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Журнали представлені на виставці:
1. Applied Optics. – Washington. – ISSN 1559-128X
Volume 55, Issue 6, 20 February 2016
Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics
Radiative transfer simulations of the two-dimensional ocean glint reflectance and determination of the sea surface roughness     Zhenyi Lin, Wei Li, Charles Gatebe, Rajesh Poudyal, and Knut Stamnes
Expressing oceanic turbulence parameters by atmospheric turbulence structure constant     Yahya Baykal
Passive multispectral imaging polarimeter for remote atmospheric and surface studies: design based on optical coatings     Samuel F. Pellicori and Elliot Burke
Efficient reconstruction method for ground layer adaptive optics with mixed natural and laser guide stars     Roland Wagner, Tapio Helin, Andreas Obereder, and Ronny Ramlau
Fiber Optic Sensors
Inverse problem of determining periodic surface profile oscillation defects of steel materials with a fiber Bragg grating sensor     Sławomir Cięszczyk and Piotr Kisała
Helical long-period grating formed in a thinned fiber and its application to a refractometric sensor     Peng Wang and Hongpu Li
Fiber Optics and Optical Communications
High-birefringence photonic crystal fiber polarization filter based on surface plasmon resonance     Guowen An, Shuguang Li, Xin Yan, Zhenyu Yuan, and Xuenan Zhang
Capacity of electromagnetic communication modes in a noise-limited optical system     Myungjun Lee, Mark A. Neifeld, and Amit Ashok
Highly sensitive surface plasmon resonance sensor utilizing a long period grating with photosensitive cladding     Zhihong Li, Tao Chen, Zhaogang Zhang, Yanming Zhou, Dan Li, and Zhong Xie
Geometric Optics
Tuning of a high magnification compact parabolic telescope for centimeter-scale laser beams     Matteo Tacca, Fiodor Sorrentino, Christelle Buy, Matthieu Laporte, Gabriel Pillant, Eric Genin, Paolo La Penna, and Matteo Barsuglia
Polarization property analysis of a periscopic scanner with three-dimensional polarization ray-tracing calculus     Yufei Yang and Changxiang Yan
Image Processing
Robust method to improve the quality of shearographic phase maps obtained in harsh environments     A. V. Fantin, D. P. Willemann, M. E. Benedet, and A. G. Albertazzi
Instrumentation, Measurement, and Metrology
Ghost reflections of Gaussian beams in anamorphic optical systems with an application to Michelson interferometer     Rania H. Abd El-Maksoud
Measuring vibrational motion in the presence of speckle using off-axis holography     Brandon Redding, Allen Davis, Clay Kirkendall, and Anthony Dandridge
Generalized design of a zero-geometric-loss, astigmatism-free, modified four-objective multipass matrix system     Yin Guo, LiQun Sun, Zheng Yang, and Zilong Liu
Simultaneous imaging of fuel vapor mass fraction and gas-phase temperature inside gasoline sprays using two-line excitation tracer planar laser-induced fluorescence     Lars Zigan, Johannes Trost, and Alfred Leipertz
Integrated Optics
Ultracompact polarization rotator in an asymmetric single dielectric loaded rib waveguide     Chih-Wei Hsu, Hung-Yuan Lin, Jhen-Yu Chen, and Yung-Chen Cheng
Generalized phase-shifting algorithms: error analysis and minimization of noise propagation     Gastón A. Ayubi, César D. Perciante, J. Matías Di Martino, Jorge L. Flores, and José A. Ferrari
Lasers and Laser Optics
Study on the mechanism of a charge-coupled device detector irradiated by millisecond pulse laser under functional loss     Mingxin Li, Guangyong Jin, Yong Tan, Ming Guo, and Pengbo Zhu
Speckle reduction in laser projection displays through angle and wavelength diversity     Trinh-Thi-Kim Tran, Øyvind Svensen, Xuyuan Chen, and Muhammad Nadeem Akram
1  kHz 3.3  μm Nd:YAG KTiOAsO4 optical parametric oscillator system for laser ultrasound excitation of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics     Oliver Puncken, David Mendoza Gandara, Marcin Damjanic, Peter Mahnke, Ralf B. Bergmann, Michael Kalms, Peter Peuser, Peter Wessels, Jörg Neumann, and Ulf Schnars
Boiling effect in liquid nitrogen directly cooled Yb3+:YAG laser     Toshimitsu Sakurai, Haik Chosrowjan, Hiroaki Furuse, Seiji Taniguchi, Toshiyuki Kitamura, Masayuki Fujita, Shinya Ishii, and Yasukazu Izawa
Investigation of a field-widened Mach–Zehnder receiver to extend Fe Doppler lidar wind measurements from the thermosphere to the ground     John A. Smith and Xinzhao Chu
Effects of annealing temperature on optical, morphological, and electrical characteristics of polyfluorene-derivative thin films on ITO glass substrate     Way Foong Lim, Hock Jin Quah, and Zainuriah Hassan
Photon-conversion and sensitization evaluation of Eu3+ in a borate glass system     Y. M. Tian, L. F. Shen, E. Y. B. Pun, and H. Lin
Two-dimensional trilayer grating with a metal/insulator/metal structure as a thermophotovoltaic emitter     Jinlin Song, Mengting Si, Qiang Cheng, and Zixue Luo
Optical Design and Fabrication
Experimental dynamic deformation analysis of active stressed lap     Hongshen Zhao, Xiaojin Li, Bin Fan, and Zhige Zeng
Ion-beam polishing of fused silica substrates for imaging soft x-ray and extreme ultraviolet optics     N. I. Chkhalo, S. A. Churin, M. S. Mikhaylenko, A. E. Pestov, V. N. Polkovnikov, N. N. Salashchenko, and M. V. Zorina
High-output LED-based light engine for profile lighting fixtures with high color uniformity using freeform reflectors     Jesper Gadegaard, Thøger Kari Jensen, Dennis Thykjær Jørgensen, Peter Kjær Kristensen, Thomas Søndergaard, Thomas Garm Pedersen, and Kjeld Pedersen
Optical Devices
Far-field head–media optical interaction in heat-assisted magnetic recording     Ruoxi Yang, Paul Jones, Timmothy Klemmer, Heidi Olson, Deming Zhang, Tyler Perry, Werner Scholz, Huaqing Yin, Roger Hipwell, Jan-Ulrich Thiele, Huan Tang, and Mike Seigler
Fast optimization method based on the diffuser dot density for uniformity of the backlight module     Bing-Le Huang and Tai-Liang Guo
Optics at Surfaces
Magnetorheological finishing of chemical-vapor deposited zinc sulfide via chemically and mechanically modified fluids     Sivan Salzman, Henry J. Romanofsky, Lucca J. Giannechini, Stephen D. Jacobs, and John C. Lambropoulos
Random sub-Nyquist polarimetric modulator     A. Asensio Ramos
Remote Sensing and Sensors
Multi-class remote sensing object recognition based on discriminative sparse representation     Xin Wang, Siqiu Shen, Chen Ning, Fengchen Huang, and Hongmin Gao
Multiple-input multiple-output synthetic aperture ladar system for wide-range swath with high azimuth resolution     Yu Tang, Bao Qin, Yun Yan, and Mengdao Xing
Local radial basis function meshless scheme for vector radiative transfer in participating media with randomly oriented axisymmetric particles     Jie Sun, Hong-Liang Yi, and He-Ping Tan
Calculation of the radiation forces on a microsphere in the evanescent field of an optical nanofiber by ray tracing     B. Zhang, J. X. Luo, Z. L. Liu, and F. P. Wu
Encoded error calibration for a coded aperture spectrometer based on deconvolution     Ming-bo Chi, Yi-hui Wu, Dan-dan Ge, Wen-chao Zhou, Peng Hao, and Yong-shun Liu
Surface Plasmons
Time-lapse scanning surface plasmon microscopy of living adherent cells with a radially polarized beam     Lotfi Berguiga, Laura Streppa, Elise Boyer-Provera, Cristina Martinez-Torres, Laurent Schaeffer, Juan Elezgaray, Alain Arneodo, and Françoise Argoul
Журнал надходить до Інституту радіофізики і електроніки ім. О.Я. Усикова міста Харкова.
2. Applied Optics. – Washington. – ISSN 1559-128X
Volume 55, Issue 7, 1 March 2016
Engineering and Lab Notes
Morphological processing of ultraviolet emissions of electrical corona discharge for analysis and diagnostic use     Matthew Schubert and Andrew J. Moore
Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics
On the modeling of hyperspectral remote-sensing reflectance of high-sediment-load waters in the visible to shortwave-infrared domain     Zhongping Lee, Shaoling Shang, Gong Lin, Jun Chen, and David Doxaran
Atmospheric propagation and combining of high-power lasers     W. Nelson, P. Sprangle, and C. C. Davis
Atomic and Molecular Physics
Formation and emission characteristics of CN molecules in laser induced low pressure He plasma and its applications to N analysis in coal and fossilization study     Kurnia Lahna, Rinaldi Idroes, Nasrullah Idris, Syahrun Nur Abdulmadjid, Koo Hendrik Kurniawan, May On Tjia, Marincan Pardede, and Kiichiro Kagawa
Coherence and Statistical Optics
Optical modeling of sunlight by using partially coherent sources in organic solar cells     Hamzeh Alaibakhsh and Ghafar Darvish
Designs for a large-aperture telescope to map the CMB 10× faster     Michael D. Niemack
Diffraction and Gratings
Integrating 5 × 5 Dammann gratings to detect orbital angular momentum states of beams with the range of −24 to +24     Shiyao Fu, Tonglu Wang, Shikun Zhang, and Chunqing Gao
Diffractive Optics
Optimal design of multilayer diffractive optical elements with effective area method     Hongfang Yang, Changxi Xue, Chuang Li, and Ju Wang
Fiber Optics and Optical Communications
D-shaped fiber grating refractive index sensor induced by an ultrashort pulse laser     Changrui Liao, Qiao Wang, Lei Xu, Shen Liu, Jun He, Jing Zhao, Zhengyong Li, and Yiping Wang
Format-independent polarization-demultiplexing technique for dual-polarization intensity modulated signals     Seán P. Ó Dúill and Liam P. Barry
Fluorescent and Luminescent Materials
Hysteresis compensation of photoluminescence in ZnS:Cu for noncontact shaft torque sensing     Min-Young Cho, Ji-Sik Kim, and Gi-Woo Kim
Fourier Optics and Signal Processing
Superluminal, luminal, and subluminal nondiffracting pulses applied to free-space optical systems: theoretical description     Roger L. Garay-Avendaño and Michel Zamboni-Rached
Geometric Optics
Unified matrix approach to the description of phase-space rotators     Andrey V. Gitin
Design and optimization of a volume-phase holographic grating for simultaneous use with red, green, and blue light using unpolarized light     Adoum H. Mahamat, Frank A. Narducci, and James Schwiegerling
Image Processing
Phase-derivative-based estimation of a digital reference wave from a single off-axis digital hologram     Davood Khodadad
Image fusion via nonlocal sparse K-SVD dictionary learning     Ying Li, Fangyi Li, Bendu Bai, and Qiang Shen
Imaging Systems
Time-resolved subtraction method for measuring optical properties of turbid media     Daniel Milej, Androu Abdalmalak, Dariusz Janusek, Mamadou Diop, Adam Liebert, and Keith St. Lawrence
Reducing the influence of direct reflection on return signal detection in a 3D imaging lidar system by rotating the polarizing beam splitter     Chunhui Wang, Xiaobao Lee, Tianxiang Cui, Yang Qu, Yunxi Li, Hailong Li, and Qi Wang
High-resolution Fourier hologram synthesis from photographic images through computing the light field     Ni Chen, Zhenbo Ren, and Edmund Y. Lam
Instrumentation, Measurement, and Metrology
Fluorescence characteristics of the fuel tracers triethylamine and trimethylamine for the investigation of fuel distribution in internal combustion engines     Susanne Lind, Simon Aßmann, Lars Zigan, and Stefan Will
Self-triggered method for characterization of single-photon detectors     Thiago Ferreira da Silva
3D robust digital image correlation for vibration measurement     Zhong Chen, Xianmin Zhang, and Sergej Fatikow
Application of quantum weak measurement for glucose concentration detection     Dongmei Li, Zhiyuan Shen, Yonghong He, Yilong Zhang, Zhenling Chen, and Hui Ma
Better three-dimensional inspection with structured illumination: speed     Zheng Yang, Alexander Bielke, and Gerd Häusler
Application of white light Fresnel diffractometry to film thickness measurement     Khosrow Hassani, Mehdi Ashrafganjoie, and Mohammad Taghi Tavassoly
Integrated Optics
Semianalytical approach to study the loss characteristics of a symmetrical multilayered plasmonic waveguide     Bapita Roy and Rajib Chakraborty
Compact InGaAsP/InP 3 × 3  multimode-interference coupler-based electro-optic switch     Sixuan Mu, Ke Liu, Shuang Wang, Chenglong Zhang, Baolu Guan, and Deshu Zou
Lasers and Laser Optics
Transmission line model for strained quantum well lasers including carrier transport and carrier heating effects     Mingjun Xia and H. Ghafouri-Shiraz
Field tests for round-trip imaging at a 1.4  km distance with change detection and ranging using a short-wave infrared super-continuum laser     Mohammed N. Islam, Michael J. Freeman, Lauren M. Peterson, Kevin Ke, Agustin Ifarraguerri, Christopher Bailey, Frank Baxley, Michael Wager, Anthony Absi, James Leonard, Hyatt Baker, and Michael Rucci
Spatio–temporal characterization of pulses obtained from a high-energy sub-nanosecond laser system     Chengyong Feng, Xiaozhen Xu, and Jean-Claude Diels
Performance improvement of power-over-fiber system using noise-modulated laser diode     Yongning Zhang, Mingjiang Zhang, Jianzhong Zhang, Yi Liu, Ruixia Liu, Yunting Li, and Yuncai Wang
Shaping of cylindrical and 3D ellipsoidal beams for electron photoinjector laser drivers     S. Yu. Mironov, A. K. Potemkin, E. I. Gacheva, A. V. Andrianov, V. V. Zelenogorskii, M. Krasilnikov, F. Stephan, and E. A. Khazanov
Scalability of components for kW-level average power few-cycle lasers     Steffen Hädrich, Jan Rothhardt, Stefan Demmler, Maxim Tschernajew, Armin Hoffmann, Manuel Krebs, Andreas Liem, Oliver de Vries, Marco Plötner, Simone Fabian, Thomas Schreiber, Jens Limpert, and Andreas Tünnermann
Restraint of range walk error in a Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode lidar to acquire high-precision depth and intensity information     Lu Xu, Yu Zhang, Yong Zhang, Chenghua Yang, Xu Yang, and Yuan Zhao
Magneto-optical Materials
Optimization of polarizer azimuth in improving signal-to-noise ratio in Kerr microscopy     X. Wang, J. Lian, X. J. Xu, X. Li, P. Li, M. M. Li, Y. Wang, and Y. X. Liu
Medical Optics and Biotechnology
Time of flight dependent linearity in diffuse imaging: how effective is it to evaluate the spatial resolution by measuring the edge response function?      E. Ortiz-Rascón, N. C. Bruce, A. A. Rodríguez-Rosales, and J. Garduño-Mejía
Optical Design and Fabrication
Miniature anastigmatic spectrometer design with a concave toroidal mirror     Jianing Dong, He Chen, Yinchao Zhang, Siying Chen, and Pan Guo
Design and performance analysis of an ultraprecision ion beam polishing tool     Ying Lu, Xuhui Xie, and Lin Zhou
Active optics system of the VLT Survey Telescope     Pietro Schipani, Lothar Noethe, Demetrio Magrin, Konrad Kuijken, Carmelo Arcidiacono, Javier Argomedo, Massimo Capaccioli, Massimo Dall’Ora, Sergio D’Orsi, Jacopo Farinato, Davide Fierro, Ronald Holzlöhner, Laurent Marty, Cesare Molfese, Francesco Perrotta, Roberto Ragazzoni, Salvatore Savarese, Andrew Rakich, and Gabriele Umbriaco
Optical Devices
Finite-difference time-domain methods to analyze ytterbium-doped Q-switched fiber lasers     Haroldo T. Hattori and Abdul Khaleque
Plasmon-enhanced performance of an ultrathin silicon solar cell using metal-semiconductor core-shell hemispherical nanoparticles and metallic back grating     Hamid Heidarzadeh, Ali Rostami, Mahboubeh Dolatyari, and Ghassem Rostami
Remote Sensing and Sensors
Photodiode-based cutting interruption sensor for near-infrared lasers     B. Adelmann, M. Schleier, B. Neumeier, and R. Hellmann
Surface Plasmons
Spoof surface plasmon polaritons based on ultrathin corrugated metallic grooves at terahertz frequency     Yan Liu, Jing Yan, Yao Shao, Jie Pan, Chunfu Zhang, Yue Hao, and Genquan Han
High-contrast pattern reconstructions using a phase-seeded point CGH method     Richard McWilliam, Gavin L. Williams, Joshua J. Cowling, Nicholas L. Seed, and Alan Purvis
Журнал надходить до Інституту радіофізики і електроніки ім. О.Я. Усикова міста Харкова.
3. Journal of the London Mathematical Society. – London. – ISSN 0024-6107
Volume 93, Part 2, April 2016
Discrete derived categories II: the silting pairs CW complex and the stability manifold    Nathan Broomhead, David Pauksztello and David Ploog
Minimal and maximal constituents of twisted Foulkes characters     Rowena Paget and Mark Wildon
Dynamical properties of the tent map     K. Scheicher, V. F. Sirvent and P. Surer
Further explorations of Boyd's conjectures and a conductor 21 elliptic curve    Matilde Lalín, Detchat Samart and Wadim Zudilin
Free subgroups of finitely generated free profinite groups     Mark Shusterman
A knot with destabilized bridge spheres of arbitrarily high bridge number     Yeonhee Jang, Tsuyoshi Kobayashi, Makoto Ozawa and Kazuto Takao
Transcendental Brauer groups of products of CM elliptic curves     Rachel Newton
An Agler-type model theorem for C0-semigroups of Hilbert space contractions     Eskil Rydhe
Semigroups, d-invariants and deformations of cuspidal singular points of plane curves    Maciej Borodzik and Charles Livingston
Operators in tight by support Banach spaces    Antonis Manoussakis and Anna Pelczar-Barwacz
(β)-distortion of some infinite graphs    Florent P. Baudier and Sheng Zhang
The Bishop–Phelps–Bollobás theorem on bounded closed convex sets     Dong Hoon Cho and Yun Sung Choi
Spectral properties of the Neumann–Poincaré operator and uniformity of estimates for the conductivity equation with complex coefficients     Hyeonbae Kang, Kyoungsun Kim, Hyundae Lee, Jaemin Shin and Sanghyeon Yu
Журнал надходить до Інституту математики міста Києва.
4. Duke Mathematical Journal. – Durham. – ISSN 0012-7094
Volume 165, Number 4, 15 March 2016
Bounds for eigenforms on arithmetic hyperbolic 3-manifolds     Valentin Blomer, Gergely Harcos, and Djordje Milićević
Boundary components of Mumford–Tate domains     Matt Kerr and Gregory Pearlstein
Codimension one stability of the catenoid under the vanishing mean curvature flow in Minkowski space     Roland Donninger, Joachim Krieger, Jérémie Szeftel, and Willie Wong
Журнал надходить до Інституту математики міста Києва.
5. The Michigan Mathematical Journal  ISSN 0026-2285
Volume 64, Issue 3, September 2015
On Chow Quotients of Torus Actions     Hendrik Bäker, Jürgen Hausen, & Simon Keicher
The Complex Structure of the Teichmüller Space     Gonzalo Riera
An Example Concerning Holomorphicity of Meromorphic Mappings Along Real Hypersurfaces     S. Ivachkovich & F. Meylan
Brauer Groups of Quot Schemes     Indranil Biswas, Ajneet Dhillon, & Jacques Hurtubise
Integer Complexity and Well-Ordering     Harry Altman
Constructing Banach Spaces of Vector-Valued Sequences with Special Properties     Geraldo Botelho & Vinícius Fávaro
The Affine Automorphism Group of A3 is Not a Maximal Subgroup of the Tame Automorphism Group     Eric Edo & Drew Lewis
Strange Duality for Height Zero Moduli Spaces of Sheaves on P2     Takeshi Abe
On the Convergence of Gromov-Witten Potentials and Givental's Formula     Tom Coates & Hiroshi Iritani
Characteristic Classes for Curves of Genus One     Lenny Taelman
Congruences with Intervals and Subgroups Modulo a Prime     Marc Munsch & Igor E. Shparlinski
Журнал надходить до Інституту математики міста Києва.
6. Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications. – New York. – ISSN 0022 -3239
Volume 168, Number 3, March 2016
A New Approach to the Proximal Point Method: Convergence on General Riemannian Manifolds    G. de Carvalho Bento, J.X. da Cruz Neto, P.R. Oliveira
Extended Lorentz Cones and Variational Inequalities on Cylinders     S.Z. Németh, G. Zhang
Extendability and Optimal Control After Quenching for Some Ordinary Differential Equations     P. Lin
Further Results on Subgradients of the Value Function to a Parametric Optimal Control Problem     N.H. Chieu, B.T. Kien, N.T. Toan
On Second-Order Generalized Convexity     C. Zălinescu
Gap Functions and Global Error Bounds for Generalized Mixed Variational Inequalities on Hadamard Manifolds     X. Li, L. Zhou, N. Huang
Stability of Set-Valued Optimization Problems with Naturally Quasi-Functions     X.-B. Li, Q.-L. Wang, Z. Lin
Strongly Proper Efficient Solutions: Efficient Solutions with Bounded Trade-Offs    K. Khaledian, E. Khorram, M. Soleimani-damaneh
Extension of Completely Positive Cone Relaxation to Moment Cone Relaxation for Polynomial Optimization     N. Arima, S. Kim, M. Kojima
Error Sensitivity for Strongly Convergent Modifications of the Proximal Point Algorithm     Y. Wang, F. Wang, H.-K. Xu
Rapid Smooth Entry Trajectory Planning for High Lift/Drag Hypersonic Glide Vehicles     X. Liu, Z. Shen
Inverse 1-Median Problem on Block Graphs with Variable Vertex Weights    K.T. Nguyen
The Local Convergence Analysis of Inexact Quasi-Gauss–Newton Method Under the Hölder Condition    Y. Zhang, H. Sun, D.T. Zhu
Implementation of Augmented Lagrangian Methods for Equilibrium Problems     M. Nasri, L.C. Matioli, E.M. Da Silva Ferreira, A. da Silveira
Theorem of Optimal Image Trajectories in the Restricted Problem of Three Bodies     M. Pontani, A. Miele
Guaranteed Collision Avoidance for Autonomous Systems with Acceleration Constraints and Sensing Uncertainties     E.J. Rodríguez-Seda, D.M. Stipanović, M.W. Spong
Transformation-Based Preprocessing for Mixed-Integer Quadratic Programs     E. Newby, M. M. Ali
Robust Optimal Control Design Using a Differential Game Approach for Open-Loop Linear Quadratic Descriptor Systems     M. W. Musthofa, Salmah, J. Engwerda, A. Suparwanto
Jointly Convex Generalized Nash Equilibria and Elliptic Multiobjective Optimal Control     A. Dreves, J. Gwinner
A Note on the Paper “A Common Fixed Point Theorem with Applications”     H. Huang, J. Zou
Журнал надходить до Інституту математики міста Києва.
7. Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics. – New York. – ISSN 0010 -3640
Volume LXIX, Number 4, April 2016
Corrigendum: On the Soliton Resolution for Equivariant Wave Maps to the Sphere    R. Côte
Data-Driven Optimal Transport    G. Trigila and E. G. Tabak
Nonequilibrium Density Profiles in Lorentz Tubes with Thermostated Boundaries    D. Dolgopyat and P. Nándori
Height Zeta Functions of Equivariant Compactifications of Unipotent Groups    J. Shalika and Y. Tschinkel
Q Curvature on a Class of 3-Manifolds    F. Hang and P. C. Yang
A BDDC Algorithm with Deluxe Scaling for Three-Dimensional H(curl) Problems    C. R. Dohrmann and O. B. Widlund
Decoupled Potential Integral Equation for Time-Harmonic Electromagnetic Scattering    F. Vico, M. Ferrando, L. Greengard, and Z. Gimbutas
Журнал надходить до Інституту математики міста Києва.
8. Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems. – Cambridge. – ISSN 0143-3857
Volume 36, Part 2, April 2016
Duke’s theorem for subcollections     Aka, M. and Einsiedler, M.
A family of non-sofic beta expansions     Akiyamas, S.
Harmonic measures and the foliated geodesic flow for foliations with negatively curved leaves     Alvarez, S.
Compensation functions for factors of shifts of finite type     Antonioli, J.
Kinematic expansive flows     Artigue, A.
Combinatorial and probabilistic properties of systems of numeration     Barat, G. and Grabner, P.J.
Chaotic planar piecewise smooth vector fields with non-trivial minimal sets     Buzzi, C. A., de Carvalho T. and Euzébio, R. D.
A categorical invariant of flow equivalence of shifts     Costa, A. and Steinberg, B.
Dynamics of quasiregular mappings with constant complex dilatation     Fletcher, A. and Fryer, R.
Full groups of minimal homeomorphisms and Baire category methods     Ibarlucía, T. and Melleray, J.
Invariant coupling of determinantal measures on sofic groups     Lyons, R. and Thom, A.
Graph covers and ergodicity for zero-dimensional systems     Shimomura, T.
On an extension of Mycielski’s theorem and invariant scrambled sets     Tan, F.
Dissipative conformal measures on locally compact spaces     Thomsen, K.
Журнал надходить до Інституту математики міста Києва.
9. International Journal of Earth Sciences. – Heidelberg. – ISSN 1437-3254
Volume 105, Number 3, April 2016
The geology of the Matala Dome: an important piece of the Pan-African puzzle in Central Zambia     K.V. Naydenov, J. Lehmann, K. Saalmann, L. Milani, J. Poterai, J.A. Kinnaird, G. Charlesworth, J.D. Kramers
Reconstructing subduction polarity through the geochemistry of mafic rocks in a Cambrian magmatic arc along the Gondwana margin (Órdenes Complex, NW Iberian Massif)      P. Andonaegui, S. Sánchez-Martínez, P. Castiñeiras, J. Abati, R. Arenas
Detrital zircon geochronology of the Cretaceous succession from the Iberian Atlantic Margin: palaeogeographic implications     P.A. Dinis, J. Dinis, C. Tassinari, A. Carter, P. Callapez, M. Morais
Succession of Permian and Mesozoic metasomatic events in the eastern Pyrenees with emphasis on the Trimouns talc–chlorite deposit     A. Boutin, M. de Saint Blanquat, M. Poujol, P. Boulvais, P. de Parseval, C. Rouleau, J.-F. Robert
The end-Cretaceous in the southwestern Tethys (Elles, Tunisia): orbital calibration of paleoenvironmental events before the mass extinction     N. Thibault, B. Galbrun, S. Gardin, F. Minoletti, L. Le Callonnec
Mass-transport deposits and reservoir quality of Upper Cretaceous Chalk within the German Central Graben, North Sea     J. Arfai, R. Lutz, D. Franke, C. Gaedicke, J. Kley
The Late Cretaceous igneous rocks of Romania (Apuseni Mountains and Banat): the possible role of amphibole versus plagioclase deep fractionation in two different crustal terranes     J. Vander Auwera, T. Berza, J. Gesels, A. Dupont
Mineralogy, geochemistry, and evolution of the Mivehrood skarn and the associated pluton, northwest Iran     S. Alirezaei, M. Einali, P. Jones, S. Hassanpour, R. Arjmandzadeh
Kinematics and surface fracture pattern of the Anaran basement fault zone in NW of the Zagros fold–thrust belt     M. Joudaki, A. Farzipour-Saein, F. Nilfouroushan
The fan-like forms in the southern margin of the Mazovian Lowland area (Central Poland): a new high-resolution textural-timing study     E. Kalińska-Nartiša, M. Nartišs
Morphotectonic and petrological variations along the southern Central Indian Ridge     R. Mukhopadhyay, S.D. Iyer, D. Ray, S M. Karisiddaiah, R.K. Drolia
Detrital zircon U–Pb geochronology of the Siwalik Group of the Nepal Himalaya: implications for provenance analysis    U. Baral, D. Lin, D. Chamlagain
Origins of Early Mesozoic granitoids and their enclaves from West Kunlun, NW China: implications for evolving magmatism related to closure of the Paleo-Tethys ocean     C. Wang, L. Liu, F. Korhonen, W.-Q. Yang, Y.-T. Cao, S.-P. He, X.-H. Zhu, W.-T. Liang
Quaternary extensional and compressional tectonics revealed from Quaternary landforms along Kosi River valley, outer Kumaun Lesser Himalaya, Uttarakhand     K. Luirei, S.S. Bhakuni, G.Ch. Kothyari, K. Tripathi, P.D. Pant
Physiognomy and timing of metasomatism in the southern Vourinos ultramafic suite, NW Greece: a chronicle of consecutive episodes of melt extraction and stagnation in the Neotethyan lithospheric mantle     A.N. Kapsiotis
Kinematics and shear heat pattern of ductile simple shear zones with ‘slip boundary condition’     K.F. Mulchrone, S. Mukherjee
Early middle Miocene tectonic uplift of the northwestern part of the Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau evidenced by geochemical and mineralogical records in the western Tarim Basin     C. Wang, H. Hong, H.A. Abels, Z. Li, K. Cao, K. Yin, B. Song, Y. Xu, J. Ji, K. Zhang
On the timing and forcing mechanism of a mid-Miocene arid climate transition at the NE margins of the Tibetan Plateau: stratigraphic and sedimentologic evidence from the Sikouzi Section     X. Lin, K.-H. Wyrwoll, H. Chen, X. Cheng
Patterns of criticality in the recent seismic activity in the vicinity of Athens, Greece      E. Dologlou
The northern coast of the Ottnangian (middle Burdigalian, early Miocene) Molasse Sea in Germany: sediments, foraminiferal assemblages and biostratigraphy     M. Pippèrr, B. Reichenbacher, G. Doppler, M. Hagmaier, D. Jung
Журнал надходить до Інституту геологічних наук міста Києва.
10. The Leading Edge. – Tulsa. – ISSN 1070-485X
Volume 35, Number 3, March 2016
The effect of TOC on acoustic impedance for a Middle Eastern source rock     M.K. Broadhead, S.G. Cheshire, and S. Hayton
Prediction of lateral variations in reservoir properties throughout an interpreted seismic horizon using an artificial neural network     D. S. Cersósimo, C.L. Ravazzoli, and R.G. Martínez
Experimental aeromagnetic survey using an unmanned air system     A. Wood, I. Cook, B. Doyle, M. Cunningham, and C. Samson
Generating SEG Wiki articles to improve student geoscience content and literacy     L. Guertin
Seismic inversion: What it is, and what it is not     E. Landa, and S.Treitel
A 2D automatic converted-wave static-correction algorithm     Y. Sun, T. Tonellot, B. Kamel, and A. Bakulin
SEG Wiki Interview Series: Cova: The first SEG Wiki Student Champion     I. Farley
Conference Review: Third International Conference on Engineering Geophysics (ICEG)     Rick Miller
Special section: Subsalt imaging
Introduction to the special section: Subsalt imaging     J. T. Etgen, D. J. Foster, and Y. Zhang
Revealing subsalt structure using RTM 3D dip gathers     Y. Huang, Y. Li, C. Lee, S. Mothi, and Y. Huang
Constrained waveform inversion for automatic salt flooding     E. Esser, L. Guasch, F.J. Herrmann, and M. Warner
Isotropic and anisotropic velocity-model building for subsalt seismic imaging     T. Matava, R. Keys, D. Foster, and D. Ashabranner
Improving the greater K2 area subsalt imaging with advanced seismic acquisition, model building, and imaging technologies — A Gulf of Mexico case study     A. Aibaidula, D. Walraven, and A. Rodriguez
Adaptive least-squares RTM with applications to subsalt imaging     C. Zeng, S. Dong, and B. Wang
Журнал надходить до Інституту геофізики ім. С.І. Субботіна міста Києва.
11. Journal of Hydrometeorology. – Boston. – ISSN 1525-755X
Volume 17, Number 2, February 2016
Meteorological Monographs and Special Collections     Greg M. McFarquhar and Robert M. Rauber
Deployment and Performance Analyses of High-Resolution Iowa XPOL Radar System during the NASA IFloodS Campaign     Kumar Vijay Mishra, Witold F. Krajewski, Radoslaw Goska, Daniel Ceynar, Bong-Chul Seo, Anton Kruger, James J. Niemeier, Miguel B. Galvez, Merhala Thurai, V. N. Bringi, Leonid Tolstoy, Paul A. Kucera, Walter A. Petersen, Jacopo Grazioli, and Andrew L. Pazmany
Multisite Downscaling of Seasonal Predictions to Daily Rainfall Characteristics over Pacific–Andean River Basins in Ecuador and Peru Using a Nonhomogeneous Hidden Markov Model     Luis E. Pineda and Patrick Willems
Teleconnections between the Peruvian Central Andes and Northeast Brazil during Extreme Rainfall Events in Austral Summer     Juan Sulca, Mathias Vuille, Yamina Silva, and Ken Takahashi
Impact of Soil Moisture Assimilation on Land Surface Model Spinup and Coupled Land–Atmosphere Prediction     Joseph A. Santanello Jr., Sujay V. Kumar, Christa D. Peters-Lidard, and Patricia M. Lawston
Land–Atmosphere Coupling at the Southern Great Plains Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Field Site and Its Role in Anomalous Afternoon Peak Precipitation     Hyo-Jong Song, Craig R. Ferguson, and Joshua K. Roundy
Improving Satellite Quantitative Precipitation Estimation Using GOES-Retrieved Cloud Optical Depth     Ronald Stenz, Xiquan Dong, and Baike Xi, Zhe Feng, Robert J. Kuligowski
Using Densely Distributed Soil Moisture Observations for Calibration of a Hydrologic Model     Andrea Thorstensen, Phu Nguyen, Kuolin Hsu, and Soroosh Sorooshian
Extreme Water Deficit in Brazil Detected from Space     Augusto Getirana
An Empirical Model for Estimating Soil Thermal Conductivity from Soil Water Content and Porosity     Bing Tong, Zhiqiu Gao, Robert Horton, Yubin Li, and Linlin Wang
Uncertainty and Bias in Satellite-Based Precipitation Estimates over Indian Subcontinental Basins: Implications for Real-Time Streamflow Simulation and Flood Prediction     Harsh L. Shah and Vimal Mishra
Atmospheric Moisture Sources, Paths, and the Quantitative Importance to the Eastern Asian Monsoon Region     Lintao Li and Albertus J. Dolman, and Zongxue Xu
Quantifying Streamflow Forecast Skill Elasticity to Initial Condition and Climate Prediction Skill     Andrew W. Wood, Tom Hopson, and Andy Newman, Levi Brekke, Jeff Arnold, and Martyn Clark
Global Assimilation of Multiangle and Multipolarization SMOS Brightness Temperature Observations into the GEOS-5 Catchment Land Surface Model for Soil Moisture Estimation     Gabriëlle J. M. De Lannoy and Rolf H. Reichle
Evaluation of NASA’s MERRA Precipitation Product in Reproducing the Observed Trend and Distribution of Extreme Precipitation Events in the United States     Hamed Ashouri, Soroosh Sorooshian, and Kuo-Lin Hsu, Michael G. Bosilovich, Jaechoul Lee, Michael F. Wehner, and Allison Collow
Linkages between Large-Scale Climate Patterns and Karst Spring Discharge in Northern China     Xueli Huo, Zhongfang Liu, Qingyun Duan, Pengmei Hao, Yanyan Zhang, Yonghong Hao, and Hongbin Zhan
Журнал надходить до Інституту іоносфери міста Харкова.
12. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. – Boston. – ISSN 0003-0007
Volume 97, Number 1, January 2016
Multiple-Apogee Highly Elliptical Orbits for Continuous Meteorological Imaging of Polar Regions: Challenging the Classical 12-h Molniya Orbit Concept     A.P. Trishchenko et al.
Doppler Radar Analysis of Triple Eyewalls in Typhoon Usagi (2013)      K. Zhao et al.
Repeat Storm Surge Disasters of Typhoon Haiyan and Its 1897 Predecessor in the Philippines     J. L. A. et al.
The TIGGE Project and Its Achievements     R. Swinbank et al.
Demonstration of a GOES-R Satellite Convective Toolkit to “Bridge the Gap” between Severe Weather Watches and Warnings: An Example from the 20 May 2013 Moore, Oklahoma, Tornado Outbreak     C. M. Gravelle et al.
Increasing the Value of Uncertain Weather and River Forecasts for Emergency Managers     F. Hoss and P. Fischbeck
Causal Counterfactual Theory for the Attribution of Weather and Climate-Related Events     A. Hannart et al.
The Amundsen Sea Low: Variability, Change, and Impact on Antarctic Climate     M. N. Raphael et al.
Reference Upper-Air Observations for Climate: From Concept to Reality     G. E. Bodeker et al.
Bridging the (Knowledge) Gap between Physics and Dynamics     M. Gross et al.
Журнал надходить до Інституту іоносфери міста Харкова.
13. Journal of Plant Research. – Tokyo. – ISSN 0918-9440
Volume 129, Number 1, January 2016
New shifts in the Journal of Plant Research     I. Nishida
Taxonomy, Phylogenetics, Evolutionary Biology
A new find of the fossil Cyclosorus from the Eocene of South China and its paleoclimatic implication     S. V. Naugolnykh, L. Wang, M. Han, J.-H. Jin
Maize peroxidase Px5 has a highly conserved sequence in inbreds resistant to mycotoxin producing fungi which enhances fungal and insect resistance     P. F. Dowd, E. T. Johnson
Ecology, Ecophysiology, Environmental Biology
Predominance of a single clone of the most widely distributed bamboo species Phyllostachys edulis in East Asia     Y. Isagi, T. Oda, K. Fukushima, C. Lian, M. Yokogawa, S. Kaneko
Morphology, Anatomy, Structural Biology
Spatial variation of vessel grouping in the xylem of Betula platyphylla Roth     X. Zhao
Physiology, Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology
Glutamate functions in stomatal closure in Arabidopsis and fava bean     R. Yoshida, I. C. Mori, N. Kamizono, , Y. Shichiri, T. Shimatani, F. Miyata, K. Honda, S. Iwai
Cassava root membrane proteome reveals activities during storage root maturation     M. Naconsie, M. Lertpanyasampatha, U. Viboonjun, S. Netrphan, M. Kuwano, N. Ogasawara, J. Narangajavana
OsHKT2;2/1-mediated Na+ influx over K+ uptake in roots potentially increases toxic Na+ accumulation in a salt-tolerant landrace of rice Nona Bokra upon salinity stress     K. Suzuki, A. Costa, H. Nakayama, M. Katsuhara, A. Shinmyo, T. Horie
Mitigative effects of spermidine on photosynthesis and carbon–nitrogen balance of cucumber seedlings under Ca(NO3)2 stress     J. Du, S. Shu, Q. Shao, Y. An, H. Zhou, S. Guo, J. Sun
Functional analyses of the plant-specific C-terminal region of VPS9a: the activating factor for RAB5 in Arabidopsis thaliana     M. Sunada, T. Goh, T. Ueda, A. Nakano
Quantitative analyses on dynamic changes in the organization of host Arabidopsis thaliana actin microfilaments surrounding the infection organ of the powdery mildew fungus Golovinomyces orontii     N. Inada, T. Higaki, S. Hasezawa
Журнал надходить до Інституту ботаніки ім. М. Г. Холодного  міста Києва.
14. Plant Ecology and Evolution. – Meise. – ISSN 2032-3913
Volume 149, Number 1, 2016
Third symposium of the biology of non-weedy parasitic plants (Namur, Belgium)
The biology of non-weedy parasitic plants: the third symposium     R.A. Wesselingh
Functional biology of parasitic plants: a review     J. Těšitel
Regular Papers
Within-population variation in the relation between node number and flowering time in Rhinanthus angustifolius (Orobanchaceae)      R.A. Wesselingh
Response of two hemiparasitic Orobanchaceae species to mowing dates: implications for grassland conservation and restoration practice     P. Blažek, J. Lepš, K. Fajmon & J. Těšitel
Tracing nitrogen flow in a root-hemiparasitic association by foliar stable-isotope labelling     P. Světlíková, P. Blažek, R. Mühlsteinová & J. Těšitel
Microsatellite analysis of four similar Euphrasia (Orobanchaceae) species changes the traditional view of this group     Š. Svobodová, J. Košnar, P. Koutecký & M. Štech
Other Papers
Regular Papers
Comparison of native and non-native Impatiens species across experimental light and nutrient gradients     V. Minden & J. Gorschlüter
Herbivory causes increases in leaf spinescence and fluctuating asymmetry as a mechanism of delayed induced resistance in a tropical savanna tree      E. Alves-Silva & K. Del-Claro
Habitat characterization of two Pinguicula species (Lentibulariaceae) in the western Alps     P.Z. Bertolini, M. Carbognani, A. Petraglia, M. Tribaudino & M. Tomaselli
Characterization of the epiphytic lichen vegetation in a riparian forest in southern Brazil     M.I. Käffer, R.V. Dantas & S.M. de A. Martins
New or otherwise interesting desmid taxa from the Bangweulu region (Zambia). 2. Genera Staurodesmus, Staurastrum and Xanthidium (Desmidiales)      P.F.M. Coesel & A. van Geest
The emblematic "Captaincookia" in New Caledonia (Rubiaceae), a divergent Ixora species showing adaptive variability from humid to sclerophyll forests     A. Mouly, T. Deroin, D. Verhaegen & J. Munzinger
Hydnophytum puffii (Rubiaceae: Psychotrieae), a new ant-plant from Sabah, Malaysian Borneo     Y.W. Low, J.B. Sugau & K.M. Wong
Short Communication
Novitates Gabonenses 84. A new species of Wilczekra (Celastraceae) from Gabon     Breteler F.J.
Журнал надходить до Національного ботанічного саду ім. М. М. Гришка  міста Києва.
15. Zoosystema. – Paris. – ISSN 1280-9551
Volume 38, Issue 1, 2016
Recent Brachiopoda from the Mozambique-Madagascar area, western Indian Ocean     Bitner M. A. & Logan A.
On the identity of Graphicomassa albina (Kiener, 1841) (Gastropoda: Columbellidae     deMaintenon M. J.
Regional catalogue of the spiders (Arachnida, Araneae) of Aosta Valley (NW Italy)      Paschetta M., Christille C., Marguerettaz F. &  Isaia M.
Re-evaluation of the identities of Eucereon punctatum (Guérin-Méneville, [1844]) and E. archias (Stoll, 1790), with a discussion on E. mitigatum Walker, 1857, rev. stat. (Lepidoptera, Erebidae, Arctiinae, Arctiini, Ctenuchina)      Pinheiro L. V.
Gastrotrichs in bromeliads — newly recorded Chaetonotus (Hystricochaetonotus) furcatus Kisielewski, 1991 (Chaetonotida) from the Łódź Palm House      Kolicka M.
Журнал надходить до Інституту зоології ім. І. І. Шмальгаузена  міста Києва.
16. Vertebrate Zoology. – Dresden. – ISSN 1864-5755
Volume 66 (1), 2016
Diversity and evolution of the Middle American cichlid fishes (Teleostei: Cichlidae) with revised classification     O. Říčan, L. Piálek, K. Dragová & J. Novák
Журнал надходить до Інституту зоології ім. І. І. Шмальгаузена  міста Києва.
17. Systematic Entomology. – Oxford. – ISSN 0307-6970
Volume 41, Number 2, April 2016
Revisiting Coptotermes (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae): a global taxonomic road map for species validity and distribution of an economically important subterranean termite genus     Thomas Chouvenc, Hou-Feng Li, James Austin, Christian Bordereau, Thomas Bourguignon, Stephen L. Cameron, Eliana M. Cancello, Reginaldo Constantino, Ana Maria Costa-Leonardo, Paul Eggleton, Theodore A. Evans, Brian Forschler, J. Kenneth Grace, Claudia Husseneder, Jan Křeček, Chow-Yang Lee, Timothy Lee, Nathan Lo, Matthew Messenger, Aaron Mullins, Alain Robert, Yves Roisin, Rudolf H. Scheffrahn, David Sillam-Dussès, Jan Šobotnìk, Allen Szalanski, Yoko Takematsu, Edward L. Vargo, Akinori Yamada, Tsuyoshi Yoshimura and Nan-Yao Su
For consistency's sake? A reply to Bybee et al.     Göran Sahlén, Frank Suhling, Andreas Martens, Stanislav N. Gorb and Ola M. Fincke
Molecular phylogeny reveals the repeated evolution of complex male genital traits in the New Zealand moth genus Izatha (Lepidoptera: Xyloryctidae)    Rebecca M. Bennik, Thomas R. Buckley, Robert J. B. Hoare and Gregory I. Holwell
Phylogeny of the Homalotina (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Aleocharinae) based on morphology     Yoon-Ho Kim and Kee-Jeong Ahn
Comparative morphology of the mandibles and head structures of corbiculate bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Apini)    Diego S. Porto, Lars Vilhelmsen and Eduardo A. B. Almedia
Out of South-East Asia: phylogeny and biogeography of the spiny ant genus Polyrhachis Smith (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)    Dirk Mezger and Corrie S. Moreau
Are generalist Aphidiinae (Hym. Braconidae) mostly cryptic species complexes?    Stephane A. P. Derocles, Manuel Plantegenest, Jean-Yves Rasplus, Alexia Marie, Darren M. Evans, David H. Lunt and Anne Le Ralec
Pretarsus and distal margin of the terminal tarsomere as an unexplored character system for higher-level classification in Cholevinae (Coleoptera, Leiodidae)    Caio Antunes-Carvalho and Pedro Gnaspini
Phylogenetic relationships of Acronictinae with discussion of the abdominal courtship brush in Noctuidae (Lepidoptera)    Jadranka Rota, Brigette V. Zacharaczenko, Niklas Wahlberg, Reza Zahiri, B. C. Schmidt and David L. Wagner
A molecular and morphological phylogeny of the extant Augochlorini (Hymenoptera, Apoidea) with comments on implications for biogeography     Rodrigo B. Gonçalves
Cluster biodiversity as a multidimensional structure evolution strategy: checkerspot butterflies of the group Euphydryas aurinia (Rottemburg, 1775) (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae)    Stanislav K. Korb, Lavr V. Bolshakov, Zdenek F. Fric and Alena Bartonova
Revised classification and evolution of leucotrichiine microcaddisflies (Trichoptera: Hydroptilidae) based on morphological and molecular data     Allan P. M. Santos, Jorge L. Nessimian and Daniela M. Takiya
Systematics of the Neotropical braconid wasps of the Pedinotus genus group (Doryctinae)    Ernesto Samacá-Sáenz, Sergey A. Belokobylskij, Donald L. J. Quicke and Alejandro Zaldívar-Rivernón
Large-scale molecular phylogeny of Cryptorhynchinae (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) from multiple genes suggests American origin and later Australian radiation     Alexander Riedel, Rene Tänzler, Joan Pons, Yayuk R. Suhardjono and Michael Balke
Журнал надходить до Інституту зоології ім. І. І. Шмальгаузена  міста Києва.
18. American Sociological Review. – Washington. – ISSN 0003-1224
Volume 81, Number 2, April 2016
What Does It Mean to Span Cultural Boundaries? Variety and Atypicality in Cultural Consumption     Amir Goldberg, Michael T. Hannan, and Balázs Kovács
Immigration and Welfare Support in Germany     Alexander W. Schmidt-Catran and Dennis C. Spies
Penalized or Protected? Gender and the Consequences of Nonstandard and Mismatched Employment Histories     David S. Pedulla
Explaining the Gaps in White, Black, and Hispanic Violence since 1990: Accounting for Immigration, Incarceration, and Inequality     Michael T. Light and Jeffery T. Ulmer
The Theory of Legal Cynicism and Sunni Insurgent Violence in Post-Invasion Iraq     John Hagan, Joshua Kaiser, and Anna Hanson
Through the Contested Terrain: Implementation of Downsizing Announcements by Large U.S. Firms, 1984 to 2005     Jiwook Jung
The Great and the Small: The Impact of Collective Action on the Evolution of Board Interlocks after the Panic of 1907     Lori Qingyuan Yue
Ripples of Fear: The Diffusion of a Bank Panic     Henrich R. Greve, Ji-Yub (Jay) Kim, and Daphne The
Журнал надходить до Інституту соціології міста Києва.
19. MLQ. Modern Language Quarterly. – Seattle. – ISSN 0026-7929
Volume 77, Number 1, March 2016
Reading Historical Poetics     V. Joshua Adams, Joel Calahan, and Michael Hansen
“What is Historical Poetics?”     Yopie Prins
From Grief to Leisure: “Lycidas” in the Eighteenth Century     Andrea Brady
Revaluing Repetition: John Clare’s Verse-Thinking     Caroline Levine
Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Historiographic Poetics     Naomi Levine
Truth is Stranger than Fiction: Don Juan and the Truth Claims of Genre     Dino Franco Felluga
Superversive Poetics: Browning’s Fifine at the Fair    Simon Jarvis
Журнал надходить до Інституту літератури ім. Т. Г. Шевченка міста Києва.
20. Arizona Quarterly: A Journal of American Literature, Culture, and Theory. – Tucson. – ISSN 0004-1610
Volume 72, Number 1, Spring 2016
Serial Women Writers and Racial Intimacy     Dale M. Bauer
Travel Narratives, Travel Fictions: The Prescient Case of Paul Bowles     Daniel Cooper Alarcón
 “No Future”: Time, Punk Rock and Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Goon Squad     Martin Moling
The Ambassadors and the Afterlife of Failure     Jami Bartlett
The Elsewhere Swerve: Polyrhythmic Epistemology and Inclusive History in Charlotte Carter’s Jazz Detective Fiction Novel Coq au Vin (1999)     Julia Istomina
Журнал надходить до Інституту літератури ім. Т. Г. Шевченка міста Києва.
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