigorous coupled-wave analysis     Chen Wang, Qianbo Lu, Jian Bai, Guoguang Yang, Kaiwei Wang, Dong Liu, and Yongying Yang

Diffraction and Gratings

General measurement of optical system aberrations with a continuously variable lateral shear ratio by a randomly encoded hybrid grating     Tong Ling, Yongying Yang, Dong Liu, Xiumei Yue, Jiabin Jiang, Jian Bai, and Yibing Shen

Diffractive Optics

Reducing aberration effect of Fourier transform lens by modifying Fourier spectrum of diffractive optical element in beam shaping optical system     Fang Zhang, Jing Zhu, Qiang Song, Weirui Yue, Jingdan Liu, Jian Wang, Guohai Situ, and Huijie Huang

Fiber Optic Sensors

Suspended-core microstructured fiber for refractometric detection of liquids     Tomas Nemecek, Matej Komanec, Tomas Martan, Redwan Ahmad, and Stanislav Zvanovec

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Simulation of path delay multiplexing-based Fourier transform spectrometer for fiber Bragg grating interrogation     Pandian Chelliah, Trilochan Sahoo, Sheela Singh, and Annie Sujatha

Step angles to reduce the north-finding error caused by rate random walk with fiber optic gyroscope     Qin Wang, Jun Xie, Chuanchuan Yang, Changhong He, Xinyue Wang, and Ziyu Wang

Fourier Optics and Signal Processing

Cryptanalysis of an “asymmetric optical cryptosystem based on coherent superposition and equal modulus decomposition”     Jingjing Wu, Wei Liu, Zhengjun Liu, and Shutian Liu

Image Processing

Multifocus color image sequence fusion based on mean shift segmentation     Xingxing Hao, Hui Zhao, and Jing Liu

Imaging Systems

Three-dimensional/two-dimensional convertible projection screen using see-through integral imaging based on holographic optical element     Jiwoon Yeom, Jinsoo Jeong, Changwon Jang, Gang Li, Keehoon Hong, and Byoungho Lee

Sky light polarization detection with linear polarizer triplet in light field camera inspired by insect vision     Wenjing Zhang, Yu Cao, Xuanzhe Zhang, and Zejin Liu

Instrumentation, Measurement, and Metrology

Color-fringe pattern profilometry using a generalized phase-shifting algorithm     Jorge L. Flores, José A. Ferrari, G. García Torales, Ricardo Legarda-Saenz, and Adriana Silva

Bidirectional reflection effects in practical integrating spheres     J. R. Mahan, J. A. Walker, and M. M. Stancil

A reconfigurable all-fiber polarization-diversity coherent Doppler lidar: principles and numerical simulations     Cyrus F. Abari, Xinzhao Chu, R. Michael Hardesty, and Jakob Mann

Monitoring and analysis of thermal deformation waves with a high-speed phase measurement system     Lucas Taylor and Joseph Talghader

High-speed alternative phase-extraction method for imaging array-coupled binary moiré interferometry     J. Scott Steckenrider and J. Josiah Steckenrider

Integrated Optics

Design of an InGaAsP/InP compact integrated optical depolarizer     Marwa Ragheb, Hatem Elrefaei, Diaa Khalil, and Omar A. Omar

Machine Vision

Model-based defect detection on structured surfaces having optically unresolved features     Daniel O’Connor, Andrew J. Henning, Ben Sherlock, Richard K. Leach, Jeremy Coupland, and Claudiu L. Giusca


Direct welding of glass and metal by 1  kHz femtosecond laser pulses     Guodong Zhang and Guanghua Cheng

Optical Design and Fabrication

Design of a low-cost and compact 1 × 5 wavelength-selective switch for access networks     Tianxin Lu, Neil Collings, Brian Robertson, and Daping Chu

Toward the complete practicability for the linear-equation dwell time model in subaperture polishing     Zhichao Dong and Haobo Cheng

Photonic Crystals

Design of a polarized filtering photonic-crystal fiber with gold-coated air holes     Guangyao Wang, Shuguang Li, Guowen An, Xinyu Wang, Yunyan Zhao, and Wan Zhang


Remote measurement of surface roughness, surface reflectance, and body reflectance with LiDAR     Xiaolu Li and Yu Liang

Theoretical and experimental investigations on measuring underwater temperature by the coherent Brillouin scattering method     Xiuyun Ren, Zhaoshuo Tian, Yanchao Zhang, Ling Wang, and Shiyou Fu

Solar Energy

Highly transparent light-harvesting window film     Byron Cocilovo, Aki Hashimura, Douglas J. Tweet, Tolis Voutsas, and Robert A. Norwood


Absolute measurement of laminar shear rate using photon correlation spectroscopy     Elliot Jenner and Brian D’Urso

Development and field tests of a narrowband all-reflective spatial heterodyne spectrometer     J. B. Corliss, W. M. Harris, E. J. Mierkiewicz, and F. L. Roesler

Gain-coupled distributed feedback laser based on periodic surface anode canals     Yongyi Chen, Peng Jia, Jian Zhang, Li Qin, Hong Chen, Feng Gao, Xing Zhang, Xiaonan Shan, Yongqiang Ning, and Lijun Wang

Component spectra extraction from terahertz measurements of unknown mixtures     Xian Li, D. B. Hou, P. J. Huang, J. H. Cai, and G. X. Zhang

Wave-front Sensing

Curvature wavefront sensing for the large synoptic survey telescope     Bo Xin, Chuck Claver, Ming Liang, Srinivasan Chandrasekharan, George Angeli, and Ian Shipsey

Журнал надходить до Інституту радіофізики і електроніки ім. О.Я. Усикова міста Харкова.


5. Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society. – Edinburgh. – ISSN 0013-0915

Volume 59, (Series II) Part 1, February 2016


On ρ-adic analytic continuation with applications to generating elements     V. Alexandru, M. Vâjâitu and A. Zaharescu

Inversion is Possible in Groups with no Periodic Automorphisms     M. R. Bridson and H. Short

On the continuation of solutions of non-autonomous semilinear parabolic problems     A. N. Carvalho, J. W. Cholewa and M. J. D. Nascimento

On some questions related to Koethe's nil ideal problem     M. A. Chebotar, P.-H. Lee and E. R. Puczyłowski

On fractional heat equations with non-local initial conditions     Bruno de Andrade, Claudio Cuevas and Herme Soto

On the Canonical Ideals of One-Dimensional Cohen–Macaulay Local Rings     J. Elias

Some applications of modular units     I. S. Eum, J. K. Koo and D. H. Shin

The Green Rings of Minimal Hopf Quivers     H.-L. Huang and Y. Yang

Topological realizations and fundamental groups of higher-rank graphs     S. Kaliszewski, A. Kumjian, J. Quigg and A. Sims

Symmetry of Lie algebras associated with (ε, δ)-Freudenthal-Kantor triple system     N. Kamiya and S. Okubo

On the Local Tb Theorem: A Direct Proof under the Duality Assumption     M. T. Lacey and A. V. Vähäkangas

Positive Curvature, Partial Vanishing Theorems and Coarse Indices     J. Roe

Groups generated by iterations of polynomials over finite fields     I. E. Shparlinski

A Decomposition Theorem for Immersions of Product Manifolds     R. Tojeiro

Журнал надходить до Інституту математики міста Києва.


6. Compositio Mathematica. – Amsterdam. – ISSN 0010-437X

Volume 151, Number 12, December 2015


Formal Fourier Jacobi expansions and special cycles of codimension two     Martin Westerholt-Raum

Pseudoholomorphic tori in the Kodaira–Thurston manifold     Jonathan David Evans and Jarek Kędra

Orderability and the Weinstein conjecture     Peter Albers, Urs Fuchs and Will J. Merry

Geometry of shrinking Ricci solitons     Ovidiu Munteanu and Jiaping Wang

The Hele-Shaw flow and moduli of holomorphic discs     Julius Ross and David Witt Nyström

A Feynman integral via higher normal functions     Spencer Bloch, Matt Kerr and Pierre Vanhove

Журнал надходить до Інституту математики міста Києва.


7. Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications. – New York. – ISSN 0022-3239

Volume 167, Number 3, December 2015


Special issue: Deterministic and Stochastic Variational Principles and Applications

SI “Deterministic and Stochastic Variational Principles and Applications”. December 2015     W. Grecksch, A. Khan, H. Lisei, C. Tammer

Vectorization in Set Optimization     J. Jahn

Optimality Conditions for Quasi-Solutions of Vector Optimization Problems     C. Gutiérrez, B. Jiménez, V. Novo

Optimal Control of Semilinear Unbounded Evolution Inclusions with Functional Constraints     B.S. Mordukhovich, D. Wang

Multiple Solutions of Dirichlet Problems on the Sierpinski Gasket     B.E. Breckner, C. Varga

Optimal Control of a Nonlinear Stochastic Schrödinger Equation     D. Keller

An Analysis of Path-Dependent Options     F. Wusterhausen

Least-Squares Estimation of Multifractional Random Fields in a Hilbert-Valued Context     M.D. Ruiz-Medina, V.V. Anh, R.M. Espejo, J.M. Angulo, M.P. Frías

A Multiplicity Result for a Class of Elliptic Problems on a Compact Riemannian Manifold     H. Lisei, C. Varga

Optimal Exploitation of Nonrenewable Resources     A. Kunow, S. Rosche, C. Tammer, C. Weiser

On Investment Consumption Modeling with Jump Process Extensions for Productive Sectors     T. Engler, A. Balmann

On the Modeling of Some Environmental Games with Uncertain Data     B. Jadamba, F. Raciti

On Robust Optimization. Relations Between Scalar Robust Optimization and Unconstrained Multicriteria Optimization     E. Köbis

Duality for Closed Convex Functions and Evenly Convex Functions     M. Volle, J. E. Martínez-Legaz, J. Vicente-Pérez

Optimal Control for Stochastic Delay Systems Under Model Uncertainty: A Stochastic Differential Game Approach     O. Menoukeu Pamen

Optimal Thickness of a Cylindrical Shell Subject to Stochastic Forces     M. Keyanpour, A.M. Nehrani

On Mean-Field Partial Information Maximum Principle of Optimal Control for Stochastic Systems with Lévy Processes     M. Hafayed, S. Abbas, A. Abba

Malliavin Calculus and Optimal Control of Stochastic Volterra Equations     N. Agram, B. Øksendal

A Variational Approach to Neumann Stochastic Semi-Linear Equations Modeling the Thermostatic Control     I. Ciotir

Stochastic Maximum Principle for Controlled Backward Delayed System via Advanced Stochastic Differential Equation     L. Chen, J. Huang

Existence Theorems for Elliptic and Evolutionary Variational and Quasi-Variational Inequalities     A.A. Khan, D. Motreanu

Журнал надходить до Інституту математики міста Києва.


8. The journal of geology. – Chicago. – ISSN 0020-1376

Volume 123, Number 6, November 2015


Comparative Diagenesis and Rare Earth Element Variation in Miocene Invertebrate and Vertebrate Fossils from Panama     Bruce J. MacFadden, Chanika Symister, Nicole Cannarozzi, Catalina Pimiento, and Carlos De Gracia

Late Ordovician Glaciation Initiated by Early Land Plant Evolution and Punctuated by Greenhouse Mass Extinctions     Gregory J. Retallack

Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy for Oligocene-Miocene Carbonate Systems in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic: Implications for Caribbean Processes Affecting Depositional History     Diana Ortega-Ariza, Evan K. Franseen, Hernán Santos-Mercado, Wilson R. Ramírez-Martínez, and Elson E. Core-Suárez

Middle Carnian Arc-Type Basalts from the Lycian Nappes, Southwestern Anatolia: Early Late Triassic Subduction in the Northern Branch of Neotethys     Kaan Sayit, M. Cemal Göncüoglu, and U. Kagan Tekin

Журнал надходить до Інституту геологічних наук міста Києва.


9. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. – Boston. – ISSN 0003-0007

Volume 96, Number 11, November 2015



White Christmas? An Application of NOAA’s 1981–2010 Daily Normals     I. Durre and M. F. Squires

Improving Flash Flood Forecasts: The HMT-WPC Flash Flood and Intense Rainfall Experiment     F. E. Barthold et al.


National Weather Service Forecasters Use GPS Precipitable Water Vapor for Enhanced Situational Awareness during the Southern California Summer Monsoon     A. W. Moore et al.


Natural Gas Prices and the Extreme Winters of 2011/12 and 2013/14: Causes, Indicators, and Interactions     C. J. Schreck III et al.

Seasonal Forecasting of Global Hydrologic Extremes: System Development and Evaluation over GEWEX Basins     X. Yuan et al.

Defining Sudden Stratospheric Warmings     A. H. Butler et al.

Revisiting the 26.5°C Sea Surface Temperature Threshold for Tropical Cyclone Development     R. McTaggart-Cowan et al.

The MATERHORN: Unraveling the Intricacies of Mountain Weather     H. J. S. Fernando et al.


ENSO Extremes and Diversity: Dynamics, Teleconnections, and Impacts     A. Santoso et al.

Polar Lower-Latitude Linkages and Their Role in Weather and Climate Prediction     T. Jung et al.

Журнал надходить до Інституту іоносфери міста Харкова.


10. Journal of Plant Research. – Tokyo. – ISSN 0918-9440

Volume 128, Number 6, November 2015


Current Topics in Plant Research

Structure, function, and evolution of plant NIMA-related kinases: implication for phosphorylation-dependent microtubule regulation     S. Takatani, K. Otani, M. Kanazawa, T. Takahashi , H. Motose

Taxonomy/ Phylogeny/ Evolutionary Biology

Karyotype characterization and evolution in South American species of Lathyrus (Notolathyrus, Leguminosae) evidenced by heterochromatin and rDNA mapping     L. Chalup, S.S. Samoluk, V.S. Neffa, G. Seijo

Multiple and mass introductions from limited origins: genetic diversity and structure of Solidago altissima in the native and invaded range     Y. Sakata, J. Itami, Y. Isagi, T. Ohgushi

Ecology/ Ecophysiology/ Enviromental Biology

Pigment compositions are linked to the habitat types in dinoflagellates     N. Yamada, A. Tanaka, T. Horiguchi

Flower color polymorphism maintained by overdominant selection in Sisyrinchium sp.     Y. Takahashi, K. Takakura, M. Kawata

Chiba Tendril-Less locus determines tendril organ identity in melon (Cucumis melo L.) and potentially encodes a tendril-specific TCP homolog     S. Mizuno, M. Sonoda, Y. Tamura, E. Nishino, H. Suzuki, T. Sato, T. Oizumi

Core cell cycle regulatory genes in rice and their expression profiles across the growth zone of the leaf     A. Pettkó-Szandtner, M. Cserháti, R.M. Barrôco, S. Hariharan , D. Dudits, G.T.S. Beemster

Physiology/ Biochemistry/ Molecular and Cellular Biology

Monoclonal antibody-based analysis of cell wall remodeling during xylogenesis     N. Shinohara, K. Kakegawa, H. Fukuda

The effect of drought on photosynthetic plasticity in Marrubium vulgare plants growing at low and high altitudes     G. Habibi, N. Ajory

Identification and characterization of TIFY family genes in Brachypodium distachyon     L. Zhang, J. You, Z. Chan

Technical Note

Morphometric analyses of petioles of seedlings grown in a spaceflight experiment     C.M. Johnson, A. Subramanian, R.E. Edelmann , J.Z. Kiss

Журнал надходить до Інституту ботаніки ім. М. Г. Холодного міста Києва.


11. International Journal of Plant Sciences. – Chicago – ISSN 1058-5893

Volume 176, Number 9, November/December 2015


The Effects of Flower, Floral Display, and Reward Sizes on Bumblebee Foraging Behavior When Pollen Is the Reward and Plants Are Dichogamous     Johanne Brunet, Magaret W. Thairu, Jillian M. Henss, Rosabeth I. Link, and Joshua A. Kluever

Development of Leaf Lobing and Vein Pattern Architecture in the Genus Ipomoea (Morning Glory)     Austin Jones and Julie Kang

Light Environment and Epidermal Cell Morphology in Grasses     Regan E. Dunn, Thien-Y. T. Le, and Caroline A. E. Strömberg

Tolerance to Water Stress and Shade in the Invasive Impatiens parviflora     Muriel Quinet, Charlotte Descamps, Quentin Coster, Stanley Lutts, and Anne-Laure Jacquemart

Inheritance of Rapid Cycling in Brassica rapa Fast Plants: Dominance That Increases with Photoperiod     E. Weis

Origins of the Endemic Scaly Tree Ferns on the Galápagos and Cocos Islands     Tzu-Tong Kao, Kathleen M. Pryer, Melvin D. Turner, Richard A. White, and Petra Korall

Phylogeny of the Polybotryoid Fern Clade (Dryopteridaceae)     Robbin C. Moran and Paulo H. Labiak

Paleoochna tiffneyi gen. et sp. nov. (Ochnaceae) from the Late Paleocene Almont/Beicegel Creek Flora, North Dakota, USA     Stefanie M. Ickert-Bond, Kathleen B. Pigg and Melanie L. DeVore

Журнал надходить до Національного ботанічного саду ім. М. М. Гришка  міста Києва.


12. Lilloa. – Tucuman. – ISSN 0075-9481

Volumen 51, Número 1, 2014


Micorrizas arbusculares y endófitos septados oscuros en tres especies de Rosáceas de Argentina     Patricia L. Albornoz, Omar Varela, Juan C. Díaz Ricci

Clave para la identificación de especies de la familia Diatrypaceae (Xylariales, Ascomycota)     Cecilia C. Carmarán, Carolina A. Robles, M. Fernanda D’Jonsiles, Esteban Ceriani, Esteban Español, Silvia Lopez, M. Victoria Novas

Las especies del género Lecanora (Ascomycota, Lecanoraceae) en la provincia de Tucumán (Argentina)     Iris N. de la Rosa, María I. Messuti

Micobiota alcalino-tolerante descomponedora de restos de Distichlis spicata (Poaceae) en suelos alcalinos de la provincia de Buenos Aires: habilidad enzimática     Lorena A. Elíades, Natalia Ferreri, Ana M. Bucsinszky, Mario C. N. Saparrat, Marta N. Cabello

Primer registro de Munkovalsaria (Dacampiaceae, Ascomycota) para la Argentina     Maria C. F. Gallo, Myriam del V. Catania

El género Geastrum en Argentina: adiciones a la Región Chaqueña     María L. Hernández Caffot, Laura S. Domínguez, Carlos Urcelay

Catálogo de las especies de Ascomycota del Parque Nacional Lago Puelo y alrededores (Chubut, Argentina)     María I. Messuti, Laura E. Lorenzo

Hongos agaricoides de las Yungas argentinas. Clave de géneros     Nicolás Niveiro, Paola Zuliani, Natalia A. Ramirez, Orlando F. Popoff, Edgardo O. Albertó

Schizophyllum leprieurii and the Schizophyllum umbrinum lineage (Agaricales, Basidiomycota) in Argentina     Gerardo L. Robledo, Orlando F. Popoff, Leonardo D. Amarilla, Jean-Marc Moncalvo, Carlos Urcelay

Nuevos registros del género Rosellinia (Xylariaceae, ascomycota) en los sectores norte y centro de Las Yungas de la Argentina     Esteban B. Sir, Adriana I. Hladki

Ascomycetes (Pezizomycotina, Ascomycota) from Brazil: New records and distributional data     Larissa Trierveiler-Pereira

Hyphoderma romeroae sp. nov., a valid name for “Mutatoderma brunneocontextum” (Basidiomycota, Polyporales)     Juliano M. Baltazar, Mario Rajchenberg

Brief notes on three gasteroid fungi in the Andean Patagonia     Maximiliano Rugolo, Francisco Kuhar

Журнал надходить до Інституту ботаніки ім. М. Г. Холодного міста Києва.


13. Adansonia. – Paris. – ISSN 1280-8571

December 2015, 37, (2)


Index des nouveautés taxonomiques et nomenclaturales/Index of taxonomic and nomenclatural novelties

Éditorial     Deroin T.

A revision of Syzygium Gaertn. (Myrtaceae) in Indochina (Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam)     Soh W.-K. & Parnell J.

A revision of Canarium L. (Burseraceae) in Madagascar     Daly D. C., Raharimampionona J. & Federman S.

Журнал надходить до Інституту ботаніки ім. М. Г. Холодного  міста Києва.


14. Zoosystema. – Paris. – ISSN 1280-9551

December 2015, 37 (4)


Biodiversity in mountain groundwater: the Mercantour National Park (France) as a European hotspot     Dole-Olivier M.-J., Galassi D.M.P., Fiers F., Malard F., Martin P., Martin D. & Marmonier P.

Groundwater oligochaetes (Annelida, Clitellata) from the Mercantour National Park (France), with the descriptions of one new genus and two new stygobiont species     Martin P., Schmelz R. M. & Dole-Olivier M.-J.

Rodents in grassland habitats: does livestock grazing matter? A comparison of two Alpine sites with different grazing histories     La Morgia V., Balbo C., Memoli S. & Isaia M.

Raphidioptera et Neuroptera (Insecta, Neuropterida) du Parc national du Mercantour (France)     Tillier P.

The Cholevinae Kirby, 1837 (Coleoptera, Leiodidae) of the Maritime Alps     Latella L.

Descriptions of two new species of Empidinae Schiner, 1862 (Diptera: Empididae) from the Mercantour National Park, France           Daugeron C. & Lefebvre V.

Sciomyzidae (Diptera) collected in the Mercantour National Park, France     Vala J.-C. & Williams C.D.

Geometrid larvae of the Alpi Marittime Natural Park (district of Valdieri, Cuneo, Italy), with descriptions of the larvae of two Gnophini Pierce, 1914 (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Geometridae)     King G.E. and González-Estébanez F. J.

Les opilions (Arachnida: Opiliones) du Parc national du Mercantour et des Alpes méridionales françaises     Delfosse E. & Iorio É.

The Mercantour/Alpi Marittime All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory (ATBI): achievements and prospects     Villemant C., Daugeron C., Gargominy O., Isaia M., Deharveng L. & Judson M.L.I.

Postface     Leccia M.-F. & De Biaggi M.

Журнал надходить до Інституту зоології ім. І. І. Шмальгаузена  міста Києва.


15. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. – Hagerstown. – ISSN 2163-0755

Volume 79, Number 6, December 2015


WTA 2015 Presidential Address

End-of-life care in trauma     Christine S. Cocanour

WTA Plenary Papers

Shock-induced systemic hyperfibrinolysis is attenuated by plasma-first resuscitation     Hunter B. Moore, Ernest E. Moore, Alexander P. Morton, Eduardo Gonzalez, Miguel Fragoso, Michael P. Chapman, Monika Dzieciatkowska, Kirk C. Hansen, Anirban Banerjee, Angela Sauaia and Christopher C. Silliman

Selective inhibition of histone deacetylase 6 promotes survival in a rat model of hemorrhagic shock     Zhigang Chang, Yongqing Li, Wei He, Baoling Liu, Ihab Halaweish, Ted Bambakidis, Yingjian Liang and Hasan B. Alam

Addition of low-dose valproic acid to saline resuscitation provides neuroprotection and improves long-term outcomes in a large animal model of combined traumatic brain injury and hemorrhagic shock     Ihab Halaweish, Ted Bambakidis, Zhigang Chang, He Wei, Baoling Liu, Yongqing Li, Toby Bonthrone, Ashok Srinivasan, Tess Bonham, Kiril Chtraklin and Hasan B. Alam

Recursive partitioning identifies greater than 4 U of packed red blood cells per hour as an improved massive transfusion definition     Alexis Marika Moren, David Hamptom, Brian Diggs, Laszlo Kiraly, Erin E. Fox, John B. Holcomb, Mohammad Hossein Rahbar, Karen J. Brasel, Mitchell Jay Cohen, Eileen M. Bulger, Martin A. Schreiber, on behalf of the PROMMTT Study Group

The “Death Diamond”: Rapid thrombelastography identifies lethal hyperfibrinolysis     Michael P. Chapman, Ernest E. Moore, Hunter B. Moore, Eduardo Gonzalez, Alexander P. Morton, James Chandler, Courtney D. Fleming, Arsen Ghasabyan, Christopher C. Silliman, Anirban Banerjee and Angela Sauaia

Resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta (REBOA): Comparison with immediate transfusion following massive hemorrhage in swine     Timothy S. Park, Andriy I. Batchinsky, Slava M. Belenkiy, Bryan S. Jordan, William L. Baker, Corina N. Necsoiu, James K. Aden, Michael A. Dubick and Leopoldo C. Cancio

The elimination of anastomosis in open trauma vascular reconstruction: A novel technique using an animal model     Andrew L. Tang, Conrad Diven, Bardiya Zangbar, Dafney Lubin, Bellal Joseph, Donald J. Green, Narong Kulvatunyou, Gary Vercruysse, Randall S. Friese, Terence O’Keeffe and Peter Rhee

Role of computed tomography angiography in the management of Zone II penetrating neck trauma in patients with clinical hard signs     Rebecca Schroll, Tatyana Fontenot, Megan Lipcsey, Jiselle Bock Heaney, Alan Marr, Peter Meade, Norman McSwain and Juan Duchesne

The role of computed tomographic scan in ongoing triage of operative hepatic trauma: A Western Trauma Association multicenter retrospective study     Matthew E. Kutcher, Joshua J. Weis, Sammy S. Siada, Krista L. Kaups, Rosemary A. Kozar, Richard A. Wawrose, Jessica I. Summers, Evert A. Eriksson, Stuart M. Leon, Matthew M. Carrick, Gina Mallory and Jason L. Sperry

Subcapsular hematoma in blunt splenic injury: A significant predictor of failure of nonoperative management     Joseph Martin Jr. Lopez, Patrick W. McGonagill, Jessica Lynn Gross, J. Jason Hoth, Michael C. Chang, Karen Parker, Jay A. Requarth and Preston Roy Miller

Heparin versus enoxaparin for prevention of venous thromboembolism after trauma: A randomized noninferiority trial     Erik J. Olson, Jesse Bandle, Richard Y. Calvo, Steven R. Shackford, Casey E. Dunne, Jan-Michael Van Gent, Ashley L. Zander, Harminder Sikand, Michael S. Bongiovanni, Michael J. Sise and C. Beth Sise

The “high-risk” deep venous thrombosis screening protocol for trauma patients: Is it practical?     Zachary C. Dietch, Robin T. Petroze, Matthew Thames, Rhett Willis, Robert G. Sawyer and Michael D. Williams

The found down patient: A Western Trauma Association multicenter study     Benjamin M. Howard, Lucy Z. Kornblith, Amanda S. Conroy, Clay Cothren Burlew, Amy E. Wagenaar, Konstantinos Chouliaras, J. Ryan Hill, Matthew M. Carrick, Gina R. Mallory, Jeffrey R. Watkins, Michael S. Truitt, David J. Ciesla, Jaime A. Davis, Christopher J. Vail, Phillip M. Kemp Bohan, Mary F. Nelson, Rachael A. Callcut, Mitchell Jay Cohen and Western Trauma Association Multicenter Study Group

Prehospital interventions in severely injured pediatric patients: Rethinking the ABCs     Kyle K. Sokol, George E. Black, Kenneth S. Azarow, William Long, Matthew J. Martin and Matthew J. Eckert

Lack of utility of repeat monitoring of hemoglobin and hematocrit following blunt solid organ injury in children     Shannon N. Acker, Branden Petrun, David A. Partrick, Genie E. Roosevelt and Denis D. Bensard

Dead or alive? New confirmatory test using quantitative analysis of computed tomographic angiography     Lorena P. Suarez-Kelly, Dhruv A. Patel, Peter M. Britt, Eric J. Clayton, William J. Bromberg, Christina M. McCain, Jay U. Howington and Frank E. Davis

A new kid on the block: Outcomes with Kcentra 1 year after approval     Allison E. Berndtson, Wan-Ting Huang, Kevin Box, Leslie Kobayashi, Laura N. Godat, Alan M. Smith, David Weingarten and Raul Coimbra

The tissue factor pathway mediates both activation of coagulation and coagulopathy after injury       Benjamin M. Howard, Byron Y. Miyazawa, Weifeng Dong, Wendy J. Cedron, Ryan F. Vilardi, Wolfram Ruf and Mitchell Jay Cohen

Early tranexamic acid administration: A protective effect on gut barrier function following ischemia/reperfusion injury     Mark E. Diebel, Lawrence N. Diebel, Charles W. Manke, David M. Liberati and John R. Whittaker

Sugar or salt? The relative roles of the glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid axes in traumatic shock     Daniel W. Nelson, George E. Black, Richard L. Thomas, Matthew J. Eckert, Zachary S. Hoffer and Matthew J. Martin

Witnessed aspiration in trauma: Frequent occurrence, rare morbidity—A prospective analysis     Elizabeth Benjamin, Tobias Haltmeier, Konstantinos Chouliaras, Stefano Siboni, Joseph Durso, Kenji Inaba and Demetrios Demetriades

A pilot study of chest tube versus pigtail catheter drainage of acute hemothorax in swine     Rachel M. Russo, Scott A. Zakaluzny, Lucas P. Neff, J. Kevin Grayson, Rachel A. Hight, Joseph M. Galante and David V. Shatz

Cadaveric comparison of the optimal site for needle decompression of tension pneumothorax by prehospital care providers     Kenji Inaba, Efstathios Karamanos, Dimitra Skiada, Daniel Grabo, Peter Hammer, Matthew Martin, Maura Sullivan, Marc Eckstein and Demetrios Demetriades

The use of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in blunt thoracic trauma: A study of the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization database     Jordan V. Jacobs, Nicole M. Hooft, Brenton R. Robinson, Emily Todd, Ross M. Bremner, Scott R. Petersen and Michael A. Smith

Hips don’t lie: Waist-to-hip ratio in trauma patients     Bellal Joseph, Bardiya Zangbar, Ansab Abbas Haider, Naroung Kulvatunyou, Mazhar Khalil, Andrew Tang, Terence O’Keeffe, Randall S. Friese, Tahereh Orouji Jokar, Gary Vercruysse, Rifat Latifi and Peter Rhee

Mild traumatic brain injury increases risk for the development of posttraumatic stress disorder     Ann Marie Warren, Adriel Boals, Timothy R. Elliott, Megan Reynolds, Rebecca Jo Weddle, Pamela Holtz, Zina Trost and Michael L. Foreman

Geriatric trauma G-60 falls with hip fractures: A pilot study of acute pain management using femoral nerve fascia iliac blocks     Alicia J. Mangram, Olakunle F. Oguntodu, Alexandra K. Hollingworth, Laura Prokuski, Arleen Steinstra, Mary Collins, Joseph F. Sucher, Francis Ali-Osman and James K. Dzandu

Seasonal variations in posttraumatic wound infections after open extremity fractures     Henry Claude Sagi, Seth Cooper, David Donahue, Scott Marberry and Barbara Steverson

WTA Algorithms

Western Trauma Association Critical Decisions in Trauma: Management of abdominal vascular trauma     David V. Feliciano, Ernest E. Moore and Walter L. Biffl

Western Trauma Association Critical Decisions in Trauma: Diagnosis and management of esophageal injuries     Walter L. Biffl, Ernest E. Moore, David V. Feliciano, Roxie A. Albrecht, Martin Croce, Riyad Karmy-Jones, Nicholas Namias, Susan Rowell, Martin Schreiber, David V. Shatz and Karen Brasel

Western Trauma Association Critical Decisions in Trauma: Diagnosis and management of duodenal injuries     Ajai Malhotra, Walter L. Biffl, Ernest E. Moore, Martin Schreiber, Roxie A. Albrecht, Mitchell Cohen, Martin Croce, Riyad Karmy-Jones, Nicholas Namias, Susan Rowell, David V. Shatz and Karen J. Brasel

In Memorias

In Memoriam: Erwin R. Thal, MD (1936–2014)     Lewis M. Jr. Flint, C. William Schwab, C. Thomas (Tommy) Thompson and Donald D. Trunkey

In Memoriam: James Henry Duke, Jr., MD (1928–2015)     John B. Holcomb

Журнал надходить до Інституту фізіології ім. О.О. Богомольця міста Києва.


16. Population. – Paris. – ISSN 0032-4663

Volume 70, Numéro 3, 2015


La conjoncture démographique en France

L’évolution démographique récente de la France et ses tendances depuis 70 ans     M. Mazuy, M. Barbieri, D. Breton, H. d’Albis

Caractérisation des flux migratoires en France à partir des statistiques de délivrance de titres de séjour (1998-2013)     H. d’Albis, E. Boubtane


Les mots de la démographie des origines à nos jours : une exploration numérique     F. Héran

La mise à disposition des enquêtes quantitatives en sciences sociales : l’exemple de l’Ined     A. Caporali, A. Morisset, S. Legleye

Les difficultés scolaires et professionnelles des jeunes issus de l’immigration : effet de l’origine ou effets géographiques?     R. Aeberhardt, R. Rathelot, M. Safi

Famille et recensement font-ils bon ménage?     L. Trabut, E. Lelièvre, E. Bailly

Bibliographie critique

Migrations, discriminations, intégration

Culling the Masses: The Democratic Origins of Racist Immigration Policy in the Americas     D. Fitzgerald, D. Cook-Martin

Pourquoi moi? L’expérience des discriminations     F. Dubet, O. Cousin, E. Macé, S. Rui

Strangers No More: Immigration and the Challenges of Integration in North America and Western Europe     R. Alba, N. Foner

Depoliticising Migration. Global Governance and International Migration Narratives     A. Pécoud

Irregular Migrant Domestic Workers in Europe. Who Cares?     A. Triandafyllidou

Everyday Illegal. When Policies Undermine Immigrant Families     J. Dreby

The Scattered Family: Parenting, African Migrants, and Global inequality     C. Coe

Журнал надходить до Об’єднаного інституту економіки міста Києва.


17. American Political Science Review. – New York. – ISSN 0003-0554

Volume 108, Number 4, November 2015


Shape-Shifting Representation     Michael Saward

Beyond Keeping Peace: United Nations Effectiveness in the Midst of Fighting     Lisa Hultman, Jacob Kathman, and Megan Shannon

Is There a Culture War? Conflicting Value Structures in American Public Opinion     William G. Jacoby

Tocqueville on the Modern Moral Situation: Democracy and the Decline of Devotion     Dana Jalbert Stauffer

Selling Out?: The Politics of Navigating Conflicts between Racial Group Interest and Self-interest     Ismail K. White, Chryl N. Laird, and Troy D. Allen

The Political Mobilization of Ethnic and Religious Identities in Africa     John F. McCauley

Foreign Military Presence and the Changing Practice of Sovereignty: A Pragmatist Explanation of Norm Change     Sebastian Schmidt

Can Humankind Deliberate on a Global Scale?     Alfarabi and the Politics of the Inhabited World Alexander I. Orwin

The Question(s) of Political Knowledge     Jason Barabas, Jennifer Jerit, William Pollock, and Carlisle Rainey

“Fit to Enter the World”: Hannah Arendt on Politics, Economics, and the Welfare State     Steven Klein

Issue Yield: A Model of Party Strategy in Multidimensional Space     Lorenzo De Sio and Till Weber

Журнал надходить до Інституту світової економіки і міжнародних відносин міста Києва.


18. American Political Science Review. – New York. – ISSN 0003-0554

Volume 109, Number 1, February 2015


Expressive Partisanship: Campaign Involvement, Political Emotion, and Partisan Identity     Leonie Huddy, Lilliana Mason, and Lene Aarøe

What Happens When Extremists Win Primaries?     Andrew B. Hall

Does Electoral Competition Exacerbate Interethnic or Interpartisan Economic Discrimination? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Market Price Bargaining     Kristin Michelitch

Quantifying Social Media’s Political Space: Estimating Ideology from Publicly Revealed Preferences on Facebook     Robert Bond and Solomon Messing

Six Portraits of Political Ambition in Xenophon's Memorabilia     Lewis Falls

Race, Paternalism, and Foreign Aid: Evidence from U.S. Public Opinion     Andy Baker

Competing for Transparency: Political Competition and Institutional Reform in Mexican States     Daniel Berliner and Aaron Erlich

What Do I Need to Vote? Bureaucratic Discretion and Discrimination by Local Election Officials     Ariel R. White, Noah L. Nathan, and Julie K. Faller

How to Rule the World: An Introduction to Xenophon's The Education of Cyrus     Robert C. Bartlett

Presidential Particularism and Divide-the-Dollar Politics     Douglas L. Kriner and Andrew Reeves

Partisanship and the Allocation of Federal Spending: Do Same-Party Legislators or Voters Benefit from Shared Party Affiliation with the President and House Majority?     Adam M. Dynes and Gregory A. Huber

Public Reason Confucianism: A Construction     Sungmoon Kim

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19. Perspectives on Politics. – New York. – ISSN 1537-5927

Volume 12, Number 4, December 2014


From the Editor

Topographies of Politics     Jeffrey C. Isaac


Scorched Earth: Environmental War Crimes and International Justice     Bronwyn Leebaw

No Global Demos, No Global Democracy? A Systematization and Critique     Laura Valentini

The Americas’ More Perfect Unions: New Institutional Insights from Comparative Political Theory     Joshua Simon

Transforming Subjects into Citizens: Insights from Brazil’s Bolsa Família     Wendy Hunter and Natasha Borges Sugiyama

Review Essay

Recent Works on Dignity and Human Rights: A Road Not Taken     Michael Goodhart

Review Symposium

Labor Organizations and Collective Action

A discussion of John S. Ahlquist and Margaret Levi's In the Interest of Others: Organizations and Social Activism     Brooke Ackerly, Evelyne Huber, Carmen Sirianni

Critical Dialogue

Reviews and Responses:

Seeking Human Rights Justice in Latin America: Truth, Extra-Territorial Courts, and the Process of Justice      Jeffrey Davis

Democracy Without Justice in Spain: The Politics of Forgetting     Omar G. Encarnación

Reviews and Responses:

Democratic Peace: A Political Biography     Piki Ish-Shalom

War in Social Thought: Hobbes to the Present     Hans Joas and Wolfgang Knöbl

Reviews and Responses:

Good-Bye Hegemony! Power and Influence in the Global System     Simon Reich and Richard Ned Lebow

Empires Without Imperialism: Anglo-American Decline and the Politics of Deflection     Jeanne Morefield

Book Reviews

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20. Perspectives on Politics. – New York. – ISSN 1537-5927

Volume 13, Number 1, March 2015


From the Editor

Modernization and Politics     Jeffrey C. Isaac

Presidential Address

Did Hamilton, Jefferson, and Madison “Cause” the U.S. Government Shutdown? The Institutional Path from an Eighteenth Century Republic to a Twenty-first Century Democracy     John H. Aldrich


Seeing Like an Autocrat: Liberal Social Engineering in an Illiberal State     Calvert W. Jones

Corrupting the Cyber-Commons: Social Media as a Tool of Autocratic Stability     Seva Gunitsky

Anti-Americanism and Anti-Interventionism in Arabic Twitter Discourses     Amaney A. Jamal, Robert O. Keohane, David Romney, and Dustin Tingley

Is It Gender, Religiosity or Both? A Role Congruity Theory of Candidate Electability in Transitional Tunisia     Lindsay J. Benstead, Amaney A. Jamal, and Ellen Lust

A Non-Gendered Lens? Media, Voters, and Female Candidates in Contemporary Congressional Elections     Danny Hayes and Jennifer L. Lawless

Ideological Republicans and Group Interest Democrats: The Asymmetry of American Party Politics     Matt Grossmann and David A. Hopkins

Review Essay

How Not to Explain the French Revolution     Don Herzog

Critical Dialogue

Reviews and Responses:

Networks of Domination: The Social Foundations of Peripheral Conquest in International Politics     Paul K. MacDonald

Warlords, Strongman Governors, and the State in Afghanistan     Dipali Mukhopadhyay

Reviews and Responses:

Symbols of Defeat in the Construction of National Identity     Steven J. Mock

Nationalism and the Moral Psychology of Community     Bernard Yack

Reviews and Responses:

What Unions No Longer Do     Jake Rosenfeld

Varieties of Liberalization and the New Politics of Social Solidarity     Kathleen Thelen

Book Reviews

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21. PS: Political Science & Politics. – New York. – ISSN 1049-0965

Volume 48, Number 1, January 2015


Editors’ Introduction     Phillip Ardoin and Paul Gronke

Spotlight: The Politics and Policy of Ebola

The Politics and Policy of Ebola     Paul Gronke

Special to Ps:

The 2014 James Madison Lecture: The Global Politics of Climate Change: Challenge for Political Science     Robert O. Keohane

The 2014 John Gaus Award Lecture: Living Accountability: Hot Rhetoric, Cool Theory, and Uneven Practice     Barbara S. Romzek

Symposium: Research and Undergraduate Teaching: A False Divide?

Research and Undergraduate Teaching: A False Divide? – Introduction     James N. Druckman

Learning through Research: Using Data to Train Undergraduates in Qualitative Methods     Colin Elman, Diana Kapiszewski, and Dessislava Kirilova

Teaching What We Don’t Know      Nancy Luxon

How Collaborations with Undergraduates Improve Both Learning and Research: With Examples from International Development Experiments     Skye Herrick, William Matthias, and Daniel Nielson

Merging Research and Undergraduate Teaching in Political Behavior Research     James N. Druckman

Challenges to, and Suggestions for, Merging Research and Teaching in Undergraduate Regional Public Universities     Juan Carlos Huerta

Experience and (Civic) Education     Ben Berger

Symposium: Big Data, Causal Inference, and Formal Theory: Contradictory Trends in Political Science?

Big Data, Causal Inference, and Formal Theory: Contradictory Trends in Political Science? – Introduction     William Roberts Clark and Matt Golder

No! Formal Theory, Causal Inference, and Big Data Are Not Contradictory Trends in Political Sciencev     Burt L. Monroe, Jennifer Pan, Margaret E. Roberts, Maya Sen, and Betsy Sinclair

Can Big Data Solve the Fundamental Problem of Causal Inference?     Rocío Titiunik

We Are All Social Scientists Now: How Big Data, Machine Learning, and Causal Inference Work Together     Justin Grimmer

Drawing Inferences and Testing Theories with Big Data     Jonathan Nagler and Joshua A. Tucker

All Else Equal in Theory and Data (Big or Small)     Scott Ashworth, Christopher R. Berry, and Ethan Bueno de Mesquita

Analyzing Big Data: Social Choice and Measurement     John W. Patty and Elizabeth Maggie Penn

The Discipline of Identification Luke Keele


Race and the Tea Party in the Old Dominion: Split-Ticket Voting in the 2013 Virginia Elections     M. V. Hood, III, Quentin Kidd, and Irwin L. Morris

Legislative Explorer: Data-Driven Discovery of Lawmaking     Nicholas Stramp and John Wilkerson

Argo and Zero Dark Thirty: Film, Government, and Audiences     Michelle C. Pautz

The Profession

Will Open Access Get Me Cited? An Analysis of the Efficacy of Open Access Publishing in Political Science     Amy Atchison and Jonathan Bull

When Winning Is Really Losing: Teaching Awards and Women Political Science Faculty     Charity Butcher and Timothy Kersey

Major Competition? Exploring Perceptions of International Studies Programs among Political Science Department Chairs     H. Gibbs Knotts and Jennifer S. Schiff

The Teacher

Overcoming Barriers to Heterogeneous-Group Learning in the Political Science Classroom     Ryan T. Moore

Teaching Theory, Writing Policy: Integrating Lessons from Foggy Bottom into the Classroom     Bidisha Biswas and Agnieszka Paczynska

Where’s the Diplomacy in Diplomacy? Using a Classic Board Game in “Introduction to International Relations”     Richard Arnold

The Democratic Syllabus     Susan McWilliams

Using Tablet Devices and Social Media in a Course about the 2012 US Election Campaign     Paul R. Brewer, Ralph J. Begleiter, Katherine Anderson, and Meredith Isaacs

Uncle Wuffle’s Reflections on Political Science Methodology     A Wuffle

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22. Comparative Literature. – Durham. – ISSN 0010-4124

Volume 67, Number 4, December 2015



The Multilingual Local in World Literature     Francesca Orsini

Characters in Time: Staël, Shelley, Leopardi, and the Construction of Italianness in Romantic Historicism     Rosa Mucignat

Return of the Cenci: Theaters of Trauma in Shelley and Artaud     Aileen Forbes

“Negras Aguas”: The Poe Tradition and the Limits of American Africanism     Matt Sandler

Tragedy Contra Theory     Mikhal Dekel

Book Reviews

Trade and Romance. By Michael Murrin.     Gordon Teskey

Empires of Love: Europe, Asia, and the Making of Early Modern Identity. By Carmen Nocentelli.     Su Fang Ng

Ghostly Apparitions: German Idealism, the Gothic Novel, and Optical Media. By Stefan Andriopoulos.     Frederick Burwick

Everyday Reading: Poetry and Popular Culture in Modern America. By Mike Chasar.     Sarah Ehlers

Poetry and Its Others: News, Prayer, Song, and the Dialogue of Genres. By Jahan Ramazani.     Mike Chasar

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