Нові надходження зарубіжних періодичних видань, якими комплектуються бібліотеки науково-дослідних установ Національної академії наук України

Шановні користувачі! З 28 листопада по 20 грудня 2016 року в Залі іноземних періодичних видань (кімн. 313) експонується виставка нових надходжень зарубіжних періодичних видань, які передаються бібліотекам науково-дослідних установ НАН України.
Журнали представлені на виставці:
1. Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications. – New York. – ISSN 0022-3239
Volume 171, Number 1, October 2016
Generalized Derivatives of Differential–Algebraic Equations   P. G. Stechlinski, P. I. Barton
New Second-Order Optimality Conditions for a Class of Differentiable Optimization Problems    N. Q. Huy, N. V. Tuyen
Second-Order Conditions for Open-Cone Minimizers and Firm Minimizers in Set-Valued Optimization Subject to Mixed Constraints    P. Q. Khanh, N. M. Tung
Approximate Karush–Kuhn–Tucker Condition in Multiobjective Optimization    G. Giorgi, B. Jiménez, V. Novo
Dynamical Behavior of a Stochastic Forward–Backward Algorithm Using Random Monotone Operators    P. Bianchi, W. Hachem
Stochastic Intermediate Gradient Method for Convex Problems with Stochastic Inexact Oracle    P. Dvurechensky, A. Gasnikov
Convergence of One-Step Projected Gradient Methods for Variational Inequalities    P. E. Maingé, M. L. Gobinddass
Synchronous and Asynchronous Multisplitting Iteration Schemes for Solving Mixed Linear Complementarity Problems with H-Matrices    C. Liu, C. Li
Derivative-Free Local Tuning and Local Improvement Techniques Embedded in the Univariate Global Optimization    Y. D. Sergeyev, M. S. Mukhametzhanov, D. E. Kvasov, D. Lera
Dual Descent Methods as Tension Reduction Systems    G. de Carvalho Bento, J. X. da Cruz Neto, A. Soubeyran, V. L. de Sousa Júnior
Error Bounds Via Exact Penalization with Applications to Concave and Quadratic Systems    H. A. Le Thi, H. Van Ngai, T. Pham Dinh
New Augmented Lagrangian-Based Proximal Point Algorithm for Convex Optimization with Equality Constraints    Y. Shen, H. Wang
The Convergence Properties for Regularized Landweber Method    C. Wang
The Financial Equilibrium Problem with a Markowitz-Type Memory Term and Adaptive Constraints    P. Daniele, M. Lorino, C. Mirabella
Computing Laser Beam Paths in Optical Cavities: An Approach Based on Geometric Newton Method    D. Cuccato, A. Saccon, A. Ortolan, A. Beghi
Testing Different Nonsmooth Formulations of the Lennard–Jones Potential in Atomic Clustering Problems    N. Karmitsa
Hierarchical Control for the Wave Equation with a Moving Boundary    I. P. de Jesus
Журнал надходить до Інституту математики міста Києва.
2. Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications. – New York. – ISSN 0022-3239
Volume 171, Number 2, October 2016
Special Issue: Nondifferentiable Optimization and Nonsmooth Analysis
Preface    V. Malozemov, M. Dolgopolik
Reduced Pairs of Compact Convex Sets and Ordered Median Functions    J. Grzybowski, D. Pallaschke, R. Urbański
Quaisidifferentials in Kantorovich Spaces    E. K. Basaeva, A. G. Kusraev, S. S. Kutateladze
From Quasidifferentiable to Directed Subdifferentiable Functions: Exact Calculus Rules    R. Baier, E. Farkhi, V. Roshchina
Optimality Conditions for Set-Valued Optimisation Problems Using a Modified Demyanov Difference    S. Dempe, M. Pilecka
Semicoercive Variational Inequalities: From Existence to Numerical Solution of Nonmonotone Contact Problems    N. Ovcharova, J. Gwinner
Value Functions and Their Directional Derivatives in Parametric Nonlinear Programming    V. Bondarevsky, A. Leschov, L. Minchenko
Uniform Estimation of a Convex Body by a Fixed-Radius Ball    S. Dudov, M. Osiptsev
Positively Homogeneous Functions Revisited    V. V. Gorokhovik, M. Trafimovich
Second-Order Analysis of Piecewise Linear Functions with Applications to Optimization and Stability    B. S. Mordukhovich, M. E. Sarabi
Some Properties and Applications of the Hausdorff Distance    A. V. Arutyunov, S. A. Vartapetov, S. E. Zhukovskiy
Chebyshev Approximation by Linear Combinations of Fixed Knot Polynomial Splines with Weighting Functions    N. Sukhorukova, J. Ugon
Approximate Functions in a Problem of Sets Separation    X. V. Grigor’eva
A Strong Metric Subregularity Analysis of Nonsmooth Mappings Via Steepest Displacement Rate    A. Uderzo
An Inertial Tseng’s Type Proximal Algorithm for Nonsmooth and Nonconvex Optimization Problems    R. I. Boţ, E. R. Csetnek
On the Problem of Minimizing a Difference of Polyhedral Convex Functions Under Linear Constraints    N. T. Van Hang, N. D. Yen
Optimality Condition for Local Efficient Solutions of Vector Equilibrium Problems via Convexificators and Applications    D. Van Luu
Second-Order Minimization Method for Nonsmooth Functions Allowing Convex Quadratic Approximations of the Augment    M. E. Abbasov
On Stochastic Variational Inequalities with Mean Value Constraints    F. Faraci, B. Jadamba, F. Raciti
Duality for Nonsmooth Optimization Problems with Equilibrium Constraints, Using Convexificators    Y. Pandey, S. K. Mishra
Optimality Conditions in Quasidifferentiable Vector Optimization    T. Antczak
Журнал надходить до Інституту математики міста Києва.
3. Jahresbericht der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung. – Heidelberg. – ISSN 0012-0456
Volume 118, Issue 3, September 2016
Preface Issue 3-2016    Hans-Christoph Grunau
Historical Article
Leben und Werk von Egbert Brieskorn (1936–2013)    Gert-Martin Greuel, Walter Purkert
Survey Article
Gleitkommaarithmetik auf dem Prüfstand. Wie werden verifiziert(e) numerische Lösungen berechnet?    Siegfried Michael Rump
Book Review
Charles L. Epstein, Rafe Mazzeo: “Degenerate Diffusion Operators Arising in Population Biology”    Wilhelm Stannat
Diane Maclagan, Bernd Sturmfels: “Introduction to Tropical Geometry”    Michael Joswig
Terence Tao: “Expansion in Finite Simple Groups of Lie Type”    Alain Valette
Журнал надходить до Інституту математики міста Києва.
4. Jahresbericht der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung. – Heidelberg. – ISSN 0012-0456
Volume 118, Issue 4, December 2016
Preface Issue 4-2016    Hans-Christoph Grunau
Survey Article
Topological Insulators from the Perspective of Non-commutative Geometry and Index Theory    Hermann Schulz-Baldes
On Sign Preservation for Clotheslines, Curtain Rods, Elastic Membranes and Thin Plates    Guido Sweers
Book Review
Della Dumbaugh, Joachim Schwermer: “Emil Artin and Beyond—Class Field Theory and L -Functions”    Norbert Schappacher
Bernhard Mühlherr, Holger P. Petersson, Richard M. Weiss: “Descent in Buildings”    Bertrand Rémy
M. Bestvina, M. Sageev, K. Vogtmann (Eds.): Geometric Group Theory    Ralf Köhl
Журнал надходить до Інституту математики міста Києва.
5. International Journal of Earth Sciences. – Heidelberg. – ISSN 1437-3254
Volume 105, Number 8, November 2016
Aeromagnetic interpretation in the south-central Zimbabwe Craton: (reappraisal of) crustal structure and tectonic implications    R. T. Ranganai, K. A. Whaler, C. J. Ebinger
The Last Appearance Datum of Hipparion in Western Europe: magnetostratigraphy along the Pliocene–Pleistocene boundary in the Villarroya Basin (Northern Spain)    E. L. Pueyo, A. Muñoz, C. Laplana, J. M. Parés
Geophysical characterization of buried active faults: the Concud Fault (Iberian Chain, NE Spain)    Ó. Pueyo Anchuela, P. Lafuente, L. Arlegui, C. L. Liesa, J. L. Simón
Sedimentary basin analysis using airborne gravity data: a case study from the Bohai Bay Basin, China    W. Li, Y. Liu, J. Zhou, X. Zhou, .B. Li
Lithological and structural characterization of the Longmen Shan fault belt from the 3rd hole of the Wenchuan Earthquake Fault Scientific Drilling project (WFSD-3)    H. Li, H. Wang, G. Yang, Z. Xu, T. Li, J. Si, Z. Sun, Y. Huang, M.-L. Chevalier, W. Zhang, J. Zhang
Tithonian age of dinosaur fossils in central Patagonian, Chile: U–Pb SHRIMP geochronology    M. Suárez, R. De La Cruz, M. Fanning, F. Novas, L. Salgado
Structural characterization of the Misajé granitic pluton (NW Cameroon): constraints from magnetic and field observations    E. M. Fozing, T. Njanko, S. Naba, M. Kwékam, E. Njonfang, P. Rochette
3D seismic interpretation of subsurface eruptive centers in a Permian large igneous province, Tazhong Uplift, central Tarim Basin, NW China    J. Yang, W. Zhu, D. Guan, B. Zhu, L. Yuan, X. Xiang, J. Su, J. He, X. Wu
Geologic map of the Basque-Cantabrian Basin and a new tectonic interpretation of the Basque Arc    B. Ábalos
Neues aus dem Geologenarchiv
Wolfgang Schott (1905–1989): the founder of quantitative paleoceanography    W.-C. Dullo, F. A. Pfaffl
Журнал надходить до Інституту геологічних наук міста Києва.
6. Journal of Hydrometeorology. – Boston. – ISSN 1525-755X
Volume 17, Number 8, August 2016
Scale Dependence of Land–Atmosphere Interactions in Wet and Dry Regions as Simulated with NU-WRF over the Southwestern and South-Central United States    Yaping Zhou, Di Wu, William K.-M. Lau, and Wei-Kuo Tao
A Spatial–Dynamical Framework for Evaluation of Satellite Rainfall Products for Flood Prediction    Felipe Quintero, Witold F. Krajewski, Ricardo Mantilla, Scott Small, and Bong-Chul Seo
Using Natural Variability as a Baseline to Evaluate the Performance of Bias Correction Methods in Hydrological Climate Change Impact Studies    Jie Chen, Blaise Gauvin St-Denis, François P. Brissette, and Philippe Lucas-Picher
Aerodynamic and Radiative Controls on the Snow Surface Temperature    J. W. Pomeroy, R. L. H. Essery, and W. D. Helgason
Role of Soil Moisture Feedback in the Development of Extreme Summer Drought and Flood in the United States    Roop Saini, Guiling Wang, and Jeremy S. Pal
Physically Plausible Methods for Projecting Changes in Great Lakes Water Levels under Climate Change Scenarios    Brent M. Lofgren and Jonathan Rouhana
Assessment of the Timing of Daily Peak Streamflow during the Melt Season in a Snow-Dominated Watershed    Xing Chen, Mukesh Kumar, Rui Wang, Adam Winstral, and Danny Marks
Impact of Model Relative Accuracy in Framework of Rescaling Observations in Hydrological Data Assimilation Studies    M. T. Yilmaz, W. T. Crow, and D. Ryu
Assessment of the Influences of Different Potential Evapotranspiration Inputs on the Performance of Monthly Hydrological Models under Different Climatic Conditions    Peng Bai, Xiaomang Liu, Tiantian Yang, Fadong Li, Kang Liang, Shanshan Hu, and Changming Liu
Calibration of Noah Soil Hydraulic Property Parameters Using Surface Soil Moisture from SMOS and Basinwide In Situ Observations    Peter J. Shellito, Eric E. Small, and Michael H. Cosh
The Multibudget Soil, Vegetation, and Snow (SVS) Scheme for Land Surface Parameterization: Offline Warm Season Evaluation    Syed Zahid Husain, Nasim Alavi, Stéphane Bélair, Marco Carrera, Shunli Zhang, Vincent Fortin, Maria Abrahamowicz, and Nathalie Gauthier
Warm Season Evaluation of Soil Moisture Prediction in the Soil, Vegetation, and Snow (SVS) Scheme    Nasim Alavi, Stéphane Bélair, Vincent Fortin, Shunli Zhang, Syed Z. Husain, Marco L. Carrera, and Maria Abrahamowicz
Evaluation of Uncertainties in Input Data and Parameters of a Hydrological Model Using a Bayesian Framework: A Case Study of a Snowmelt–Precipitation-Driven Watershed    J. L. Zhang, Y. P. Li, G. H. Huang, C. X. Wang, and G. H. Cheng
Журнал надходить до Інституту іоносфери міста Харкова.
7. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. – Boston. – ISSN 0003-0007
Volume 97, Number 8, August 2016
“Big Data Assimilation” Revolutionizing Severe Weather Prediction    T. Miyoshi et al.
Visualizing Vapor Pressure: A Mechanical Demonstration of Liquid–Vapor Phase Equilibrium    D. Lamb and R. A. Shaw
Statistical Characteristic of Heavy Rainfall Associated with Typhoons near Taiwan Based on High-Density Automatic Rain Gauge Data    C.-C. Wu et al.
Improving the Mapping and Prediction of Offshore Wind Resources (IMPOWR): Experimental Overview and First Results    B. A. Colle et al.
Satellite and In Situ Salinity: Understanding Near-Surface Stratification and Subfootprint Variability    J. Boutin et al.
Analysis of an Observing System Experiment for the Joint Polar Satellite System    S. Lord et al.
Bridging Research to Operations Transitions: Status and Plans of Community GSI    H. Shao et al.
The North American Soil Moisture Database: Development and Applications    S. M. Quiring et al.
Worldwide Survey of Awareness and Needs Concerning Reanalyses and Respondents Views on Climate Services    H. Gregow et al.
Feeling the Pulse of the Stratosphere: An Emerging Opportunity for Predicting Continental-Scale Cold-Air Outbreaks 1 Month in Advance    M. Cai et al.
Special Supplement to the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society Vol. 97, No. 8, August 2016: State of the Climate in 2015    Jessica Blunden, Derek S. Arndt
Журнал надходить до Інституту іоносфери міста Харкова.
8. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. – Boston. – ISSN 0003-0007
Volume 97, Number 9, September 2016
Better Informed Marine Operations and Management: Multidisciplinary Efforts in Ocean Forecasting Research for Socioeconomic Benefit    A. Schiller et al.
Visualizing Rayleigh Scattering through UV Photography    A. V. Lindfors and L. Ylianttila
Reanalyses and Observations: What’s the Difference?     W. S. Parker
Sustained Production of Multidecadal Climate Records: Lessons from the NOAA Climate Data Record Program    J. J. Bates et al.
Low-Atmosphere Drifting Balloons: Platforms for Environment Monitoring and Forecast Improvement    A. Doerenbecher et al.
Future Observing System Simulation Experiments    R. N. Hoffman and R. Atlas
Multi-Radar Multi-Sensor (MRMS) Severe Weather and Aviation Products: Initial Operating Capabilities    Travis M. Smith et al.
Advancing Polar Prediction Capabilities on Daily to Seasonal Time Scales    T. Jung et al.
Effectively Communicating Risk and Uncertainty to the Public: Assessing the National Weather Service’s Flood Forecast and Warning Tools    R. Hogan Carr et al.
The Midlatitude Continental Convective Clouds Experiment (MC3E)    M. P. Jensen et al.
The Coastal Convective Interactions Experiment (CCIE): Understanding the Role of Sea Breezes for Hailstorm Hotspots in Eastern Australia    J. Soderholm et al.
Planning the Next Decade of Coordinated Research to Better Understand and Simulate Marine Low Clouds    R. Wood et al.
High-Latitude Dynamics of Atmosphere–Ice–Ocean Interactions    T. Spengler et al.
Журнал надходить до Інституту іоносфери міста Харкова.
9. PalZ. Paläontologische Zeitschrift. – Heidelberg. – ISSN 0031-0220
Volume 90, Issue 3, September 2016
Research Paper
Huncalotis, an enigmatic new pectinoid genus (Bivalvia, Late Jurassic) from South America    S. E. Damborenea, H. A. Leanza
Early Miocene continental gastropods from new localities of the Molasse Basin in southern Germany    R. B. Salvador, M. Pipperr, B. Reichenbacher, M. W. Rasser The first description of a microtrombidiid mite (Actinotrichida: Prostigmata, Microtrombidiidae) from Baltic amber, with notes on related extant genera and species    M. Konikiewicz, E. Sontag, J. Makol
Late Cretaceous crinoids (Echinodermata) from the southwestern margin of the Holy Cross Mts. (southern Poland) and phylogenetic relationships among bourgueticrinids    R. Lach, M. A. Salamon
Revision and re-description of Micropeltis isseli Airaghi, 1901 (Echinodermata: Echinoidea)    A. Kroh, E. Borghi
Revision of Isanodus paladeji (Elasmobranchii, Hybodontiformes) from the Lower Cretaceous of Thailand    S. Khamha, G. Cuny, K. Lauprasert
New callipurbeckiid genus (Ginglymodi: Semionotiformes) from the Tithonian (Late Jurassic) of Canjuers, France    A. Lopez-Arbarello, L. C. M. Wencker
Oligoremora rhenana n. g. n. sp., a new echeneid fish (Percomorpha, Echeneoidei) from the Oligocene of the Grube Unterfeld (“Frauenweiler”) clay pit    N. Micklich, R. Gregorova, A. F. Bannikov, D.-S. Baciu, I. Grădianu, G. Carnevale
A new rhynchosaur from south Brazil (Santa Maria Formation) and rhynchosaur diversity patterns across the Middle-Late Triassic boundary    C. L. Schultz, M. C. Langer, F. C. Montefeltro
First record of a diacodexeid artiodactyl in the middle Eocene Pondaung Formation (Myanmar)    S. Ducrocq, A. N. Soe, C. Sein, V. Lazzari, Y. Chaimanee, X. Valentin, J.-J. Jaeger
Short Communication
Megatherioidea (Mammalia, Xenarthra, Tardigrada) from the Pinturas Formation (Early Miocene), Santa Cruz Province (Argentina) and their chronological implications    D. Brandoni, L. G. Ruiz, M. F. Tejedor, G. Martin, J. G. Fleagle
Coproporus electron sp. nov., the first tachyporine rove beetle in Dominican amber (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae)    S. Yamamoto, Y. Takahashi
Erratum to: Aktuo-palaontologie of the common cuttlefish, Sepia officinalis, an endocochleate cephalopod (mollusca) in the North Sea    C. A. Jongbloed, W. de Gier, D. M. van Ruiten, S. K. Donovan
Erratum to: Revision of Isanodus paladeji (Elasmobranchii, Hybodontiformes) from the Lower Cretaceous of Thailand    S. Khamha, G. Cuny, K. Lauprasert
Erratum to: Oligoremora rhenana n. g. n. sp., a new echeneid fish (Percomorpha, Echeneoidei) from the Oligocene of the Grube Unterfeld (“Frauenweiler”) clay pit    N. Micklich, R. Gregorova, A. F. Bannikov, D.-S. Baciu, I. Gradianu, G. Carnevale
Erratum to: A new rhynchosaur from south Brazil (Santa Maria Formation) and rhynchosaur diversity patterns across the Middle-Late Triassic boundary    C. L. Schultz, M. C. Langer, F. C. Montefeltro
Erratum to: First record of a diacodexeid artiodactyl in the middle Eocene Pondaung Formation (Myanmar)    S. Ducrocq, A. N. Soe, C. Sein, V. Lazzari, Y. Chaimanee, X. Valentin, J.-J. Jaeger
Erratum to: Megatherioidea (Mammalia, Xenarthra, Tardigrada) from the Pinturas Formation (Early Miocene), Santa Cruz Province (Argentina) and their chronological implications    D. Brandoni, L. G. Ruiz, M. F. Tejedor, G. Martin, J. G. Fleagle
Журнал надходить до Інституту геологічних наук міста Києва.
10. Kew Bulletin. – London. – ISSN 0075-5974
Volume 71, Number 3, September 2016
Two distinctive new species of Commicarpus (Nyctaginaceae) from gypsum outcrops in eastern Ethiopia    Ib Friis, Michael G. Gilbert, Odile Weber & Sebsebe Demissew
New octoploid Catabrosa (Poaceae) species from Altai    Elizaveta O. Punina, Nikolai N. Nosov, Yulia A. Myakoshina, Alexander A. Gnutikov, Alexander I. Shmakov, Marina V. Olonova & Alexander V. Rodionov
Pedicularis artiae, a new species of Orobanchaceae from Sikkim Himalaya, India    R. Kr. Singh, B. S. Kholia & J. V. Sudhakar
Lectotypification of three names in Pyrus (Rosaceae)    Zübeyde Uğurlu Aydın & Ali A. Dönmez
Fimbristylis tuckeri (Cyperaceae), a new sedge species from the Western Ghats, India    A. R. Viji, A. G. Pandurangan, & Deepu Sivadas
Justicia gambleana (Acanthaceae): a new species from Kerala, India    K. M. Prabhukumar, A. J. Robi, V. S. Hareesh, & Indira Balachandran
Sokinochloa, a new bamboo genus (Poaceae-Bambusoideae) from Madagascar    Soejatmi Dransfield
The rediscovery of Philcoxia goiasensis (Plantaginaceae): lectotypification and notes on morphology, distribution and conservation of a threatened carnivorous species from the Serra Geral de Goiás, Brazil    André Vito Scatigna, Aryanne Golçalves Amaral, Cássia Beatriz Rodrigues Munhoz, Vinicius Castro Souza, & André Olmos Simões
Polygala minarum (Polygalaceae), a new species endemic to southern Minas Gerais, Brazil    J. F. B. Pastore
Buchnera tacianae (Orobanchaceae), a new species from the Brazilian cerrado    Vinicius Castro Souza & Juliana de Paula-Souza
An endangered new species of Podorungia (Acanthaceae), with notes on the tribe Barlerieae in Madagascar    Guy Eric Onjalalaina & Iain Darbyshire
Characteristics of the Madagascan genus Canephora (Rubiaceae: Octotropideae), and the description of two new species    S. E. Dawson
Localities of plants collected by Thomas Baines on the Baines-Chapman expedition to Lake Ngami and Victoria Falls 1861 – 1863    David J. Goyder
The correct name for Schumannianthus dichotomus (Marantaceae)    J. F. Veldkamp & I. M. Turner
Typification of seven names of Indian Memecylon (Melastomataceae)    Moumita Das Das, Debabrata Maity & Arabinda Pramanik
Erratum to: Newly discovered diversity in the tropical fern genus Metaxya based on morphology and molecular phylogenetic analyses    Glenda G. Cárdenas, Hanna Tuomisto & Samuli Lehtonen
Журнал надходить до Інституту ботаніки ім. М. Г. Холодного  міста Києва.
11. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology. – Lawrence. – ISSN 1559-4491
Volume 128, Number 3, September 2016
Antiparasitic behaviors of Red-winged Blackbirds (Agelaius phoeniceus) in response to simulated Brown-headed Cowbirds (Molothrus ater): further tests of the frontloaded parasite-defense hypothesis    Ken Yasukawa, Josie Lindsey-Robbins, Carol S. Henger, and Mark E. Hauber
Body mass and physiological variables of incubating males and females in the European Storm Petrel (Hydrobates p. pelagicus)    Katarzyna Wojczulanis-Jakubas, Dariusz Jakubas, and Anna Kośmicka
Frequency of extra-pair paternity in Scissor-tailed Flycatchers (Tyrannus forficatus) and other suboscines: are oscines and suboscines different?    Diane V. Roeder, Michael S. Husak, and Michael T. Murphy
Coastal and offshore counts of migratory sparrows and warblers as revealed by recordings of nocturnal flight calls along the Ohio coast of Lake Erie    David V. Gesicki, Mohsin M. Jamali, and Verner P. Bingman
Predictors of flight behavior in rural and urban songbirds    Kathryn E. Battle, Sarah L. Foltz, and Ignacio T. Moore
The effects of landscape structure on functional groups of Atlantic forest birds    Marco Túlio Pacheco Coelho, Mariana Raniero, Marina Isidoro Silva, and Érica Hasui
Captures of Northern Saw-whet Owls (Aegolius acadicus) correlate with the lunar cycle during fall migration    L. Leann Kanda, John L. Confer, and Robert L. Kellogg
Molt strategies of ten neotropical forest passerine species    Santiago X. Guallar, Angelina Ruiz-Sánchez, Rafael Rueda-Hernández, and Peter Pyle
Examining potential relationships between exotic monk parakeets (Myiopsitta monachus) and avian communities in an urban environment    Christopher W. Appelt, Lorrie C. Ward, Colleen Bender, Joan Fasenella, Brandy J. Van Vossen, and Lynn Knight
Density of Pectoral Antwrens (Herpsilochmus pectoralis) (Family: Thamnophilidae) in northeastern Brazil    Fernanda Moniz Sodré Lopes Teixeira, Jéssica Luiza Cruz Miranda, Bruno Rodrigo De Albuquerque França, and Marcelo Da Silva
The diet of Cerulean Warbler (Setophaga cerulea) nestlings and adult nest provisioning behaviors in southern Indiana    Sasha A. Auer, Kamal Islam, Jennifer R. Wagner, Keith S. Summerville, and Kevin W. Barnes
Daily survival rate of nests is lower in fruiting than non-fruiting tree species for a Hawaiian forest bird, the Kaua̒i ̒elepaio (Chasiempis sclateri)    Ruby L. Hammond
Nesting biology of the Lanceolated Monklet (Micromonacha lanceolata) in southeastern Peru    Richard V. Aracil and Gustavo A. Londoño
First nesting account and breeding biology of “Gould's Inca” (Coeligena torquata omissa) in Manu National Park, Peru    Justin W. Baldwin and Gustavo A. Londoño
Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers (Sphyrapicus varius) alter sap well locations in response to experimentally induced tree damage    Delina Dority, J. Jordan Price, and Stephen Pruett-Jones
Short Communications
A previously undocumented hybrid New World Warbler (Setophaga pensylvanica x S. magnolia) captured at Long Point, Ontario    Kenneth G. D. Burrell, Jeffrey H. Skevington, Scott Kelso, Mike V. A. Burrell, Dayna L. Leclair, and Stuart A. Mackenzie
Windsurfing in Mute Swans (Cygnus olor)    Olle Terenius
Neotropical records of Nearctic Raptors: observational data from Veracruz, Mexico    Alan Monroy-Ojeda, Kashmir Wolf, Eduardo Martínez-Leyva, Laurie J. Goodrich, Rafael Rodríguez Mesa, Irving Chávez Domínguez, Gustavo Ramón Lara, Stephen W. Hoffman, and Elisa Peresbarbosa Rojas
Description of the nest and eggs of the Great-billed Seed-Finch (Sporophila maximiliani)    Cesar A. B. Medolago, Flávio K. Ubaid, Mercival R. Francisco, and Luís F. Silveira
Bromeliad density correlates with territories in a cooperatively breeding wren, the Band-backed Wren (Campylorhynchus zonatus)    Michael T. Wells
An ethogram of commonly observed behaviors of the endangered Bridled White-eye (Zosterops conspicillatus) in a Zoo Setting    Olivia Smith and Thomas Wassmer
Two species of tanagers (Passeriformes: Thraupidae) forage on army ant workers (Eciton burchellii) carrying immature paper wasps.    Dina L. Roberts
A time activity budget of American Oystercatchers (Haematopus palliatus) breeding in Texas    Amanda Anderson, Susan Heath, and George Guillen
Predation and scavenging on other birds by Western Meadowlarks (Sturnella neglecta) during a spring snowstorm    Cody K. Porter and Nathaniel J. Behl
Isolation and characterization of polymorphic microsatellite DNA Markers from an Amazonian white-sand vegetation specialist bird, Xenopipo atronitens (Aves: Pipridae)     Chrysoula Gubili, Camila Duarte Ritter, Jessica Motta, Izeni P. Farias, John Bates, Roberta Canton, João M. G. Capurucho, Cintia Cornelius, Kevin A. Feldheim, and Camila C. Ribas
Double-brooding observed in a Columbian Sharp-tailed Grouse (Tympanachus phasianellus columbianus) in Idaho    Matt Proett, Shane B. Roberts, and Terry A. Messmer
House Wren (Troglodytes aedon) provisions nestlings of Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)    Katie LaBarbera and Rae Spencer
The valid name of the Curl-crested Aracari (Pteroglossus beauharnaesii)    Walter J. Bock and Richard Schodde
Журнал надходить до Інституту зоології ім. І. І. Шмальгаузена  міста Києва.
12. Journal of the Japan Petroleum Institute. – Tokyo. – ISSN 1346-8804
Volume 59, Number 4, July 2016
Review Paper
CO2 Absorption Property of Ionic Liquid and CO2 Permselectivity for Ionic Liquid Membrane    T. Makino, M. Kankubo
Regular Paper
Application of Tripodal Linker Units to Immobilized Diphenylphosphine Palladium Complex Catalysts for Suzuki-Miyaura Coupling Reactions of Aryl Bromide: Effect of Immobilization Method of Phosphine Ligand on Catalytic Performance    N. Fukaya, T. Miyaji, S. Onozawa, S. J. Choi, M. Ueda, Y. Takagi, J.-C. Choi, T. Sakakura, H. Yasuda
Comparison of Fischer-Tropsch Fixed and Monolith Bed Reactors Using Pseudo-homogeneous 2D Model    N. Majidian, S. Soltanali
Propylene/propane Permeation Properties of Metal-doped Organosilica Membranes with Controlled Network Sizes and Adsorptive Properties    M. Kanezashi, S. Miyauchi, S. Hayakawa, H. Nagasawa, T. Yoshioka, T. Tsuru
Kinetics of Sorbitol Decomposition under Hydrothermal Condition    R. Mohamad, T. Aki, Y. Nakashimada, Y. Okamura, T. Tajima, Y. Matsumura
One-pot Conversion from Lignocellulosic Biomass to Isosorbide    A. Yamaguchi, N. Mimura, M. Shirai, O. Sato
Oxygen Sensitivity of Intermetallic Compound Surface Comprising Early Transition Metal    S. Furukawa, G. Nishimura, T. Komatsu
Журнал надходить до Інституту геології і геохімії горючих копалин міста Львова.
13. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. – Hagerstown. – ISSN 2163-0755
Volume 81, Number 3, September 2016
AAST 2015 Plenary Papers
The AAST prospective Aortic Occlusion for Resuscitation in Trauma and Acute Care Surgery (AORTA) registry: Data on contemporary utilization and outcomes of aortic occlusion and...    Joseph J. DuBose, Thomas M. Scalea, Megan Brenner, Dimitra Skiada, Kenji Inaba, Jeremy Cannon, Laura Moore, John Holcomb, David Turay, Cassra N. Arbabi, Andrew Kirkpatrick, James Xiao, David Skarupa, Nathaniel Poulin, and the AAST AORTA Study Group
Time and place of death from automobile crashes: Research endpoint implications    Howard R. Champion, Louis V. Lombardo, Charles E. Wade, Ellen J. Kalin, Mary M. Lawnick, and John B. Holcomb
The impact of patient protection and Affordable Care Act on trauma care: A step in the right direction    Bellal Joseph, Ansab A. Haider, Asad Azim, Narong Kulvatunyou, Andrew Tang, Terence O'Keeffe, Rifat Latifi, Donald J. Green, Randall S. Friese, and Peter Rhee
Original Articles
Civilian casualties of terror-related explosions: The impact of vascular trauma on treatment and prognosis    Eitan Heldenberg, Adi Givon, Daniel Simon, Arie Bass, Gidon Almogy, Kobi Peleg, the Israeli Trauma Group, and Kobi Peleg
A multi-institutional study of hemostatic gauze and tourniquets in rural civilian trauma    Jennifer Leonard, John Zietlow, David Morris, Kathleen Berns, Steven Eyer, Kurt Martinson, Donald Jenkins, and Scott Zietlow
Prehospital lactate improves accuracy of prehospital criteria for designating trauma activation level    Joshua B. Brown, E. Brooke Lerner, Jason L. Sperry, Timothy R. Billiar, Andrew B. Peitzman, and Francis X. Guyette
Emergent non–image-guided resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta (REBOA) catheter placement: A cadaver-based study    Megan Linnebur, Kenji Inaba, Tobias Haltmeier, Todd E. Rasmussen, Jennifer Smith, Ranan Mendelsberg, Daniel Grabo, and Demetrios Demetriades
Shorter times to packed red blood cell transfusion are associated with decreased risk of death in traumatically injured patients    Elizabeth K. Powell, William R. Hinckley, Adam Gottula, Kimberly W. Hart, Christopher J. Lindsell, and Jason T. McMullan
Posterior paramedian subrhomboidal analgesia versus thoracic epidural analgesia for pain control in patients with multiple rib fractures    Casey L. Shelley, Stepheny Berry, James Howard, Martin De Ruyter, Melissa Thepthepha, Niaman Nazir, Tracy McDonald, Annemarie Dalton, and Michael Moncure
Augmented renal clearance in non–critically ill abdominal and trauma surgery patients is an underestimated phenomenon: A point prevalence study    Peter Declercq, Stefaan Nijs, André D'Hoore, Eric Van Wijngaerden, Albert Wolthuis, Anthony de Buck van Overstraeten, Joost Wauters, and Isabel Spriet
Sex-based differences in the genomic response, innate immunity, organ dysfunction, and clinical outcomes after severe blunt traumatic injury and hemorrhagic shock    Maria-Cecilia Lopez, Philip A. Efron, Tezcan Ozrazgat-Baslanti, Jianyi Zhang, Joseph Cuschieri, Ronald V. Maier, Joseph P. Minei, Henry V. Baker, Frederick A. Moore, Lyle L. Moldawer, and Scott C. Brakenridge
Sex differences in mortality following isolated traumatic brain injury among older adults    Jennifer S. Albrecht, Maureen McCunn, Deborah M. Stein, Linda Simoni-Wastila, and Gordon S. Smith
Does sex matter? Effects on venous thromboembolism risk in screened trauma patients    Allison E. Berndtson, Todd W. Costantini, Alan M. Smith, Leslie Kobayashi, and Raul Coimbra
CD43Lo classical monocytes participate in the cellular immune response to isolated primary blast lung injury    Ashton Barnett-Vanes, Anna Sharrock, Theofano Eftaxiopoulou, Hari Arora, Warren Macdonald, Anthony M.J. Bull, and Sara M. Rankin
Inhibition of histone deacetylase 6 restores intestinal tight junction in hemorrhagic shock    Zhigang Chang, Yongqing Li, Wei He, Baoling Liu, Xiuzhen Duan, Ihab Halaweish, Ted Bambakidis, Baihong Pan, Yingjian Liang, Vahagn C. Nikolian, Patrick Georgoff, and Hasan B. Alam
Early feeds not force feeds: Enteral nutrition in traumatic brain injury    Asad Azim, Ansab A. Haider, Peter Rhee, Ket Verma, Elizabeth Windell, Tahereh Orouji Jokar, Narong Kulvatunyou, Mary Meer, Rifat Latifi, and Bellal Joseph
The long-term burden of severe sepsis and septic shock: Sepsis recidivism and organ dysfunction    Faheem W. Guirgis, Scott Brakenridge, Selina Sutchu, Jay D. Khadpe, Taylor Robinson, Richard Westenbarger, Stephen T. Topp, Colleen J. Kalynych, Jennifer Reynolds, Sunita Dodani, Frederick A. Moore, and Alan E. Jones
Home safe home: Evaluation of a childhood home safety program    Tanya Charyk Stewart, Andrew Clark, Jason Gilliland, Michael R. Miller, Jane Edwards, Tania Haidar, Brandon Batey, Kelly N. Vogt, Neil G. Parry, Douglas D. Fraser, and Neil Merritt
Defining the cervical spine clearance algorithm: A single-institution prospective study of more than 9,000 patients    Therese M. Duane, Andrew J. Young, Poornima Vanguri, Luke G. Wolfe, Judith Katzen, Jinfeng Han, Julie Mayglothling, James F. Whelan, Michel B. Aboutanos, Rao R. Ivatury, and Ajai K. Malhotra
The National Trauma Institute: Lessons learned in the funding and conduct of 16 trauma research studies    National Trauma Institute Research Group, Michelle A. Price, Gregory J. Beilman, Timothy C. Fabian, David B. Hoyt, Gregory J. Jurkovich, M. Margaret Knudson, Ellen J. MacKenzie, Vivienne S. Marshall, Kimberly E. Overton, Andrew B. Peitzman, Monica J. Phillips, Basil A. Jr. Pruitt, Sharon L. Smith, Ronald M. Stewart, and Donald H. Jenkins
Systematic Reviews
Do lactate levels in the emergency department predict outcome in adult trauma patients? A systematic review    Janie Baxter, Kristina Rebecca Cranfield, Gabrielle Clark, Tim Harris, Ben Bloom, and Alasdair James Gray
The effectiveness and safety of pharmacological prophylaxis against venous thromboembolism in patients with moderate to severe traumatic brain injury: A systematic review and...     Luis Albeiro Mesa Galan, Juan José Egea-Guerrero, Manuel Quintana Diaz, and Angel Vilches-Arenas
What is the effectiveness of the negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) in patients treated with open abdomen technique? A systematic review and meta-analysis    Roberto Cirocchi, Arianna Birindelli, Walter L. Biffl, Ventsislav Mutafchiyski, Georgi Popivanov, Osvaldo Chiara, Gregorio Tugnoli, and Salomone Di Saverio
Prevalence and mortality of abdominal compartment syndrome in severely injured patients: A systematic review    Steven Gertjan Strang, Esther M.M. Van Lieshout, Oscar J.F. Van Waes, and Michael H.J. Verhofstad
Current Opinions
The American Association for the Surgery of Trauma grading scale for 16 emergency general surgery conditions: Disease-specific criteria characterizing anatomic severity grading    Gail T. Tominaga, Kristan L. Staudenmayer, Shahid Shafi, Kevin M. Schuster, Stephanie A. Savage, Steven Ross, Peter Muskat, Nathan T. Mowery, Preston Miller, Kenji Inaba, Mitchell Jay Cohen, David Ciesla, Carlos V.R. Brown, Suresh Agarwal, Michel B. Aboutanos, Garth H. Utter, Marie Crandall, and American Association for the Surgery of Trauma Committee on Patient Assessment
Elder abuse: Paucity of data hampers evidence-based injury prevention    Marie Crandall, Thomas Duncan, Ali Mallat, Wendy Greene, Pina Violano, Ashley Britton Christmas, Zara Cooper, and Robert D. Barraco
Procedures & Techniques
Design of a cost-effective, hemodynamically adjustable model for resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta (REBOA) simulation    Benjamin A. Keller, Edgardo S. Salcedo, Timothy K. Williams, Lucas P. Neff, Anthony J. Carden, Yiran Li, Oren Gotlib, Nam K. Tran, and Joseph M. Galante
Challenges in Acute Care Surgery
Splenic abscess complicated by gastrosplenic fistula    Ira L. Leeds, Elliott R. Haut, and Carlton C. Barnett
Letters to the Editor
Field intubation for hemorrhagic shock: A flawed syllogism    Douglas J. Floccare and Samuel Michael Galvagno, Jr
Re: Field intubation for hemorrhagic shock: A flawed syllogism    Rodrigo F. Alban, Daisy Chou, and Megan Harada
Ultrasonography for resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta: A practical leap forward using microbubble contrast agent    Chad G. Ball, Stephanie R. Wilson, and Paul Cantle
Re: Ultrasonography for resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta: A practical leap forward using microbubble contrast agent    Muzzafer Chaudery, James Clark, Jonathan J. Morrison, and Duncan Bew
The AAST AORTA registry and data on REBOA    Lars Birger Lonn
RE: The AAST AORTA registry and data on REBOA    Joseph J. DuBose and the AORTA Study Group
Журнал надходить до Інституту фізіології ім. О.О. Богомольця міста Києва.
14. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. – Hagerstown. – ISSN 2163-0755
Volume 81, Number 4, October 2016
AAST Plenary Papers
Penetrating cardiac injuries: A 36-year perspective at an urban, Level I trauma center    Bryan C. Morse, Michael J. Mina, Jacquelyn S. Carr, Rashi Jhunjhunwala, Christopher J. Dente, John U. Zink, Jeffrey M. Nicholas, Amy D. Wyrzykowski, Jeffrey P. Salomone, Gary A. Vercruysse, Grace S. Rozycki, and David V. Feliciano
Rural Trauma Team Development Course decreases time to transfer for trauma patients    Bradley M. Dennis, Michael A. Vella, Oliver L. Gunter, Melissa D. Smith, Catherine S. Wilson, Mayur B. Patel, Timothy C. Nunez, and Oscar D. Guillamondegui
DUI histories in intoxicated injured bicyclists    Steven Maximus, Cesar Figueroa, Jacqueline Pham, Eric Kuncir, and Cristobal Barrios
Reduced need for extraperitoneal pelvic packing for severe pelvic fractures is associated with improved resuscitation strategies    Iver Anders Gaski, Jeppe Barckman, Paal Aksel Naess, Nils Oddvar Skaga, Jan Erik Madsen, Nils Einar Kløw, Gunnar Flugsrud, and Christine Gaarder
EAST 2016 Plenary Paper
Trauma patients on new oral anticoagulation agents have lower mortality than those on warfarin    Adrian A. Maung, Bishwajit Bhattacharya, Kevin M. Schuster, and Kimberly A. Davis
TAC 2014 Plenary Paper
A novel methodology to characterize interfacility transfer strategies in a trauma transfer network    David Gomez, Barbara Haas, Kristian Larsen, Aziz S. Alali, Russell D. MacDonald, Jeffrey M. Singh, Homer Tien, Theodore J. Iwashyna, Gordon Rubenfeld, and Avery B. Nathens
PTS 2015 Plenary Paper
Classification and team response to nonroutine events occurring during pediatric trauma resuscitation    Rachel B. Webman, Jennifer L. Fritzeen, JaeWon Yang, Grace F. Ye, Paul C. Mullan, Faisal G. Qureshi, Sarah H. Parker, Aleksandra Sarcevic, Ivan Marsic, and Randall S. Burd
Original Articles
Activation of the protein C pathway and endothelial glycocalyx shedding is associated with coagulopathy in an ovine model of trauma and hemorrhage    Natasha van Zyl, Elissa M. Milford, Sara Diab, Kimble Dunster, Peter McGiffin, Stephen G. Rayner, Andrew Staib, Michael C. Reade, and John F. Fraser
Effect of time to operation on mortality for hypotensive patients with gunshot wounds to the torso: The golden 10 minutes    Jonathan P. Meizoso, Juliet J. Ray, Charles A. Karcutskie, Casey J. Allen, Tanya L. Zakrison, Gerd D. Pust, Tulay Koru-Sengul, Enrique Ginzburg, Louis R. Pizano, Carl I. Schulman, Alan S. Livingstone, Kenneth G. Proctor, and Nicholas Namias
The diagnostic yield of commonly used investigations in pelvic gunshot wounds    Morgan Schellenberg, Kenji Inaba, Erika M. Priestley, Joseph Durso, Monica D. Wong, Lydia Lam, Elizabeth Benjamin, and Demetrios Demetriades
Magnitude of rib fracture displacement predicts opioid requirements    Nikolay Bugaev, Janis L. Breeze, Majid Alhazmi, Hassan S. Anbari, Sandra S. Arabian, Sharon Holewinski, and Reuven Rabinovici
Characterization of erythropoietin and hepcidin in the regulation of persistent injury-associated anemia    Ines G. Alamo, Kolenkode B. Kannan, Michael A. Smith, Philip A. Efron, and Alicia M. Mohr
Prehospital shock index and pulse pressure/heart rate ratio to predict massive transfusion after severe trauma: Retrospective analysis of a large regional trauma database    Julien Pottecher, François-Xavier Ageron, Clémence Fauché, Denis Chemla, Eric Noll, Jacques Duranteau, Laurent Chapiteau, Jean-François Payen, and Pierre Bouzat
Stress among surgical attending physicians and trainees: A quantitative assessment during trauma activation and emergency surgeries    Bellal Joseph, Saman Parvaneh, Tianyi Swartz, Ansab A. Haider, Ahmed Hassan, Narong Kulvatunyou, Andrew Tang, Rifat Latifi, Bijan Najafi, and Peter Rhee
Teaching leadership in trauma resuscitation: Immediate feedback from a real-time, competency-based evaluation tool shows long-term improvement in resident performance    Shea C. Gregg, Daithi S. Heffernan, Michael D. Connolly, Andrew H. Stephen, Stephanie N. Leuckel, David T. Harrington, Jason T. Machan, Charles A. Jr. Adams, and William G. Cioffi
Characteristics of ACS-verified Level I and Level II trauma centers: A study linking trauma center verification review data and the National Trauma Data Bank of the American...     Shahid Shafi, Sunni Barnes, Chul Ahn, Mark R. Hemilla, H. Gill Cryer, Avery Nathens, Melanie Neal, and John Fildes
Admissions for isolated nonoperative mild head injuries: Sharing the burden among trauma surgery, neurosurgery, and neurology    Ting Zhao, Ali Y. Mejaddam, Yuchiao Chang, Marc A. DeMoya, David R. King, Daniel D. Yeh, Haytham M.A. Kaafarani, Hasan B. Alam, and George C. Velmahos
Review Articles
Prehospital point-of-care lactate following trauma: A systematic review    Christopher T. Lewis, David N. Naumann, Nick Crombie, and Mark J. Midwinter
Fecal microbiota transplant in patients with Clostridium difficile infection: A systematic review    Brandon C. Chapman, Hunter B. Moore, Douglas M. Overbey, Alex P. Morton, Ben Harnke, Mark E. Gerich, and Jon D. Vogel
Presumptive antibiotic therapy for civilian trauma injuries    Teri L. Hopkins, Mitchell J. Daley, Dusten T. Rose, Theresa C. Jaso, and Carlos V.R. Brown
Current Opinions
Critical care preparedness in law enforcement: Tales of two types of cities    Philip Walker, Niels Martin, Steve Allen, Jose Pascual, and Lewis J. Kaplan
Bundles of care for resuscitation from hemorrhagic shock and severe brain injury in trauma patients—Translating knowledge into practice    Shahid Shafi, Ashley W. Collinsworth, Kathleen M. Richter, Hasan B. Alam, Lance B. Becker, Malcolm R. Bullock, James M. Ecklund, John Gallagher, Raj Gandhi, Elliott R. Haut, Zachary L. Hickman, Heidi Hotz, James McCarthy, Alex B. Valadka, John Weigelt, and John B. Holcomb
Proceedings of the second Childress Summit on pediatric trauma: Operationalizing the vision    Mary E. Fallat, Barbara A. Gaines, Kathy Haley, J. Wayne Meredith, David P. Mooney, Jeffrey S. Upperman, and for The Childress Summit II Work Groups
Challenge in Acute Care Surgery
Hemobilia due to a portal vein to common bile duct fistula from a seatbelt injury    Dieter G. Weber, Amyn Pardhan, Sudhakar V. Rao, and H. Leon Pachter
Letters to the Editor
Frailty in trauma: A systematic review of the surgical literature for clinical assessment tools    Bellal Joseph, Ahmed Hassan, and Viraj Pandit
Re: Frailty in trauma: A systematic review of the surgical literature for clinical assessment tools    Victoria S. McDonald and Steven R. Shackford
Hemorrhage control saves lives no matter the wounding pattern    Matthew D. Sztajnkrycer, Alexander L. Eastman, and Frank K. Butler
Re: Hemorrhage control saves lives no matter the wounding pattern    E. Reed Smith, Geoff Shapiro, and Babak Sarani
Журнал надходить до Інституту фізіології ім. О.О. Богомольця міста Києва.
15. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. – Hagerstown. – ISSN 2163-0755
Volume 81, Number 4, October Supplement 2016
Twenty years of Injury Free Coalition for Kids: Precision focus on relentless problems    Joseph J. Tepas III
Original Articles
An effective way to utilize daycare organizations to distribute home safety equipment    Wendy J. Pomerantz, Dawne Gardner, and Michael A. Gittelman
Evaluating the reliability of an injury prevention screening tool: Test-retest study    Michael A. Gittelman, Madeline Kincaid, Sarah Denny, Melissa Wervey Arnold, Michael FitzGerald, Adam C. Carle, and Constance A. Mara
Severe unintentional injuries sustained by Ohio children: Is there urban/rural variation?    Victoria Wurster Ovalle, Wendy J. Pomerantz, Brit L. Anderson, and Michael A. Gittelman
Not child's play: National estimates of microwave-related burn injuries among young children    Gina Lowell and Kyran Quinlan
Factors associated with suicide among adolescents and young adults not in mental health treatment at time of death    Suzanne G. McLone, Antigone Kouvelis, Maryann Mason, and Karen Sheehan
Suicide in Illinois, 2005–2010: A reflection of patterns and risks by age groups and opportunities for targeted prevention    Suzanne G. McLone, Anagha Loharikar, Karen Sheehan, and Maryann Mason
Rear-seat seatbelt laws and restraint use in rear-seated teen passengers traveling in passenger vehicles involved in a fatal collision on a US roadway    Joyce C. Pressley, Hajere J. Gatollari, and Chang Liu
Evaluating distracted driving behaviors in parents of children in suburban and rural areas of Alabama    Kimberly Massey, Shruti Kant, Pina Violano, Linda Roney, William King, William Justice, Kristen McFalls, and Kathy Monroe
Rates of firearm homicide by Chicago region, age, sex, and race/ethnicity, 2005–2010    Garth Nyambi Walker, Suzanne McLone, Maryann Mason, Karen Sheehan
The effect of gun control laws on hospital admissions for children in the United States    Jun Tashiro, Rebecca S. Lane, Lawrence W. Blass, Eduardo A. Perez, and Juan E. Sola
Improvement in quality of life among violently injured youth after a brief intervention    Michael N. Levas, Emmalee A. Boyle, Marlene Melzer-Lange, and Julie Panepinto
Special Report
A brief history of Forging New Frontiers, the annual conference of the Injury Free Coalition for Kids    Estell Lenita Johnson, Barbara Barlow
Журнал надходить до Інституту фізіології ім. О.О. Богомольця міста Києва.
16. History of Political Economy. – Durham. – ISSN 0018-2702
Volume 48, Number 3, September 2016
Other Histories of Recent Economics: A Survey    Philippe Fontaine
Marginalizing Maclaurin: The Attempt to Develop an Economics of Technological Progress at MIT, 1940–50    Roger E. Backhouse and Harro Maas
Rudolf Hilferding on English Mercantilism    Daniel Gaido
The Early Days of English Political Economy (1911)    Rudolf Hilferding
Joseph Schumpeter's Credit View of Money: A Contribution to a “Monetary Analysis” of Capitalism    Odile Lakomski-Laguerre
From the Treatise on Money to The General Theory: John Maynard Keynes's Departure from the Doctrine of Forced Saving    Ho-Po Crystal Wong
Book Reviews
Peart, ed., Hayek on Mill: The Mill-Taylor Friendship and Related Writings    Susan Howson
Bazin, Urch, and Hill, trans., Market Structure and Equilibrium, By Heinrich von Stackelberg    Keith Tribe
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