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1. Applied Optics. – Washington. – ISSN 1559-128X
Volume 55, Issue 1, 1 January 2016
Engineering and Lab Notes
Performance characteristics of dual-pumped hybrid EDFA/Raman optical amplifier     O. Mahran and Moustafa H. Aly
Research Articles
Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics
Effects of aperture averaging and beam width on a partially coherent Gaussian beam over free-space optical links with turbulence and pointing errors     It Ee Lee, Zabih Ghassemlooy, Wai Pang Ng, Mohammad-Ali Khalighi, and Shien-Kuei Liaw
Neural network method to correct bidirectional effects in water-leaving radiance     Yongzhen Fan, Wei Li, Kenneth J. Voss, Charles K. Gatebe, and Knut Stamnes
Diffraction and Gratings
Polarizing grating color filters with large acceptance angle and high transmittance     Zhenyue Luo, Guiju Zhang, Ruidong Zhu, Yating Gao, and Shin-Tson Wu
Effective light absorption and its enhancement factor for silicon nanowire-based solar cell     Zhiqiang Duan, Meicheng Li, Trevor Mwenya, Pengfei Fu, Yingfeng Li, and Dandan Song
Diffractive optical element with same diffraction pattern for multicolor light-emitting diodes     Mengzhu Chen, Qixia Wang, Huarong Gu, and Qiaofeng Tan
Fiber Optic Sensors
Fiber refractive index sensor based on dual polarized Mach–Zehnder interference caused by a single-mode fiber loop     Lei Chen, Wei-Gang Zhang, Li Wang, Quan Zhou, Jonathan Sieg, De-Long Zhao, Biao Wang, Tie-Yi Yan, and Song Wang
Fiber Optics and Optical Communications
Analysis of dead zone sources in a closed-loop fiber optic gyroscope     Kyoung-Ho Chong, Woo-Seok Choi, and Kil-To Chong
Spectral narrowing and stabilization of interband cascade laser by volume Bragg grating     George Venus, Vadim Smirnov, Oleksiy Mokhun, William W. Bewley, Charles D. Merritt, Chadwick L. Canedy, Chul Soo Kim, Mijin Kim, Igor Vurgaftman, Jerry Meyer, Konstantin Vodopyanov, and Leonid Glebov
Image Processing
Fast particle characterization using digital holography and neural networks     B. Schneider, J. Dambre, and P. Bienstman
Correction of illumination fluctuations in phase-shifting technique by use of fringe histograms     Yinyin Lu, Ruihua Zhang, and Hongwei Guo
Imaging Systems
Steel-surface defect detection using a switching-lighting scheme     Yong-Ju Jeon, Doo-chul Choi, Sang Jun Lee, Jong Pil Yun, and Sang Woo Kim
Accuracy of image-plane holographic tomography with filtered backprojection: random and systematic errors     A. V. Belashov, N. V. Petrov, and I. V. Semenova
Large elliptical nanostructured gradient-index microlens     Ryszard Buczynski, Adam Filipkowski, Andrew J. Waddie, Bernard Piechal, Jedrzej Nowosielski, Dariusz Pysz, Ryszard Stepien, and Mohammad R. Taghizadeh
Depth map sensor based on optical doped lens with multi-walled carbon nanotubes of liquid crystal     Li Hui, Pan Fan, Wu Yuntao, Zhang Yanduo, and Xie Xiaolin
Range compensation for accurate 3D imaging system     Sing Yee Chua, Xin Wang, Ningqun Guo, and Ching Seong Tan
Instrumentation, Measurement, and Metrology
High-accuracy dithering-based three-dimensional data compression algorithms by phase correction     Yajun Wang and Lianxin Zhang
High-speed high-resolution heterodyne interferometer using a laser with low beat frequency     Xiaofei Diao, Pengcheng Hu, Zi Xue, and Yanhui Kang
Compensation for correlated error in multilayer interferometer     Yangjin Kim, Kenichi Hibino, Naohiko Sugita, and Mamoru Mitsuishi
Direct and inverse problems of infrared tomography     Valery S. Sizikov, Vadim Evseev, Alexander Fateev, and Sønnik Clausen
Lasers and Laser Optics
Efficient and compact orthogonally polarized dual-wavelength Nd:YVO4 laser at 1342 and 1345  nm     Bin Xu, Yi Wang, Zhi Lin, Shengwei Cui, Yongjie Cheng, Huiying Xu, and Zhiping Cai
Optical gain characterization of Perylene Red-doped PMMA for different pump configurations     Md Rejvi Kaysir, Simon Fleming, Rowan W. MacQueen, Timothy W. Schmidt, and Alexander Argyros
Machine Vision
Dynamic structured-light measurement for wheel diameter based on the cycloid constraint     Zheng Gong, Junhua Sun, and Guangjun Zhang
Medical Optics and Biotechnology
Finite element modeling of light propagation in turbid media under illumination of a continuous-wave beam     Aichen Wang, Renfu Lu, and Lijuan Xie
Polarization-independent plasmonic subtractive color filtering in ultrathin Ag nanodisks with high transmission     X. L. Hu, L. B. Sun, Beibei Zeng, L. S. Wang, Z. G. Yu, S. A. Bai, S. M. Yang, L. X. Zhao, Q. Li, M. Qiu, R. Z. Tai, H. J. Fecht, J. Z. Jiang, and D. X. Zhang
Multilayer four-flux matrix model accounting for directional-diffuse light transfers     L. Simonot, R. D. Hersch, M. Hébert, and S. Mazauric
Thin Films
Dual wavelength laser-induced damage threshold measurements of alumina/silica and hafnia/silica ultraviolet antireflective coatings     Marius Mrohs, Lars Jensen, Stefan Günster, Thimotheus Alig, and Detlev Ristau
Vision, Color, and Visual Optics
Goniospectrometric space curve for coatings with special effect pigments     Nina Rogelj and Marta Klanjšek Gunde
X-ray Optics
Sub-500  nm hard x ray focusing by compound long kinoform lenses     Keliang Liao, Jing Liu, Hao Liang, Xuehui Wu, Kai Zhang, Qingxi Yuan, Futing Yi, and Weifan Sheng
Журнал надходить до Інституту радіофізики і електроніки ім. О.Я. Усикова міста Харкова.
2. Applied Optics. – Washington. – ISSN 1559-128X
Volume 55, Issue 2, 10 January 2016
Engineering and Lab Notes
Invalid phase values removal method for absolute phase recovery     Jin Lu, Rong Mo, Huibin Sun, Zhiyong Chang, and Xiaxia Zhao
Research Articles
Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics
Performance of the Gemini Planet Imager’s adaptive optics system     Lisa A. Poyneer, David W. Palmer, Bruce Macintosh, Dmitry Savransky, Naru Sadakuni, Sandrine Thomas, Jean-Pierre Véran, Katherine B. Follette, Alexandra Z. Greenbaum, S. Mark Ammons, Vanessa P. Bailey, Brian Bauman, Andrew Cardwell, Daren Dillon, Donald Gavel, Markus Hartung, Pascale Hibon, Marshall D. Perrin, Fredrik T. Rantakyrö, Anand Sivaramakrishnan, and Jason J. Wang
Estimation of spectral distribution of sky radiance using a commercial digital camera     Masanori Saito, Hironobu Iwabuchi, and Isao Murata
Differential time domain method improves performance of pulsed laser ranging and three-dimensional imaging     Jie Cao, Qun Hao, Yang Cheng, Yuxin Peng, Kaiyu Zhang, Jiaxing Mu, and Peng Wang
Fiber Optic Sensors
Underwater gas pipeline leakage source localization by distributed fiber-optic sensing based on particle swarm optimization tuning of the support vector machine     Yue Huang, Qiang Wang, Lilian Shi, and Qihua Yang
Fiber Optics and Optical Communications
Spectral broadening in high-power Yb-doped fiber lasers employing narrow-linewidth multilongitudinal-mode oscillators     Zhihua Huang, Xiaobao Liang, Chengyu Li, Honghuan Lin, Qi Li, Jianjun Wang, and Feng Jing
Alignment tolerant expanded beam connector based on a gapless fiber–lens interface     Yong-Geon Lee, Chang-Hyun Park, Seon-Woo Back, Haeng-Jeong Kim, and Sang-Shin Lee
Fourier Optics and Signal Processing
Low-noise and high-gain Brillouin optical amplifier for narrowband active optical filtering based on a pump-to-signal optoelectronic tracking     Yahia Souidi, Fethallah Taleb, Junbo Zheng, Min Won Lee, Frédéric Du Burck, and Vincent Roncin
Geometric Optics
Starting configuration design method of freeform imaging and afocal systems with a real exit pupil     Tong Yang, Jun Zhu, and Guofan Jin
Support-domain constrained phase retrieval algorithms in terahertz in-line digital holography reconstruction of a nonisolated amplitude object     Jiaqi Hu, Qi Li, and Yi Zhou
Imaging Systems
Fabrication and application of heterogeneous printed mouse phantoms for whole animal optical imaging     Brian Z. Bentz, Anmol V. Chavan, Dergan Lin, Esther H. R. Tsai, and Kevin J. Webb
Instrumentation, Measurement, and Metrology
Quantitative two-dimensional measurement of oil-film thickness by laser-induced fluorescence in a piston-ring model experiment     Stefan Wigger, Hans-Jürgen Füßer, Daniel Fuhrmann, Christof Schulz, and Sebastian A. Kaiser
Measurement of the surface form error of large aperture plane optical surfaces with a polarization phase-shifting liquid reference reflection Fizeau interferometer     Sanjib Chatterjee, Y. Pavan Kumar, Rishipal Singh, and Sarvendra Singh
Alignment-free characterization of 2D gratings     Morten Hannibal Madsen, Pierre Boher, Poul-Erik Hansen, and Jan Friis Jørgensen
Nonbulk motion system for simultaneously measuring the refractive index and thickness of a sample using tunable optics and spatial signal processing-based Gaussian beam imaging     Syed Azer Reza and Muhammad Qasim
Integrated Optics
Box-like filter response using multimode single-ring microresonators     Salwa El-Sabban, Amr Wageeh, and Diaa Khalil
Lasers and Laser Optics
Generation of more than 40  W of average output power from a passively Q-switched Yb-doped fiber laser     Usha Chakravarty, Antony Kuruvilla, Ravindra Singh, B. N. Upadhyaya, K. S. Bindra, and S. M. Oak
Graphite saturable absorber based on the pencil-sketching method for Q-switching of an erbium fiber laser     Jinho Lee, Junsu Lee, Joonhoi Koo, and Ju Han Lee
Lasers and Laser Pointers
Weak two-photon absorption applied to the rapid prototyping of cell scaffolds     Bibi Safia Haq, Hidayat Ullah Khan, Khan Alam, Shahnaz Attaullah, and Mamoona Sultan
Optical tweezing by photomigration     Zouheir Sekkat
Optical Design and Fabrication
Period-chirped gratings fabricated by laser interference lithography with a concave Lloyd’s mirror     Hanbit Kim, Hyunho Jung, Dong-Hyun Lee, Kyu Back Lee, and Heonsu Jeon
Optical sensing and sensors
Packaged optofluidic microbubble resonators for optical sensing     Ting Tang, Xiang Wu, Liying Liu, and Lei Xu
Remote Sensing and Sensors
Self-mixing interferometry for rotational speed measurement of servo drives     Hui Sun, Ji-Gou Liu, Quan Zhang, and Ralph Kennel
Fabrication of plasmonic Au/TiO2 nanofiber films with enhanced photocatalytic activities     Hua Li, Enzhou Liu, Jun Fan, Xiaoyun Hu, Jun Wan, Lin Sun, and Yang Hu
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy determination of toxic metals in fresh fish     L. V. Ponce, T. Flores, M. Sosa-Saldaña, F. C. Alvira, and G. M. Bilmes
Detection of citrus canker and Huanglongbing using fluorescence imaging spectroscopy and support vector machine technique     Caio Bruno Wetterich, Ruan Felipe de Oliveira Neves, José Belasque, and Luis Gustavo Marcassa
Журнал надходить до Інституту радіофізики і електроніки ім. О.Я. Усикова міста Харкова.
3. Applied Optics. – Washington. – ISSN 1559-128X
Volume 55, Issue 3, 20 January 2016
2016 Joint Applied Optics and Chinese Optics Letters digital holography and 3D imaging feature: introduction     Ting-Chung Poon and Changhe Zhou
Proximity-effect correction for 3D single-photon optical lithography     Xiaowen Wan and Rajesh Menon
Heterodyne holography with full control of both the signal and reference arms     Michel Gross
Full-color optical scanning holography with common red, green, and blue channels [Invited]      Hayan Kim, You Seok Kim, and Taegeun Kim
Three-directional motion-compensation mask-based novel look-up table on graphics processing units for video-rate generation of digital holographic videos of three-dimensional scenes     Min-Woo Kwon, Seung-Cheol Kim, and Eun-Soo Kim
Estimation of parameters for evaluating subsurface microcracks in glass with in-line digital holographic microscopy     Xiupin Wu, Wanrong Gao, and Yong He
Synthetic aperture in terahertz in-line digital holography for resolution enhancement     Haochong Huang, Lu Rong, Dayong Wang, Weihua Li, Qinghua Deng, Bin Li, Yunxin Wang, Zhiqiang Zhan, Xuemin Wang, and Weidong Wu
Dual-wavelength digital holography for 3D particle image velocimetry: experimental validation     S. Grare, D. Allano, S. Coëtmellec, G. Perret, F. Corbin, M. Brunel, G. Gréhan, and D. Lebrun
Optofluidic bioimaging platform for quantitative phase imaging of lab on a chip devices using digital holographic microscopy     Vimal Prabhu Pandiyan and Renu John
Characterizations of transparent particle holography in near-field using Debye series     Yingchun Wu, Xuecheng Wu, Longchao Yao, Marc Brunel, Sébastien Coëtmellec, Renxian Li, Denis Lebrun, Hao Zhou, Gérard Gréhan, and Kefa Cen
Recent progress in see-through three-dimensional displays using holographic optical elements [Invited]      Changwon Jang, Chang-Kun Lee, Jinsoo Jeong, Gang Li, Seungjae Lee, Jiwoon Yeom, Keehoon Hong, and Byoungho Lee
Automated tracking of temporal displacements of a red blood cell obtained by time-lapse digital holographic microscopy     Inkyu Moon, Faliu Yi, and Benjamin Rappaz
Viewing angle enhancement of an integral imaging display using Bragg mismatched reconstruction of holographic optical elements     Seungjae Lee, Changwon Jang, Jaebum Cho, Jiwoon Yeom, Jinsoo Jeong, and Byoungho Lee
Sampling and error analysis of radial symmetric interpolation for fast hologram generation     Seok Lee, Hyunsung Chang, Hocheon Wey, and Dongkyung Nam
Microtomography imaging of an isolated plant fiber: a digital holographic approach     Mokrane Malek, Haithem Khelfa, Pascal Picart, Denis Mounier, and Christophe Poilâne
Analysis on image expressible region of integral floating     Junkyu Yim, Young Min Kim, and Sung-Wook Min
Realization of real-time interactive 3D image holographic display [Invited]      Jhen-Si Chen and Daping Chu
Fast phase-added stereogram algorithm for generation of photorealistic 3D content     Hoonjong Kang, Elena Stoykova, and Hiroshi Yoshikawa
See-through integral imaging display with background occlusion capability     Yuta Yamaguchi and Yasuhiro Takaki
Direct inversion of digital 3D Fraunhofer holography maps     Sergei G. Podorov and Eckhart Förster
Layered holographic stereogram based on inverse Fresnel diffraction     Hao Zhang, Yan Zhao, Liangcai Cao, and Guofan Jin
Fast point-based method of a computer-generated hologram for a triangle-patch model by using a graphics processing unit     Takuya Sugawara, Yuki Ogihara, and Yuji Sakamoto
Fast calculation method of computer generated hologram animation for viewpoint parallel shift and rotation using Fourier transform optical system     Ryosuke Watanabe, Kazuhiro Yamaguchi, and Yuji Sakamoto
3D touchable holographic light-field display     Masahiro Yamaguchi and Ryo Higashida
Electro-optic modulation methods in range-gated active imaging     Zhen Chen, Bo Liu, Enhai Liu, and Zhangxian Peng
Engineering and Lab Notes
Application of the harmonic star method in photoelastic separation of principal stresses     Oskar Ostertag, Peter Frankovský, Eva Ostertagová, and František Trebuňa
Wide-range average temperature measurements of convective fluid flows by using a schlieren system     A. Martínez-González, D. Moreno-Hernández, M. León-Rodríguez, and C. Carrillo-Delgado
Research Articles
Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics
Polarimetric imaging and retrieval of target polarization characteristics in underwater environment     Yalong Gu, Carlos Carrizo, Alexander A. Gilerson, Parrish C. Brady, Molly E. Cummings, Michael S. Twardowski, James M. Sullivan, Amir I. Ibrahim, and George W. Kattawar
Diffraction and Gratings
Propagation of electromagnetic fields between non-parallel planes: a fully vectorial formulation and an efficient implementation     Site Zhang, Daniel Asoubar, Christian Hellmann, and Frank Wyrowski
Fiber Optics and Optical Communications
Prospective effect in dispersion properties of photonic crystal fibers by selective water-filling of holes     Prasenjit Ghosh and Somenath Sarkar
Broadband mid-infrared fiber optical parametric oscillator based on a three-hole suspended-core chalcogenide fiber     Hangyu Bai, Xiong Yang, Yizhen Wei, and Shiming Gao
Image Processing
Compressed sensing snapshot spectral imaging by a regular digital camera with an added optical diffuser     Michael A. Golub, Amir Averbuch, Menachem Nathan, Valery A. Zheludev, Jonathan Hauser, Shay Gurevitch, Roman Malinsky, and Asaf Kagan
Automated segmentation of subretinal layers for the detection of macular edema     Taimur Hassan, M. Usman Akram, Bilal Hassan, Adeel M. Syed, and Shafaat Ahmed Bazaz
Hyperspectral band selection based on a variable precision neighborhood rough set     Yao Liu, Hong Xie, Liguo Wang, and Kezhu Tan
Imaging Systems
Four-color laser diagnostics for Z-pinch and laser-produced plasma     V. V. Ivanov, A. A. Anderson, and I. A. Begishev
Instrumentation, Measurement, and Metrology
Dispersed fringe sensor for the Giant Magellan Telescope     Marcos A. van Dam, Brian A. McLeod, and Antonin H. Bouchez
Controlling photoluminescent emission from polymer membranes through the creation of local deformation zones     Po-Jui Chen, Xuan Long Ho, and Jonathon David White
High electric field measurement using slab-coupled optical sensors     Nikola Stan, Frederick Seng, LeGrand Shumway, Rex King, Richard Selfridge, and Stephen Schultz
Problems in the application of a null lens for precise measurements of aspheric mirrors     N. I. Chkhalo, I. V. Malyshev, A. E. Pestov, V. N. Polkovnikov, N. N. Salashchenko, M. N. Toropov, and A. A. Soloviev
Integrated Optics
Surface modification of optical materials with hydrogen plasma for fabrication of Bragg gratings     Uliana O. Salgaeva, Anatoliy B. Volyncev, and Sergio B. Mendes
Design of a compact and integrated TM-rotated/TE-through polarization beam splitter for silicon-based slot waveguides     Yin Xu and Jinbiao Xiao
Lasers and Laser Optics
Influence of the eigenmode polarization deviation on the output Sagnac frequency difference in nonplanar ring resonators     Dong Li, Chao Bi, Yajun Jiang, and Jianlin Zhao
Nanoscale three-dimensional single particle tracking by light-sheet-based double-helix point spread function microscopy     Bin Yu, Jie Yu, Weihai Li, Bo Cao, Heng Li, Danni Chen, and Hanben Niu
Nonlinear Optics
Influence of absorption on stability of terahertz difference frequency generation     Nan Huang, Hongjun Liu, Qibing Sun, Zhaolu Wang, Shaopeng Li, and Jing Han
Efficiency of different methods of extra-cavity second harmonic generation of continuous wave single-frequency radiation     Sergey Khripunov, Sergey Kobtsev, and Daba Radnatarov
Third-harmonic generation at the interfaces of a cuvette filled with selected organic solvents     E. C. Barbano, K. Harrington, S. C. Zilio, and L. Misoguti
Optical Devices
Measuring method of diffraction efficiency for plane grating based on Fourier spectral technology     Zhenyu Ma, Xiangdong Qi, Xiaotian Li, Shanwen Zhang, Bayanheshig, Hongzhu Yu, Haili Yu, and Qingbin Jiao
Electro-plasmonic 2 × 2 channel-routing switch arranged on a thin-Si-doped metal/insulator/semiconductor/metal structure     Mostafa Keshavarz Moazzam and Hassan Kaatuzian
Optical Tweezers or Optical Manipulation
Two particle tracking and detection in a single Gaussian beam optical trap     P. Praveen, Yogesha, Shruthi S. Iyengar, Sarbari Bhattacharya, and Sharath Ananthamurthy
Fiber-coupled diode-laser sensors for calibration-free stand-off measurements of gas temperature, pressure, and composition     Christopher S. Goldenstein, R. Mitchell Spearrin, and Ronald K. Hanson
Effect of pulse duration on the acoustic frequency emissions during the laser-induced breakdown of atmospheric air     E. Manikanta, L. Vinoth Kumar, P. Venkateshwarlu, Ch. Leela, and P. Prem Kiran
Vision, Color, and Visual Optics
Three-dimensional ray-tracing model for the study of advanced refractive errors in keratoconus     Staffan Schedin, Per Hallberg, and Anders Behndig
Журнал надходить до Інституту радіофізики і електроніки ім. О.Я. Усикова міста Харкова.
4. Journal of the London Mathematical Society. – London. – ISSN 0024-6107
Volume 93, Part 1, February 2016
Linear Koszul duality, II: coherent sheaves on perfect sheaves     I. Mirković and S. Riche
The Cremona group of the plane is compactly presented     Susanna Zimmermann
Pseudo-real principal G-bundles over a real curve     Indranil Biswas, Oscar García-Prada, and Jacques Hurtubise
On a theorem of Cartwright in higher dimensions     A. Logunov, E. Malinnikova, and P. Mozolyako
If (A+A)/(A+A) is small, then the ratio set is large     Oliver Roche-Newton
Complex and quaternionic hyperbolic Kleinian groups with real trace fields     Sungwoon Kim and Joonhyung Kim
Higher n-angulations from local rings     Petter Andreas Bergh, Gustavo Jasso, and Marius Thaule
Integer points on spheres and their orthogonal grids     Menny Aka, Manfred Einsiedler, and Uri Shapira
About canonical Kähler metrics on Mumford semistable projective bundles over a curve              Julien Keller
Sur l'inégalité de Turán–Kubilius friable     Régis de la Bretèche and Gérald Tenenbaum
On Hölder-continuity of Oseledets subspaces     Vítor Araújo, Alexander I. Bufetov, and Simion Filip
Motivic classes of some classifying stacks     Daniel Bergh
Sums of seven octahedral numbers     Zarathustra Elessar Brady
Журнал надходить до Інституту математики міста Києва.
5. Annals of Mathematics. – Princeton. – ISSN 0003-486X
Volume 183, Number 1, January 2016
Hasse principles for higher-dimensional fields     Uwe Jannsen
Defining Z in Q    Jochen Koenigsmann
Kähler–Einstein metrics with edge singularities     Thalia Jeffres, Rafe Mazzeo, and Yanir A. Rubinstein
Functoriality, Smith theory, and the Brauer homomorphism     David Treumann and Akshay Venkatesh
On the fibration method for zero-cycles and rational points     Yonatan Harpaz and Olivier Wittenberg
Indecomposable vector bundles and stable Higgs bundles over smooth projective curves      Olivier Schiffmann
Complex varieties with infinite Chow groups modulo 2      Burt Totaro
Журнал надходить до Інституту математики міста Києва.
6. Fundamenta Mathematicae. – Warszawa. – ISSN 0016-2736
Volume 231, Number 2, 2015
Topologically invariant σ-ideals on Euclidean spaces     T. Banakh, M. Morayne, R. Rałowski and Sz. Żeberski
Non-additivity of the fixed point property for tree-like continua      C. L. Hagopian and M. M. Marsh
Keeping the covering number of the null ideal small      T. Yorioka
Upper and lower estimates for Schauder frames and atomic decompositions      K. Beanland, D. Freeman and R. Liu
Seven characterizations of non-meager P-filters     K. Kunen, A. Medini and L. Zdomskyy
Журнал надходить до Інституту математики міста Києва.
7. Fundamenta Mathematicae. – Warszawa. – ISSN 0016-2736
Volume 232, Number 2, 2016
Singular homology groups of one-dimensional Peano continua      K. Eda
On exposed points and extremal points of convex sets in Rn and Hilbert space     S. Barov and J. J. Dijkstra
Indestructibility of generically strong cardinals     B. Cody and S. Cox
Iterating along a Prikry sequence     S. Unger
On physical measures for Cherry flows     L. Palmisano
On partial orderings having precalibre-ℵ1 and fragments of Martin's axiom     J. Bagaria and S. Shelah
Журнал надходить до Інституту математики міста Києва.
8. Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications. – New York. – ISSN 0022-3239
Volume 168, Number 2, February 2016
Strong Stationarity Conditions for a Class of Optimization Problems Governed by Variational Inequalities of the Second Kind     J. C. De los Reyes, C. Meyer
Mixed Equilibrium Problems and Anti-periodic Solutions for Nonlinear Evolution Equations     O. Chadli, Q. H. Ansari, J.-C. Yao
An Elementary Proof of the Existence of Solutions of a Monotone Variational Inequality in the Finite-Dimensional Case     J.-P. Crouzeix
A Tensor Analogy of Yuan’s Theorem of the Alternative and Polynomial Optimization with Sign structure     S. Hu, G. Li, L. Qi
Positive-Definite Tensors to Nonlinear Complementarity Problems     M. Che, L. Qi, Y. Wei
On the Curse of Dimensionality in the Ritz Method    G. Gnecco
Multigrid Optimization Methods for the Optimal Control of Convection–Diffusion Problems with Bilinear Control     A. Borzì, E.-J. Park, M. V. Lass
Numerical Solution of a Class of Moving Boundary Problems with a Nonlinear Complementarity Approach     G. Chapiro, A. E. R. Gutierrez, J. Herskovits, S. R. Mazorche, W. S. Pereira
Unsupervised and Semisupervised Classification Via Absolute Value Inequalities     G. M. Fung, O. L. Mangasarian
The Log-Exponential Smoothing Technique and Nesterov’s Accelerated Gradient Method for Generalized Sylvester Problems     N. T. An, D. Giles, N. Mau Nam, R. B. Rector
On Generalized Quasi-Vector Equilibrium Problems via Scalarization Method     A. Farajzadeh, B. S. Lee, S. Plubteing
On the Lexicographic Centre of Multiple Objective Optimization     Z. Jiangao, S. Yang
Small-Time Reachable Sets of Linear Systems with Integral Control Constraints: Birth of the Shape of a Reachable Set     E. Goncharova, A. Ovseevich
Motion Controller Design of Wheeled Inverted Pendulum with an Input Delay Via Optimal Control Theory     Y. Zhou, Z. Wang
On the Study of an Economic Equilibrium with Variational Inequality Arguments     M. B. Donato, M. Milasi, C. Vitanza
A Generalization of the Expenditure Function     N. Biheng
Optimal Control of Production, Remanufacturing and Refurbishing Activities in a Finite Planning Horizon Inventory System     L. Benkherouf, K. Skouri, I. Konstantaras
Equilibrium Dividend Strategy with Non-exponential Discounting in a Dual Model     Y. Li, Z. Li, Y. Zeng
On the Optimal Dividend Problem for Insurance Risk Models with Surplus-Dependent Premiums     E. Marciniak, Z. Palmowski
Журнал надходить до Інституту математики міста Києва.
9. Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics. – New York. – ISSN 0010-3640
Volume LXIX, Number 3, March 2016
Singular Value Decomposition of a Finite Hilbert Transform Defined on Several Intervals and the Interior Problem of Tomography: The Riemann-Hilbert Problem Approach    M. Bertola, A. Katsevich and A. Tovbis
Embeddings of Riemannian Manifolds with Heat Kernels and Eigenfunctions    J. W. Portegies
Higher-Dimensional Coulomb Gases and Renormalized Energy Functionals    N. Rougerie and S. Serfaty
Журнал надходить до Інституту математики міста Києва.
10. International Journal of Earth Sciences. – Heidelberg. – ISSN 1437-3254
Volume 105, Number 2, March 2016
Hans Laubscher (1924–2015)     D. Bernoulli, M. R. Handy
Original Paper
Timing and nature of the Xinlin–Xiguitu Ocean: constraints from ophiolitic gabbros in the northern Great Xing’an Range, eastern Central Asian Orogenic Belt     Z. Feng, Y. Liu, B. Liu, Q. Wen, W. Li, Q. Liu
Geochronology and geochemistry of the Badaguan porphyry Cu–Mo deposit in Derbugan metallogenic belt of the NE China, and their geological significances     B. Gao, L. Zhang, X. Jin, W. Li, Z. Chen, M. Zhu
Geochronology and geochemistry of tuff beds from the Shicaohe Formation of Shennongjia Group and tectonic evolution in the northern Yangtze Block, South China     Q. Du, Z. Wang, J. Wang, Q. Deng, F. Yang
Emplacement of serpentinites in the Chohar Gonbad-Gugher-Baft ophiolitic mélange, southeast Iran: examination of the mineral–chemical, petrologic, and structural features     N. Mohammadi, H. Ahmadipour, D. R. Lentz, H. Shafaii Moghadam
Monazite U–Th–Pb EPMA and zircon U–Pb SIMS chronological constraints on the tectonic, metamorphic, and thermal events in the inner part of the Variscan orogen, example from the Sioule series, French Massif Central     D. Do Couto, M. Faure, R. Augier, A. Cocherie, P. Rossi, X.-H. Li, W. Lin
Joggins Cliff on Nova Scotia: the most spectacular view into Upper Carboniferous time     W.-C. Dullo, C. Devey
Review Article
The Pyrenean inversion phase in northern Belgium: an example of a relaxation inversion?     J. Deckers, N. Vandenberghe, T. Lanckacker, R. De Koninck
Original Paper
Enriched asthenosphere melting beneath the nascent North African margin: trace element and Nd isotope evidence in middle–late Triassic alkali basalts from central Sicily (Italy)     R. Cirrincione, P. Fiannacca, M. Lustrino, V. Romano, A. Tranchina, I. M. Villa
Thermal maturity and petroleum kitchen areas of Liassic Black Shales (Lower Jurassic) in the central Upper Rhine Graben, Germany     J. Böcker, R. Littke
Mineralogy and mineral chemistry of detrital heavy minerals from the Rhine River in Germany as evidence to their provenance, sedimentary and depositional history: focus on platinum-group minerals and remarks on cassiterite, columbite-group minerals and uraninite     T. Oberthür, F. Melcher, S. Goldmann, H. Wotruba, A. Gerdes, A. Dijkstra, C. W. Dale
Investigating fossil hydrothermal systems by means of fluid inclusions and stable isotopes in banded travertine: an example from Castelnuovo dell’Abate (southern Tuscany, Italy)     V. Rimondi, P. Costagliola, G. Ruggieri, M. Benvenuti, C. Boschi, A. Brogi, E. Capezzuoli, G. Morelli, M. Gasparon, D. Liotta
Comment on: “Earthquake geology of Kashmir Basin and its implications for future large earthquakes” by Shah (2013); “Kashmir Basin Fault and its tectonic significance in NW Himalaya, Jammu and Kashmir, India” by Shah (2015)     S. Ahmad, A. Alam, B. Ahmad
Журнал надходить до Інституту геологічних наук міста Києва.
11. Journal of Hydrometeorology. – Boston. – ISSN 1525-755X
Volume 17, Number 1, January 2016
A Bayesian Hidden Markov Model of Daily Precipitation over South and East Asia     Tracy Holsclaw, Arthur M. Greene, Andrew W. Robertson, and Padhraic Smyth
Precipitation and Cloud Structures of Intense Rain during the 2013 Great Colorado Flood     Katja Friedrich, Evan A. Kalina, Joshua Aikins, David Gochis and Roy Rasmussen
Raindrop Size Distribution and Rain Characteristics during the 2013 Great Colorado Flood     Katja Friedrich, Evan A. Kalina, Joshua Aikins, Matthias Steiner, David Gochis, Paul A. Kucera, Kyoko Ikeda, and Juanzhen Sun
Implications of the Methodological Choices for Hydrologic Portrayals of Climate Change over the Contiguous United States: Statistically Downscaled Forcing Data and Hydrologic Models     Naoki Mizukami, Martyn P. Clark, Ethan D. Gutmann, Pablo A. Mendoza, Andrew J. Newman, Bart Nijssen, Ben Livneh, Lauren E. Hay, Jeffrey R. Arnold, and Levi D. Brekke
How Does Availability of Meteorological Forcing Data Impact Physically Based Snowpack Simulations?      Mark S. Raleigh, Ben Livneh, Karl Lapo, and Jessica D. Lundquist
Statistical and Hydrological Comparisons between TRMM and GPM Level-3 Products over a Midlatitude Basin: Is Day-1 IMERG a Good Successor for TMPA 3B42V7?      Guoqiang Tang, Ziyue Zeng, Di Long, Xiaolin Guo, Bin Yong, Weihua Zhang, and Yang Hong
Impact of Source Region on the δ18O Signal in Snow: A Case Study from Mount Wrangell, Alaska     G. W. K. Moore, Robert D. Field, and Carl S. Benson
Evaluation of the Snow Simulations from the Community Land Model, Version 4 (CLM4)      Ally M. Toure, Matthew Rodell, Zong-Liang Yang, Hiroko Beaudoing, Edward Kim, Yongfei Zhang, and Yonghwan Kwon
Subgrid-Scale Variability for Thermodynamic Variables in an Offline Land Surface Prediction System     Mélanie C. Rochoux, Stéphane Bélair, Maria Abrahamowicz, and Pierre Pellerin
Are General Circulation Models Ready for Operational Streamflow Forecasting for Water Management in the Ganges and Brahmaputra River Basins?      Safat Sikder, Xiaodong Chen, Faisal Hossain, Jason B. Roberts, and Franklin Robertson, C. K. Shum, and Francis J. Turk
Evaluation of 22 Precipitation and 23 Soil Moisture Products over a Semiarid Area in Southeastern Arizona     Susan Stillman, Xubin Zeng, and Michael G. Bosilovich
The Collection Efficiency of Shielded and Unshielded Precipitation Gauges. Part I: CFD Airflow Modeling     Matteo Colli, Luca G. Lanza, Roy Rasmussen, and Julie M. Thériault
The Collection Efficiency of Shielded and Unshielded Precipitation Gauges. Part II: Modeling Particle Trajectories     Matteo Colli, Luca G. Lanza, Roy Rasmussen, and Julie M. Thériault
Atmospheric Rivers and Rainfall during NASA’s Iowa Flood Studies (IFloodS) Campaign     Munir A. Nayak, Gabriele Villarini, and A. Allen Bradley
Decadal Changes in Multiscale Water Vapor Transport and Atmospheric River Associated with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and the North Pacific Gyre Oscillation     Xu Liu, Xuejuan Ren, and Xiu-Qun Yang
Multiscale and Multivariate Evaluation of Water Fluxes and States over European River Basins     Oldrich Rakovec, Rohini Kumar, Juliane Mai, Matthias Cuntz, Stephan Thober, Matthias Zink, Sabine Attinger, David Schäfer, Martin Schrön, and Luis Samaniego
The Contribution of Reservoirs to Global Land Surface Water Storage Variations     Tian Zhou, Bart Nijssen, Huilin Gao, and Dennis P. Lettenmaier
Streamflow Hydrograph Classification Using Functional Data Analysis     Camille Ternynck, Mohamed Ali Ben Alaya, Fateh Chebana, Sophie Dabo-Niang, and Taha B. M. J. Ouarda
Hyperresolution Land Surface Modeling in the Context of SMAP Cal–Val     Camille Garnaud, Stéphane Bélair, Aaron Berg, and Tracy Rowlandson
Contribution of Extreme Convective Storms to Rainfall in South America     K. L. Rasmussen, M. M. Chaplin, M. D. Zuluaga, and R. A. Houze Jr.
On the Quantification of Atmospheric Rivers Precipitation from Space: Composite Assessments and Case Studies over the Eastern North Pacific Ocean and the Western United States     Ali Behrangi, Bin Guan, Paul J. Neiman, Mathias Schreier, and Bjorn Lambrigtsen
Global Precipitation Estimates from Cross-Track Passive Microwave Observations Using a Physically Based Retrieval Scheme     Chris Kidd, Toshihisa Matsui, Jiundar Chern, Karen Mohr, Chris Kummerow, and Dave Randel
Surface Solar Radiation in North America: A Comparison of Observations, Reanalyses, Satellite, and Derived Products     Andrew G. Slater
Two Simple Metrics for Quantifying Rainfall Intermittency: The Burstiness and Memory of Interamount Times     Marc Schleiss and James A. Smith
Future Changes in Drought Characteristics: Regional Analysis for South Korea under CMIP5 Projections     Jinyoung Rhee and Jaepil Cho
Журнал надходить до Інституту іоносфери міста Харкова.
12. Acta Ornithologica. – Warszawa. – ISSN 0001-6454
Volume 50, Number 2, Winter 2015
Long-Term Changes in Habitat Selection of Wintering Waterbirds: High Importance of Cold Weather Refuge Sites     Adam M., Musilová Z., Musil P., Zouhar J., Romportl D.
Effect of Pre-Fledging Body Condition on Juvenile Survival in Yellowlegged Gulls Larus michahellis     Arizaga J., Herrero A., Aldalur A., Cuadrado J. F., Oro D.
Does Core-Periphery Gradient Determine Breeding Performance in a Breeding Colony of White Storks Ciconia ciconia?     Bouriach M., Samraoui F., Souilah R., Houma I., Razkallah I., Alfarhan A. H., Samraoui B.
Suitability of Poplar Plantations for a Cavity-Nesting Specialist, the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Dendrocopos minor, in the Mediterranean Mosaic Landscape      Camprodon J., Faus J., Salvanyà P., Soler-Zurita J., Romero J. L.
Rabbit Abundance Influences Predation on Bird Nests in Mediterranean Olive Orchards     Carpio A. J., Tortosa F. S., Barrio I. C.
Effects of Hedges and Herbaceous Cover on Passerine Communities in Mediterranean Olive Groves     Castro-Caro J. C., Barrio I. C., Tortosa F. S.
Low Immigration and High Local Recruitment in an Isolated, Coastal Population of a Declining Grassland Passerine, the Northern Wheatear Oenanthe oenanthe     Henry P.-Y., Ollivier P.
High Egg Size Variation in African Blue Tits Cyanistes caeruleus ultramarinus on the Periphery of Species Range      Kouidri M., Adamou A.-E., Bańbura A., Ouakid M. L., Chabi Y., Bańbura J.
Offspring Sex Ratio of Japanese Tits Parus minor is Related to Laying Date and Clutch Size Only in the First Clutches     Nomi D., Yuta T., Koizumi I.
House Sparrows Passer domesticus and Tree Sparrows Passer montanus: Fine-Scale Distribution, Population Densities, and Habitat Selection in a Central European city     Šálek M., Riegert J., Grill S.
Does Traffic Noise Affect the Distribution and Abundance of Wintering Birds in a Managed Woodland?      Wiącek J., Polak M.
Nest Surface Temperature Predicts Fledging Success of Blue Tits Cyanistes caeruleus But Not Great Tits Parus major     Deeming D. C., Pike T. W.
Parentage Analyses Reveal Hidden Breeding Strategies of European Rollers Coracias garrulous     Sánchez-Tójar A., Parejo D., Martínez J. G., Rodríguez-Ruiz J., Avilés J. M.
Журнал надходить до Інституту зоології ім. І. І. Шмальгаузена  міста Києва.
13. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology. – Lawrence. – ISSN 1559-4491
Volume 127, Number 4, December 2015
Avifaunal Surveys of the Upper Apurímac River Valley, Ayacucho and Cuzco Departments, Peru: New Distributional Records and Biogeographic, Taxonomic, and Conservation Implications      Peter A. Hosner, Michael J. Andersen, Mark B. Robbins, Abraham Urbay-Tello, Luis Cueto-Aparicio, Karen Verde-Guerra, Luis A. Sánchez-González, Adolfo G. Navarro-Sigüenza, Roger L. Boyd, Jano Núñez, Jorge Tiravanti, Mariela Combe, Hannah L. Owens, and A. Townsend Peterson
Warmer Summers and Drier Winters Correlate with More Winter Vagrant Purple Gallinules (Porphyrio martinicus) in the North Atlantic Region      Andrew Farnsworth, Frank A. La Sorte, and Marshall J. Iliff
Uncommon Levels of Relatedness and Parentage in a Cooperatively Breeding Bird, the Brown-Headed Nuthatch (Sitta pusilla)     Kin-Lan Han, James A. Cox, and Rebecca T. Kimball
High-Latitude Passerine Migrants Overlap Energetically Demanding Events in Autumn     Anna-Marie Benson and Kevin Winker
Rapid Evolution of Bright Monochromatism in the Domestic Atlantic Canary (Serinus canaria)     Rebecca E. Koch and Geoffrey E. Hill
Flight Feather Molt in Yellow-Headed Blackbirds (Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus) in North Dakota      Daniel J. Twedt and George M. Linz
Seasonal Dynamics of Mourning Dove (Zenaida macroura) Body Mass and Primary Molt     Clait E. Braun, Roy E. Tomlinson, and Gregory T. Wann
Low Fecundity of Red-Headed Woodpeckers (Melanerpes erythrocephalus) at the Northern Edge of the Range      Barbara Frei, James W. Fyles, Jacob L. Berl, John W. Edwards, and Joseph J. Nocera
The Nest-Concealment Hypothesis: New Insights from a Comparative Analysis      Kathi L. Borgmann and Courtney J. Conway
Phylogeography of the Military Macaw (Ara militaris) and the Great Green Macaw (A. Ambiguus) Based on MTDNA Sequence Data      Jessica R. Eberhard, Eduardo E. IñIgo-Elias, Ernesto Enkerlin-Hoeflich, and E. Paùl Cun
Breeding Season Home Range and Habitat Use of Mexican Spotted Owls (Strix occidentalis lucida) Below the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park      Tim S. Bowden, Jake M. Ferguson, Rolla V. Ward, Mark L. Taper, and David W. Willey
Density, Abundance, and Habitat Associations of the Inland Swamp Sparrow (Melospiza georgiana georgiana) in Iowa     Tyler M. Harms and Stephen J. Dinsmore
Roost Habitat of Mexican Spotted Owls (Strix occidentalis lucida) in the Canyonlands of Utah      David W. Willey and Charles Van Riper III
Vocal Responses of Adult Eastern Bluebirds (Sialia sialis) to Potential Nest Predators and the Behavioral Responses of Nestlings     Erin E. Grabarczyk and Gary Ritchison
Determination of Sex Using Morphometrics in the Northern Waterthrush (Parkesia noveboracensis) and Swainson’s Thrush (Catharus ustulatus)     Kristen M. Covino
Comparisons Between Autonomous Acoustic Recordings and Avian Point Counts in Open Woodland Savanna     Renata D. Alquezar and Ricardo B. Machado
Vocal and Molecular Phylogenetic Evidence for Recognition of a Thistletail Species (Furnariidae: Asthenes) Endemic to the Elfin Forests of Ayacucho, Peru     Peter A. Hosner, Luis Cueto-Aparicio, Gregorio Ferro-Meza, Darwin Miranda, and Mark B. Robbins
Sharing the Load: Role Equity in the Incubation of a Monomorphic Shorebird, the Masked Lapwing (Vanellus miles)     Adam P. A. Cardilini, Michael A. Weston, Peter Dann, and Craig D. H. Sherman
Parasitism of the Black-crowned Waxbill (Estrilda nonnula) by the Pin-tailed Whydah (Vidua macroura): Implications for Host-specific Adaptation by a Generalist Brood-parasite      Allison L. Lansverk, Jean-Bernard Dogmo, Justin G. Schuetz, and Christopher N. Balakrishnan
The Influence of Environmental Cues and Anthropogenic Activity on Roost Departure Times in the Northwestern Crow (Corvus caurinus)     Mehdi Khadraoui and David P. L. Toews
Shiny Cowbird (Molothrus bonariensis) Parasitism Records for Three Globally Threatened Species from the South American Pampas      Adrián B. Azpiroz
First Description of the Nest of Whitehead's Spiderhunter (Arachnothera juliae, Aves: Nectariniidae)     Matthew L. Brady and Ryan C. Burner
First Record of an Aberrantly Colored Pin-tailed Sandgrouse (Pterocles alchata)      Ana Benítez-López and Iván García-Egea
Egg Carrying by a Male Wood Duck (Aix sponsa)      Larry J. Hindman
Behavior, Reproduction, and Development in Little Tinamou (Crypturellus soui)     Daniel M. Brooks
William and Nancy Klamm Service Award for 2015: Janet G. Hinshaw
The Life of Alexander Wilson–Odd Jobbing     Edward H. Burtt, Jr.
Журнал надходить до Інституту зоології ім. І. І. Шмальгаузена  міста Києва.
14. ISIJ International. – Tokyo. – ISSN 0915-1559
Volume 56, Number 1, 2016
Fundamentals of High Temperature Processes
Structure and Properties of Slags Used in the Continuous Casting of Steel: Part 1 Conventional Mould Powders (Review)     K. C. Mills
Structure and Properties of Slags Used in the Continuous Casting of Steel: Part 2 Specialist Mould Powders (Review)     K. C. Mills
Thermodynamic Behavior of Manganese Oxide in Lime-based Manganese Smelting Slags     C.-H. Eom, S.-H. Lee, J.-G. Park, J.-H. Park and D.-J. Min
Curing Mechanism of Phenolic Resin Binder for Oxide-Carbon Refractories     J. Zhang, G. Mei, Z. Xie and S. Zhao
Influence of Coil Angle Arrangement on Dynamic Deformation and Stability of Molten Droplet in Electromagnetic Levitation System     L. Feng and W.-Y. Shi
Removing Tin from Tin-bearing Iron Concentrates with Sulfidation Roasting Using High Sulfur Coal     Y. Yu, L. Li and X.-l. Sang
Evaluating Composition Dependence in Surface Tension of Si–Ca–Na–O–F Reciprocal Oxide–fluoride Melts     M. Suzuki, S. Tanaka, M. Hanao and T. Tanaka
Effect of Fe on Carbothermic Reduction of MnO     D.-Y. Kim and S.-M. Jung
Coproduction of DRI Powder and Semi-coke from Siderite Ore and Low Rank Coal by Excessive Coal-based Direct Reduction in Rotary Kiln     Y. Luo, D. Zhu, X. Zhou, B. Shi and F. Zhang
Effects of Reducing Time on Metallization Degree of Carbothermic Reduction of Tall Pellets Bed     X. Jiang, S.-H. Liu, T.-Y. Huang, G. Zhang, H. Guo, G.-H. Shiau and F. Shen
Analysis of Factors Affecting Free Surface Vortex Formation during Steel Teeming     H.-X. Li, Q. Wang, J.-W. Jiang, H. Lei, Z.-C. Guo and J.-C. He
Kinetics of Generation of Magnesium Vapor of Novel Magnesia-based Desulfurizer for External Desulfurization of Hot Metal     M. Wen, T.-a. Zhang and Z. Dou
Effect of Top Slag with Low Basicity on Transformation Control of Inclusions in Spring Steel Deoxidized by Si and Mn     H. L. Yang, J. S. Ye, X. L. Wu, Y. S. Peng, Y. Fang and X. B. Zhao
A Kinetic Model for Limestone Decomposition under BOF Steelmaking Condition (Note)     L. Shao, S. Yu, B. Tang, X.-m. Wang and Z.-s. Zou
Casting and Solidification
Analysis of Two-Phase Flow and Bubbles Behavior in a Continuous Casting Mold Using a Mathematical Model Considering the Interaction of Bubbles     T. Zhang, Z. Luo, H. Zhou, B. Ni and Z. Zou
Forming Processing and Thermomechanical Treatment
Strain Aging Behavior of Microalloyed Low Carbon Seamless Pipeline Steel     Q. Wu, Z. Zhang and Y. Liu
Side-surface Shape Optimization of Heavy Plate by Large Temperature Gradient Rolling (Note)     T. Zhang, B. Wang, Z. Wang and G. Wang
Welding and Joining
Effect of Heat Input on Microstructure and Toughness of Coarse Grained Heat Affected Zone of Q890 Steel     B. Cui, Y. Peng, L. Zhao, M. Peng, T. An and C. Ma
Transformations and Microstructures
Prevention of Hydrogen Embrittlement in Steels (Review)     H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia
Thermal Stability of Retained Austenite in High-carbon Steels during Cryogenic and Tempering Treatments     X. Qiao, L. Han, W. Zhang and J. Gu
Reversed Austenite Growth Behavior of a 13%Cr-5%Ni Stainless Steel during Intercritical Annealing     P. Song, W. Liu, C. Zhang, L. Liu and Z. Yang
Effect of Vanadium Addition on the Strength of API X100 Linepipe Steel     S. Nafisi, B. S. Amirkhiz, F. Fazeli, M. Arafin, R. Glodowski and L. Collins
Effect of Cr on Lamellar Spacing and High-Temperature Stability in Eutectoid Steels     M. Honjo, T. Kimura and K. Hase
Social and Environmental Engineering
Synthesis of Calcium Ferrite from Waste Gypsum Board     K. Higuchi, A. Gushima and T. Ikeda
Журнал надходить до Фізико-технологічного інституту металів та сплавів міста Києва.
15. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. – Hagerstown. – ISSN 2163-0755
Volume 80, Number 2, February 2016
AAST Plenary Papers
A prospective, controlled clinical evaluation of surgical stabilization of severe rib fractures     Fredric M. Pieracci, Yihan Lin, Maria Rodil, Madelyne Synder, Benoit Herbert, Dong Kha Tran, Robert T. Stoval, Jeffrey L. Johnson, Walter L. Biffl, Carlton C. Barnett, Clay Cothren-Burlew, Charles Fox, Gregory J. Jurkovich, and Ernest E. Moore
Preinjury physical frailty and cognitive impairment among geriatric trauma patients determine postinjury functional recovery and survival     Cathy A. Maxwell, Lorraine C. Mion, Kaushik Mukherjee, Mary S. Dietrich, Ann Minnick, Addison May, and Richard S. Miller
Multicenter external validation of the Geriatric Trauma Outcome Score: A study by the Prognostic Assessment of Life and Limitations After Trauma in the Elderly (PALLIATE)...     Allyson C. Cook, Bellal Joseph, Kenji Inaba, Paul A. Nakonezny, Brandon R. Bruns, Jeff D. Kerby, Karen J. Brasel, Steve E. Wolf, Joe Cuschieri, M. Elizabeth Paulk, Ramona L. Rhodes, Scott C. Brakenridge, and Herb A. Phelan
Discovering the truth about life after discharge: Long-term trauma-related mortality     Rachael A. Callcut, Glenn Wakam, Amanda S. Conroy, Lucy Z. Kornblith, Benjamin M. Howard, Eric M. Campion, Mary F. Nelson, Matthew W. Mell, and Mitchell J. Cohen
Use of endotracheal tubes with subglottic secretion drainage reduces ventilator-associated pneumonia in trauma patients     Jennifer L. Hubbard, Wade L. Veneman, Rachel C. Dirks, James W. Davis, and Krista L. Kaups
Screening at hair salons: The feasibility of using community resources to screen for intimate partner violence     Susan DiVietro, Rebecca Beebe, Meghan Clough, Eric Klein, Garry Lapidus, and D'Andrea Joseph
Surgical wound assessment by sonography in the prediction of surgical wound infections     Christopher D. Barrett, Arthur Celestin, Emily Fish, Charity C. Glass, Mariam F. Eskander, Rudy Murillo, Georgi Gospodinov, Alok Gupta, and Carl J. Hauser
EAST 2015 Plenary Paper
Botulinum toxin A–induced paralysis of the lateral abdominal wall after damage-control laparotomy: A multi-institutional, prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled pilot study     Martin D. Zielinski, Melissa Kuntz, Xiaoming Zhang, Abigail E. Zagar, Mohammad A. Khasawneh, Benjamin Zendejas, Stephanie F. Polites, Michael Ferrara, William Scott Harmsen, Karla S. Ballman, Myung S. Park, Henry J. Schiller, David Dries, and Donald H. Jenkins
Original Articles
TIMP2•IGFBP7 biomarker panel accurately predicts acute kidney injury in high-risk surgical patients     Kyle J. Gunnerson, Andrew D. Shaw, Lakhmir S. Chawla, Azra Bihorac, Ali Al-Khafaji, Kianoush Kashani, Matthew Lissauer, Jing Shi, Michael G. Walker, John A. Kellum, on behalf of the Sapphire Topaz investigators
Early leukocyte gene expression associated with age, burn size, and inhalation injury in severely burned adults     Ravi F. Sood, Nicole S. Gibran, Brett D. Arnoldo, Richard L. Gamelli, David N. Herndon, Ronald G. Tompkins, and the Inflammation the Host Response to Injury Investigators
Estimating annual medical and out-of-pocket expenditures associated with traumatic injuries in the United States     Suliman Alghnam, David J. Vanness, Darrell J. Gaskin, Roland J. Thorpe, and Renan Castillo
Cost of specific emergency general surgery diseases and factors associated with high-cost patients     Gerald O. Ogola, and Shahid Shafi
Needle thoracostomy: Clinical effectiveness is improved using a longer angiocatheter     Johnathon M. Aho, Cornelius A. Thiels, Moustafa M. El Khatib, Daniel S. Ubl, Danuel V. Laan, Kathleen S. Berns, Elizabeth B. Habermann, Scott P. Zietlow, and Martin D. Zielinski
Field intubation in civilian patients with hemorrhagic shock is associated with higher mortality     Daisy Chou, Megan Y. Harada, Galinos Barmparas, Ara Ko, Eric J. Ley, Daniel R. Margulies, and Rodrigo F. Alban
Prehospital airway technique does not influence incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia in trauma patients     Michael Thomas Steuerwald, Bryce R.H. Robinson, Dennis J. Hanseman, Amy Makley, and Timothy A. Pritts
Incidence, characteristics, and long-term follow-up of sternoclavicular injuries: An epidemiologic analysis of 92 cases     Sandra Boesmueller, Margit Wech, Thomas M. Tiefenboeck, Domenik Popp, Adam Bukaty, Wolfgang Huf, Christian Fialka, Manfred Greitbauer, and Patrick Platzer
Isolated blunt severe traumatic brain injury in Bern, Switzerland, and the United States: A matched cohort study     Tobias Haltmeier, Beat Schnüriger, Elizabeth Benjamin, Monika Brodmann Maeder, Michael Künzler, Stefano Siboni, Kenji Inaba, and Demetrios Demetriades
How much esophageal pressure-guided end-expiratory transpulmonary pressure is sufficient to maintain lung recruitment in lavage-induced lung injury?     Yingzi Huang, Rui Tang, Qiuhua Chen, Chun Pan, Songqiao Liu, Xia Hui, Yang Li, Yi Yang, V. Marco Ranieri, and Haibo Qiu
The incidence of ARDS and associated mortality in severe TBI using the Berlin definition     Imoigele P. Aisiku, Jose-Miguel Yamal, Pratik Doshi, Maria Laura Rubin, Julia S. Benoit, Julia Hannay, Barbara C. Tilley, Shankar Gopinath, and Claudia S. Robertson
Helicopter interfacility transport of pediatric trauma patients: Are we overusing a costly resource?     Michael T. Meyer, David M. Gourlay, Keith C. Weitze, Matthew D. Ship, Patrick C. Drayna, Cinda Werner, and E. Brooke Lerner
Validation of a brief, two-question depression screen in trauma patients     Ann Marie Warren, Megan Reynolds, Michael L. Foreman, Monica M. Bennett, Rebecca Joanne Weddle, Jessica Danielle Austin, Kenleigh Roden-Foreman, and Laura B. Petrey
Review Articles
A systematic review of the use of resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta in the management of hemorrhagic shock     Jonathan James Morrison, Richard E. Galgon, Jan Olaf Jansen, Jeremy W. Cannon, Todd Erik Rasmussen, and Jonathan L. Eliason
Ulinastatin and/or thymosin α1 for severe sepsis: A systematic review and meta-analysis     Zhusheng Feng, Quanxing Shi, Yingnan Fan, Qianmei Wang, and Wen Yin
Surgical History
Contributions of the surgeon Nikolai Korotkov (1874–1920) to the management of extremity vascular injury     Igor M. Samokhvalov, Viktor A. Reva, Nikolai F. Fomin, and Todd E. Rasmussen
Challenges in Acute Care Surgery
A case of small bowel obstruction after large mesenteric hematoma in blunt abdominal trauma     Myung Jae Jung, Jin Young Lee, Kyung Won Lee, and Jae Gil Lee, With expert commentary by Kimberly A. Davis
Book Review
Denver Health Medical Center Handbook of Surgical Critical Care: The Practice and the Evidence     William C. Chiu
Military Acute Concussion Evaluation screen in a civilian population     Donald W. Marion, Theresa B. Lattimore, and Katherine M. Helmick
Re: Military Acute Concussion Evaluation screen in a civilian population     Melvin E. Stone, Jr.
Assessment of competence in focused assessment with sonography for trauma (FAST) examination     Tobias Todsen and Martin Grønnebæk Tolsgaard
Re: Assessment of competence in focused assessment with sonography for trauma (FAST) examination     Markus Tyler Ziesmann and Lawrence M. Gillman
Журнал надходить до Інституту фізіології ім. О.О. Богомольця міста Києва.
16. The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine. – Sendai. – ISSN 0040-8727
Volume 237, Number 4, December 2015
Regular Contributions
Radiation Therapy Is a Reasonable Option for Improving the Prognosis in Hepatocellular Carcinoma     Yasuteru Kondo, Osamu Kimura, Takayuki Kogure, Masashi Ninomiya, Rei Umezawa, Toshiyuki Sugawara, Haruo Matsushita, Keiichi Jingu, Yu Nakagome, Tomoaki Iwata, Tatsuki Morosawa, Yasuyuki Fujisaka, Takao Iwasaki and Tooru Shimosegawa
Adult Oral Health Programs in Japanese Municipalities: Factors Associated with Self-Rated Effectiveness     Tatsuo Yamamoto, Shinya Fuchida, Jun Aida, Katsunori Kondo, and Yukio Hirata
Minimally Invasive Treatment for Hard Palate-Invading Maxillary Keratocystic Odontogenic Tumor     Kazuhiro Nomura, Kazuya Arakawa, Fumiyoshi Fujishima, Yuto Yamazaki, Daiki Ozawa, Yuri Nomura, Hiroshi Hidaka, Naohiro Yoshida and Yukio Katori
Primary Pulmonary Angiosarcoma Presenting with Hemoptysis and Ground-Glass Opacity: A Case Report and Literature Review     Ikuko Shimabukuro, Kazuhiro Yatera, Shingo Noguchi, Yukiko Kawanami, Takashi Iwanami, Chinatsu Nishida, Kei Yamasaki, Toshinori Kawanami, Hiroshi Ishimoto, Tomoko So, Hidetaka Uramoto, Chiharu Yoshii, Fumihiro Tanaka and Hiroshi Mukae
Sedentary Behavior and Sleep Duration Are Associated with Both Stress Symptoms and Suicidal Thoughts in Korean Adults     Keun Ok An, Jae Yong Jang and Junghoon Kim
Anemia Is a Risk Factor for Acute Kidney Injury and Long-Term Mortality in Critically Ill Patients     Seung Seok Han, Seon Ha Baek, Shin Young Ahn, Ho Jun Chin, Ki Young Na, Dong-Wan Chae, and Sejoong Kim
Eczema and Asthma Symptoms among Schoolchildren in Coastal and Inland Areas after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake: The ToMMo Child Health Study     Masako Miyashita, Masahiro Kikuya, Chizuru Yamanaka, Mami Ishikuro, Taku Obara, Yuki Sato, Hirohito Metoki, Naoki Nakaya, Fuji Nagami, Hiroaki Tomita, Hideyasu Kiyomoto, Junichi Sugawara, Atsushi Hozawa, Nobuo Fuse, Yoichi Suzuki, Ichiro Tsuji, Shigeo Kure, Nobuo Yaegashi, Masayuki Yamamoto, and Shinichi Kuriyama
Glucose Uptake Is Decreased in Affected Lower Leg Muscles of Hemiparetic Persons during Level Walking     Naoyuki Oi, Masatoshi Itoh, Yoshiko Tobimatsu, Shinichi Konno, Shinichi Kikuchi and Tsutomu Iwaya
Chemotherapy with Gemcitabine and Cisplatin for Advanced Ductal Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate: Clinical Courses of Two Patients     Yoshihiro Kamiyama, Koji Mitsuzuka, Mika Watanabe, Naoki Kawamorita, Shigeyuki Yamada, Yasuhiro Kaiho, Akihiro Ito, Haruo Nakagawa and Yoichi Arai
Successive MRI Findings of Reversible Cerebral White Matter Lesions in a Patient with Cystathionine ß-Synthase Deficiency     Hideo Sasai, Nobuyuki Shimozawa, Takahiko Asano, Norio Kawamoto, Takahiro Yamamoto, Takeshi Kimura, Minako Kawamoto, Eiko Matsui and Toshiyuki Fukao
Induction of Memory Deficit in Mice with Chronic Exposure to Cerebrospinal Fluid from Patients with Anti-N-Methyl-DAspartate Receptor Encephalitis     Yongzhi Li, Keiko Tanaka, Li Wang, Yasuhito Ishigaki and Nobuo Kato
Eldecalcitol, in Combination with Bisphosphonate, Is Effective for Treatment of Japanese Osteoporotic Patients     Keijiro Mukaiyama, Shigeharu Uchiyama, Yukio Nakamura, Shota Ikegami, Akira Taguchi, Mikio Kamimura and Hiroyuki Kato
Computed Tomography of the Esophagus in Scleroderma and Lung Disease     Daisuke Takekoshi, Shiva Arami, Todd J Sheppard, Patricia Cole-Saffold, Jon C. Michel, George T. Kondos and Dean E. Schraufnagel
Журнал надходить до Інституту експериментальної патології, онкології і радіобіології ім. Р. Є. Кавецького міста Києва.
17. American Journal of Sociology. – Chicago. – ISSN 0002-9602
Volume 121, Number 5, March 2016
Doing Violence, Making Race: Southern Lynching and White Racial Group Formation     Mattias Smångs
Social Class and Income Inequality in the United States: Ownership, Authority, and Personal Income Distribution from 1980 to 2010     Geoffrey T. Wodtke
Looping Genomes: Diagnostic Change and the Genetic Makeup of the Autism Population     Daniel Navon and Gil Eyal
The Power of Counterrevolution: Elitist Origins of Political Order in Postcolonial Asia and Africa     Dan Slater and Nicholas Rush Smith
Is the United States a Counterexample to the Secularization Thesis      David Voas and Mark Chaves
Why Border Enforcement Backfired     Douglas S. Massey, Jorge Durand, and Karen A. Pren
Book Reviews
Free Trade and Faithful Globalization: Saving the Market by Amy Reynolds     Paul Lichterman
From Social Movement to Moral Market: How the Circuit Riders Sparked an IT Revolution and Created a Technology Market by Paul-Brian McInerney     Amanda Merryman
How Social Movements Die: Repression and Demobilization of the Republic of New Africa by Christian Davenport     Jennifer Earl
Can Tocqueville Karaoke? Global Contrast of Citizen Participation, the Arts and Development by Terry Nichols Clark     Marisol Garcia
Dealing in Desire: Asian Ascendancy, Western Decline, and the Hidden Currencies of Global Sex Work by Kimberly Kay Hoang     Hui Zheng
Border Politics: Social Movements, Collective Identities, and Globalization edited by Nancy A. Naples and Jennifer Bickham Mendez     Noel Parker
Party in the Street: The Antiwar Movement and the Democratic Party after 9/11 by Michael T. Heaney and Fabio Rojas     Cedric de Leon
The Origins of Right to Work: Antilabor Democracy in Nineteenth Century Chicago by Cedric de Leon     William A. Mirola
Inside China’s Automobile Factories: The Politics of Labor and Worker Resistance by Lu Zhang     Sarah Swider
China under Mao: A Revolution Derailed by Andrew Walder    Joel Andreas
Solidarity, Justice, and Incorporation: Thinking through The Civil Sphere edited by Peter Kivisto and Giuseppe Sciortino     Andreas Hess
Planning Democracy: Agrarian Intellectuals and the Intended New Deal by Jess Gilbert     Kathryn S. Olmsted
Negotiating Cohesion, Inequality and Change: Uncomfortable Positions in Local Government by Hannah Jones     Van C. Tran
Beneath the Surface of White Supremacy: Denaturalizing U.S. Racisms Past and Present by Moon-Kie Jung     Matthew W. Hughey
The Enigma of Diversity: The Language of Race and the Limits of Racial Justice by Ellen Berrey     Jan Doering
Desi Hoop Dreams: Pick Up Basketball and the Making of Asian American Masculinity by Stanley I. Thangaraj     Reuben A. Buford May
Seeing the Light: The Social Logic of Personal Discovery by Thomas DeGloma     Emily Meanwell
Arresting Dress: Cross-Dressing, Law, and Fascination in Nineteenth-Century San Francisco by Clare Sears     Tey Meadow
Everyday Troubles: The Micro-Politics of Interpersonal Conflict by Robert M. Emerson     Gary Alan Fine
The Long Shadow: Family Background, Disadvantaged Urban Youth, and the Transition to Adulthood by Karl Alexander, Doris Entwisle, and Linda Olson     Sandra Susan Smith
The Long Defeat: Cultural Trauma, Memory, and Identity in Japan by Akiko Hashimoto     John Torpey
New Monasticism and the Transformation of American Evangelicalism by Wes Markofski     John W. Hawthorne
From Yoga to Kabbalah: Religious Exoticism and the Logics of Bricolage by Véronique Altglas     Marion Sherman Goldman
Women without Men: Single Mothers and Family Change in the New Russia by Jennifer Utrata     Judith Record McKinney
Журнал надходить до Інституту соціології міста Києва.
18. American Sociological Review. – Washington. – ISSN 0003-1224
Volume 81, Number 1, February 2016
Editors’ Comment
Meeting the Challenges of a 21st-Century Flagship Journal: Sustaining Excellence, Upgrading the Process, and Expanding the Range     Omar Lizardo, Rory McVeigh, and Sarah Mustillo
2015 Presidential Address
Sometimes the Social Becomes Personal: Gender, Class, and Sexualities    Paula England
The Accumulation of (Dis)advantage: The Intersection of Gender and Race in the Long-Term Wage Effect of Marriage     Siwei Cheng
The Role of Gender, Class, and Religion in Biracial Americans’ Racial Labeling Decisions     Lauren D. Davenport
From Patrick to John F.: Ethnic Names and Occupational Success in the Last Era of Mass Migration    Joshua R. Goldstein and Guy Stecklov
Childhood Disadvantage and Health Problems in Middle and Later Life: Early Imprints on Physical Health?     Kenneth F. Ferraro, Markus H. Schafer, and Lindsay R. Wilkinson
Does a Flexibility/Support Organizational Initiative Improve High-Tech Employees’ Well-Being? Evidence from the Work, Family, and Health Network    Phyllis Moen, Erin L. Kelly, Wen Fan, Shi-Rong Lee, David Almeida, Ellen Ernst Kossek, and Orfeu M. Buxton
Grievances and the Genesis of Rebellion: Mutiny in the Royal Navy, 1740 to 1820     Michael Hechter, Steven Pfaff, and Patrick Underwood
Internal Wars, Taxation, and State Building    Diana Rodríguez-Franco
Журнал надходить до Інституту соціології міста Києва.


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