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Журнали представлені на виставці:
1. Applied Optics. – Washington. – ISSN 1559-128X
Volume 57, Issue 23, 10 August 2018
Research Articles
Diffraction and Gratings
Combining and collimation of RGB laser beams with transmissive resonance domain diffractive optics    Omri Barlev and Michael A. Golub
Fiber Optics, Fiber Sensors, and Optical Communications
Error performance analysis of a non-ideal photon counting array receiver system for optical wireless communication    Chen Wang, Jingyuan Wang, Zhiyong Xu, Rong Wang, Jiyong Zhao, and Yimei Wei
Batch-producible MEMS fiber-optic Fabry–Perot pressure sensor for high-temperature application    Pinggang Jia, Hao Liang, Guocheng Fang, Jiang Qian, Fei Feng, Ting Liang, and Jijun Xiong
Wide-angle filters based on nanoresonators for the visible spectrum    I. L. Gomes de Souza, V. F. Rodriguez-Esquerre, and D. F. Rêgo
Eye-safe fiber laser for long-range 3D imaging applications    Lars G. Holmen, Gunnar Rustad, and Magnus W. Haakestad
Simultaneous refractive index and temperature measurement using nested fiber balloon rings    Junfa Zhao, Panpan Niu, Cheng Zhang, Hua Bai, Xiaodong Sun, and Zhibo Han
Generation of high conical angle Bessel–Gauss beams with reflective axicons    Pauline Boucher, Jesus Del Hoyo, Cyril Billet, Olivier Pinel, Guillaume Labroille, and François Courvoisier
Rigorous Bragg condition for volume holographic gratings with anisotropic distortion    Shuhei Yoshida and Shuma Horiuchi
Spherical-harmonic-transform-based fast calculation algorithm for spherical computer-generated hologram considering occlusion culling    Yusuke Sando, Daisuke Barada, Boaz Jessie Jackin, and Toyohiko Yatagai
Instrumentation and Measurements
Binarized dual phase-shifting method for high-quality 3D shape measurement    Yajun Wang, Saptarshi Basu, and Beiwen Li
Laser reflection differential confocal large-radius measurement for concave surfaces    Yang Xiao, Lirong Qiu, and Weiqian Zhao
Optical design of double-grating and double wave band spectrometers using a common CCD    Qingsheng Xue, Fengqin Lu, Minzheng Duan, Yuquan Zheng, Xiaoheng Wang, Diansheng Cao, Guangyu Lin, and Jiewen Tian
Lasers, Optical Amplifiers, and Laser Optics
Widely tunable dual-wavelength operation of Tm:YLF, Tm:LuAG, and Tm:YAG lasers using off-surface optic axis birefringent filters    Ersen Beyatlı and Umıt Demırbas
Elliptical Airy beam    Yong Zha, Kaikai Huang, Binjie Liu, Mingli Sun, Huizhu Hu, Nan Li, Xian Zhang, Bocheng Zhu, and Xuanhui Lu
Wavelength-tunable all-fiber mode-locked laser based on supermode interference in a seven-core fiber    Xiaogang Jiang, Barerem-Melgueba Mao, Yizhen Wei, Daru Chen, Lijuan She, Gaofeng Feng, and Junyong Yang
Widely wavelength-tunable 2  μm Brillouin fiber laser incorporating a highly germania-doped fiber    Taoce Yin, Barerem-Melgueba Mao, Yizhen Wei, and Daru Chen
Optical properties of oakwood in the near-infrared range of semi-transparency    Leonid Dombrovsky, Jean-François Henry, Clarisse Lorreyte, Hervé Pron, and Jaona Randrianalisoa
Optical Design and Fabrication
Analysis of the impact of air scattering on point source transmittance    Zhirui Cao, Xianchao Xun, and Yuegang Fu
Fabrication of a multilayer tissue-mimicking phantom with tunable optical properties to simulate vascular oxygenation and perfusion for optical imaging technology    Guangli Liu, Kuiming Huang, Qiumin Jia, Songde Liu, Shuwei Shen, Jialuo Li, Erbao Dong, Paul Lemaillet, David W. Allen, and Ronald X. Xu
Visible–IR transmission enhancement through fog using circularly polarized light    Xiangwei Zeng, Jinkui Chu, Wenda Cao, Weidong Kang, and Ran Zhang
Optical Devices, Sensors, and Detectors
Microstructured fiber cladding light stripper for kilowatt-class laser systems    Mateusz Wysmolek, Christoph Ottenhues, Tony Pulzer, Thomas Theeg, Hakan Sayinc, Michael Steinke, Uwe Morgner, Jörg Neumann, and Dietmar Kracht
Ultrafast all-optical plasmonic graphene modulator    Feng Zhou and Wei Du
Explicit formulas for photon number discrimination with on/off detectors    Filippo M. Miatto, Akbar Safari, and Robert W. Boyd
n-GaAs diode with photoresponsivity based on 3-aminorhodanine thin films    Murat Soylu
Investigating the color of the blood stains on archaeological cloths: the case of the Shroud of Turin    A. Di Lascio, P. Di Lazzaro, P. Iacomussi, M. Missori, and D. Murra
Silane functionalization effects on dispersion of alumina nanoparticles in hybrid carbon fiber composites    Alex Selimov, Sanjida Akter Jahan, Eric Barker, Peter Dackus, Declan Carolan, Ambrose Taylor, and Seetha Raghavan
Development of a tunable diode laser sensor for CO concentration analysis at laboratory-scale conditions for in situ combustion tests of heavy crude oils    Juan E. Duque, Sebastian López, and Alejandro Molina
Detection of micro-toxic elements in commercial coffee brands using optimized dual-pulsed laser-induced spectral analysis spectrometry    Ahmed Asaad I. Khalil and Osama A. Labib
Selective photoionization of lithium isotopes in a hollow cathode lamp: a feasibility study for a laser ion source and detector      V. K. Saini, A. Kak, and S. K. Dixit
Surface Optics and Plasmonics
Enhanced circular dichroism of crossed nanorods with nanowire    Mingyan Wang, Fei Wang, Yu Qu, Tiankun Wang, Yuyan Chen, Yu Bai, and Zhongyue Zhang
Terahertz and X-ray Optics
Modeling of x-ray fluorescence full field imaging using planar square pore micro-channel plate optics    M. Gailhanou, P. Sarrazin, and D. Blake
Журнал надходить до Інституту радіофізики і електроніки ім. О.Я. Усикова міста Харкова.
2. Applied Optics. – Washington. – ISSN 1559-128X
Volume 57, Issue 24, 20 August 2018
Engineering and Lab Notes
Grey-scale silicon diffractive optics for selective laser ablation of thin conductive films    C. McDonnell, E. Coyne, and G. M. O’Connor
Research Articles
Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics
Integrating cavity device for measuring the optical backscattering coefficient in a fluid    Eleonora Figueroa Broiles, Michael Cone, Cristina Orrico, Michel Dewey, Alex Derr, Michel Twardowski, and Edward S. Fry
M-ary pulse position modulation performance in non-Kolmogorov turbulent atmosphere    Yalçın Ata, Yahya Baykal, and Muhsin C. Gökçe
Diffraction and Gratings
Trinary mappings: a tool for the determination of potential spectral paths for optical monitoring of optical interference filters    Mael Vignaux, Fabien Lemarchand, Thomas Begou, Catherine Grèzes-Besset, and Julien Lumeau
Fiber Optics, Fiber Sensors, and Optical Communications
Augmentation of sensitivity of FBG strain sensor for biomedical operation    Chiranjit Ghosh and Vishnu Priye
Link optimized few-mode fiber Raman distributed temperature sensors    Chen Yang, Meng Wang, Ming Tang, Hao Wu, Can Zhao, Tongqing Liu, Songnian Fu, and Weijun Tong
Optical and thermal modeling of an optrode microdevice for infrared neural stimulation    Ö. C. Boros, Á. C. Horváth, S. Beleznai, Ö. Sepsi, S. Lenk, Z. Fekete, and P. Koppa
High-Q, low-index-contrast photonic crystal nanofiber cavity for high sensitivity refractive index sensing    Daquan Yang, Xin Chen, Xuan Zhang, Chuwen Lan, and Ying Zhang
Effect of two annealing processes on the thermal regeneration of fiber Bragg gratings in hydrogenated standard optical fibers    Kai Lu, Hangzhou Yang, Kok-Sing Lim, Harith Ahmad, Pan Zhang, Qin Tian, Xiangzi Ding, and Xueguang Qiao
High single-fundamental-mode power VCSEL integrated with alternating aluminum content micro-lens    Youwen Huang, Xing Zhang, Jianwei Zhang, Werner Hofmann, Yongqiang Ning, and Lijun Wang
Design of highly mode group selective photonic lanterns with geometric optimization     Li Shen, Lin Gan, Liang Huo, Chen Yang, Weijun Tong, Songnian Fu, Ming Tang, and Deming Liu
Imaging Systems, Image Processing, and Displays
Comparing analysis of multispectral and polarimetric imaging for mid-infrared detection blindness condition    Huijie Zhao, Yansong Li, Guorui Jia, Na Li, Zheng Ji, and Jianrong Gu
Depth recovery of hairy fibers for precise yarn hairiness measurement    Jingan Wang, Bugao Xu, Zhongjian Li, Weidong Gao, and Lei Wang
Instrumentation and Measurements
Multiwavelength wavefront detection based on a lateral shear interferometer and polarization phase-shifting techniques    David I. Serrano-Garcia, Noel-Ivan Toto-Arellano, Geliztle-Alejandra Parra-Escamilla, Amalia Martínez García, Gustavo Rodríguez-Zurita, and Yukitoshi Otani
Numerical tool for estimating the dielectric constant, the thickness, and the coverage of immobilized inhomogeneous protein films on gold in aqueous solution    Tiago A. T. Sousa, Leiva C. Oliveira, Franz H. Neff, Hervé M. Laborde, and Antonio M. N. Lima
Intelligent and automatic wavelength calibration method    Qing Song, Tian Zhang, Zhihui Wang, Shihui Zhang, and Lu Yang
Quadrant response model and error analysis of four-quadrant detectors related to the non-uniform spot and blind area    Jun Zhang, Weixian Qian, Guohua Gu, Kan Ren, Qian Chen, Chen Mao, Guixia Cai, Zewei Liu, and Liwei Xu
Space mirror deformation: from thermo-mechanical measurements by speckle interferometry to optical comparison with multiphysics simulation    Fabian Languy, Jean-François Vandenrijt, Philippe Saint-Georges, Stéphane Paquay, Pascal De Vincenzo, and Marc P. Georges
Field of view in monocentric multiscale cameras    Wubin Pang and David J. Brady
Lasers, Optical Amplifiers, and Laser Optics
Mechanically exfoliated In2Se3 as a saturable absorber for mode-locking a thulium-doped fluoride fiber laser operating in S-band    H. Ahmad, S. A. Reduan, S. I. Ooi, and M. A. Ismail
Watt-level single-frequency tapered amplifier laser using a narrowband interference filter    Yi-Jan Huang, D. N. Patel, Tzu-Ling Chen, Yao-Chin Huang, Yung-Chun Chan, Celine Nauer, Yi-Wei Liu, Li-Bang Wang, and Jow-Tsong Shy
Using the spatial light modulator as a binary optical element: application to spatial beam shaping for high-power lasers    Sensen Li, Lei Ding, Pengyuan Du, Zhiwei Lu, Yulei Wang, Luoxian Zhou, and Xiusheng Yan
1.6-μm-wavelength dissipative solitons mode-locked fiber laser based on the optimization of passive fibers distribution    Hua-Long Chen, He Zhang, Hong-Wei Zhang, Xin Zhao, Ying-Tian Xu, Yong-Gang Zou, Xiao-Hui Ma, and Liang Jin
Numerical investigation of strain effects on properties of AlGaAs/InGaAs multiple quantum well solar cells    Ali Abolghasemi and Reza Kohandani
Nonlinear Optics
Efficient Raman converter in the yellow range with high spatial and spectral brightness    Minh Châu Phan Huy, Philippe Delaye, Gilles Pauliat, and Sylvie Lebrun
Optical Design and Fabrication
Polishing the surface of a z-cut KDP crystal by neutralized argon ions    N. I. Chkhalo, A. V. Kirsanov, G. A. Luchinin, O. A. Malshakova, M. S. Mikhailenko, A. I. Pavlikov, A. E. Pestov, and M. V. Zorina
Optical Devices, Sensors, and Detectors
Design considerations, analysis, and application of a low-cost, fully portable, wearable polymer optical fiber curvature sensor    Arnaldo G. Leal-Junior, Anselmo Frizera, Leticia M. Avellar, and Maria José Pontes
Autler–Townes splitting biosensing based on a nonuniform photonic crystal waveguide with feedback loop    Guohui Yuan, Fangcao Peng, Lei Guan, Zhenming Peng, and Zhuoran Wang
Backscattering properties of topographic targets in the visible, shortwave infrared, and mid-infrared spectral ranges for hard-target lidars    Roman Basistyy, Adrien Genoud, and Benjamin Thomas
How a relativistic electron beam-ion channel system can act as a polarizer    Alireza Shahrokhi, Kamal Hajisharifi, Hassan Mehdian, and Ali Hasanbeigi
Physical Optics
Experiences with a three-current ionization chamber as primary detector standard for absolute calibration in space    Robert Schaefer, Gerhard Schmidtke, and Raimund Brunner
High-precision determination of the cut angle of an electro-optic crystal by conoscopic interference    Qi Lu, Shenghao Wang, You Zhou, Shijie Liu, and Jianda Shao
Quantum Optics, Quantum Communications, and Optical Computing
Simulating the photon stream of a real thermal light source    Raimund Schneider, Christoph Biernoth, Johannes Hölzl, André Pscherer, and Joachim von Zanthier
Dual-band tunable perfect metamaterial absorber based on grapheme     Fengling Wang, Sha Huang, Ling Li, Weidong Chen, and Zhengwei Xie
Stokes polarimeter performance: general noise model and analysis: erratum    Nathan Hagen, Tingkui Mu, and Yukitoshi Otani
Beam diameter thresholds as applying light depolarization for effective submicron and micron root-mean-square roughness evaluation: erratum    Linsheng Liu and Kazuhiro Nonaka
Журнал надходить до Інституту радіофізики і електроніки ім. О.Я. Усикова міста Харкова.
3. Applied Optics. – Washington. – ISSN 1559-128X
Volume 57, Issue 25, 1 September 2018
Research Articles
Geometrical Optics
Advances and challenges of intraocular lens design [Invited]    Lan Zeng and Fengzhou Fang
Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics
Distinctive roles of elevated absorbing aerosol layers on free-space optical communication systems    N. Anand, K. Sunilkumar, S. K. Satheesh, and K. Krishna Moorthy
Preliminary measurements of fluorescent aerosol number concentrations using a laser-induced fluorescence lidar    Zhimin Rao, Tingyao He, Dengxin Hua, Yunlong Wang, Xusheng Wang, Yingying Chen, and Jing Le
Flame temperature estimation from light field image processing    Tianjiao Li, Chuanxin Zhang, Yuan Yuan, Yong Shuai, and Heping Tan
Diffraction and Gratings
Measured performance of shadow-cast coated gratings for spectro-polarimetric applications    Roberto Casini, Dennis Gallagher, Anthony Cordova, and Matthew Morgan
Astigmatism-reduced spherical concave grating holographically recorded by a cylindrical wave and a plane wave for Rowland circle mounting    Xinwei Chen and Lijiang Zeng
Analysis of interference fringes based on three circularly polarized beams targeted for birefringence distribution measurements    Akito Shimomura, Takashi Fukuda, and Akira Emoto
Fiber Optics, Fiber Sensors, and Optical Communications
Propagation and asymmetric behavior of optical pulses through time-dynamic loss–gain-assisted media    Piyali Biswas, Harsh K. Gandhi, Vaibhab Mishra, and Somnath Ghosh
First industrial-grade coherent fiber link for optical frequency standard dissemination    F. Guillou-Camargo, V. Ménoret, E. Cantin, O. Lopez, N. Quintin, E. Camisard, V. Salmon, J.-M. Le Merdy, G. Santarelli, A. Amy-Klein, P.-E. Pottie, B. Desruelle, and C. Chardonnet
Fabrication of a laser cavity mirror in a large mode area fiber by an ultrashort pulse laser    Kazuo Hasegawa, Satoru Kato, Tomoya Okazaki, Hiroshi Murotani, and Kazuya Saito
Performance investigation of the polar coded FSO communication system over turbulence channel     Jiafei Fang, Meihua Bi, Shilin Xiao, Guowei Yang, Changying Li, Ling Liu, Yunhao Zhang, Tiancheng Huang, and Weisheng Hu
Photonic generation of microwave waveforms based on a dual-polarization quadrature phase-shift-keying modulator    Xiangrui Li, Aijun Wen, Zhaoyang Tu, and Zhongguo Xiu
Geometrical Optics
How light absorption modifies the radiative force on a microparticle in optical tweezers    Warlley H. Campos, Jakson M. Fonseca, Joaquim B. S. Mendes, Márcio S. Rocha, and Winder A. Moura-Melo
Improvement of printing efficiency in holographic stereogram printing with the combination of a field lens and holographic diffuser    Jian Su, Xingpeng Yan, Yingqing Huang, Xiaoyu Jiang, Yibei Chen, and Teng Zhang
Imaging Systems, Image Processing, and Displays
Iterative phase retrieval in coherent diffractive imaging: practical issues    Tatiana Latychevskaia
Adaptive dual-exposure fusion-based transport of intensity phase microscopy    Junbao Hu, Yan Kong, Zhilong Jiang, Liang Xue, Fei Liu, Cheng Liu, and Shouyu Wang
Scanning diffracted-light microscopy    Hira Farooq, Sueli Skinner-Ramos, Hawra Algasham, Ayrton A. Bernussi, and Luis Grave de Peralta
Instrumentation and Measurements
Compact echelle spectrometer employing a cross-grating    Daniel Thomae, Tobias Hönle, Matthias Kraus, Verena Bagusat, Arnaud Deparnay, Robert Brüning, and Robert Brunner
Signal detection algorithms for interferometric sensors with harmonic phase modulation: miscalibration of modulation parameters    Leonid Liokumovich, Konstantin Muravyov, Philipp Skliarov, and Nikolai Ushakov
Investigation of an apodized imaged Hartmann wavefront sensor    C. Dorrer, A. Kalb, P. Fiala, S.-W. Bahk, A. Sharma, and K. Gibney
Effect of sensor SNR and extinction ratio on polarimetric imaging error for nanowire-based systems    He Sun, Dejiang Wang, Cheng Chen, Kehui Long, and Xueqian Sun
Lasers, Optical Amplifiers, and Laser Optics
Astigmatism and deformation correction for a holographic head-mounted display with a wedge-shaped holographic waveguide    Wen-Kai Lin, Osamu Matoba, Bor-Shyh Lin, and Wei-Chia Su
Bidirectional mode-locked thulium-doped fiber laser    Nurmemet Abdukerim, M. Imrul Kayes, Alexandre Rekik, and Martin Rochette
Single-transverse-mode waveguide-coupled deformed hexagonal resonator microlasers    Fu-Li Wang, Yue-De Yang, Yong-Zhen Huang, Zhi-Xiong Xiao, and Jin-Long Xiao
Deformations of circularly polarized Bessel vortex beam reflected and transmitted by a uniaxial anisotropic slab    Haiying Li, Jiawei Liu, Lu Bai, and Zhensen Wu
Fiber optic gyroscope noise reduction with fiber ring resonator    Haisheng Zhang, Xingfan Chen, Xiaowu Shu, and Cheng Liu
All-PM wavelength-tunable and harmonically mode-locking Yb-doped fiber laser     Shangjing Lin, Jianguo Yu, Wuyi Li, and Jinlong Ke
Medical Optics, Microscopy, and Biotechnology
Blood vessel segmentation of fundus images via cross-modality dictionary learning    Yan Yang, Feng Shao, Zhenqi Fu, and Randi Fu
Nonlinear Optics
Influence of self- and cross-phase modulations on an optical frequency doubling process for metamaterials    Rena J. Kasumova, G. A. Safarova, A. R. Ahmadova, and N. V. Kerimova
Optical Design and Fabrication
Efficient hybrid method for electromagnetic scattering from a coated object above a two-layered rough surface    Hong-Jie He and Li-Xin Guo
Fabrication of high fill factor cylindrical microlens array with isolated thermal reflow    Jinfeng Qiu, Mujun Li, Huichun Ye, Chen Yang, and Cuicui Shi
Optical Devices, Sensors, and Detectors
Quantum lidar based on a random interleaved optical pulse sequence consisting of wavelength-time quantum states    Dongsong Shi, Ming Li, Genghua Huang, and Rong Shu
Enhanced light extraction of deep ultraviolet light-emitting diodes by using optimized aluminum reflector    Xingxing Liu, Yun Mou, Hao Wang, Renli Liang, Xinzhong Wang, Yang Peng, and Mingxiang Chen
Physical Optics
Review and accuracy comparison of various permittivity-averaging schemes for material discontinuities in the two-dimensional FDFD method: implementation using efficient computer graphics techniques    Elias N. Glytsis, Aristeides D. Papadopoulos, and Theodoros T. Koutserimpas
Quantum Optics, Quantum Communications, and Optical Computing
Wavefront prediction with reservoir computing for minimizing the effects of angular anisoplanatism    S. J. Weddell and P. J. Bones
Design of ultracompact tunable fractional-order temporal differentiators based on hybrid-plasmonic phase-shifted Bragg gratings    Azadeh Karimi, Abbas Zarifkar, and Mehdi Miri
Compact, fiber-coupled, single-ended laser-absorption-spectroscopy sensors for high-temperature environments    Yuzhe Zhou, Garrett C. Mathews, and Christopher S. Goldenstein
Analytical-performance improvement of aqueous solution by chemical replacement combined with surface-enhanced laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy    Xinyan Yang, Xiangyou Li, Zhifeng Cui, Zhongqi Hao, Yongfeng Lu, Jingchun Huang, Guanxin Yao, and Xiaoli Wang
Transformation algorithm and analysis of the Fourier transform spectrometer based on cascaded Fabry–Perot interferometers    Islam Samir El-Sayed, Yasser M. Sabry, Walid ElSayd ElZeiny, Niveen Badra, and Diaa A. Khalil
Surface Optics and Plasmonics
Slowing designer surface plasmons in a surface-wave photonic crystal    Zhuoyuan Wang, Zhen Gao, Yongping Zhang, Jianming Lou, Peihong Cheng, and Hongxia Zhao
Improved analysis model for material removal mechanisms of bonnet polishing incorporating the pad wear effect    Chenchun Shi, Yunfeng Peng, Liang Hou, Zhenzhong Wang, and Yinbiao Guo
Probing multipulse laser ablation by means of self-mixing interferometry    Simone Donadello, Ali Gökhan Demir, and Barbara Previtali
High-performance sensor achieved by hybrid guide-mode resonance/surface plasmon resonance platform    La Wang, Tian Sang, Jian Gao, Xin Yin, and Honglong Qi
Investigation of multiple laser shock peening on the mechanical property and corrosion resistance of shipbuilding 5083Al alloy under a simulated seawater environment: publisher’s note    Hao Wang, Yihui Huang, Wenwu Zhang, and Andreas Ostendorf
Characterization of an amplified piezoelectric actuator for multiple reference optical coherence tomography: erratum    Sean O’Gorman, Kai Neuhaus, Sergey Alexandrov, Josh Hogan, Carol Wilson, Paul M. McNamara, and Martin Leahy
Журнал надходить до Інституту радіофізики і електроніки ім. О.Я. Усикова міста Харкова.
4. Archivum mathematicum. – Brno. –ISSN 1212-5059
Tomus 54 (2018), No. 3
Energy gaps for exponential Yang-Mills fields Logo    Zhen-Rong Zhou
The infinitesimal counterpart of tangent presymplectic groupoids of higher    P.M. Kouotchop Wamba and A. MBA
Weak normal and quasinormal families of holomorphic order    Si Duc Quang and Dau Hong Quan
Best proximity point for proximal Berinde nonexpansive mappings on starshaped sets curves    N. Bunlue and S. Suantai
On the Diophantine equation ∑kj-1 jFpj=Fnq    G. Soydan, L. Németh, and L. Szalay
Журнал надходить до Інституту математики міста Києва.
5. Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics. – New York. – ISSN 0010 -3640
Integral and Asymptotic Properties of Solitary Waves in Deep Water    M.H. Wheeler
Minimal Mass Blowup Solutions for the Patlak-Keller-Segel Equation    T.-E. Ghoul and N. Masmoudi
SO(N) Lattice Gauge Theory, planar and beyond    R. Basu and S. Ganguly
Open ASEP in the Weakly Asymmetric Regime    I. Corwin and H. Shen
Free Boundary Regularity in the Parabolic Fractional Obstacle Problem    B. Barrios, A. Figalli and X. Ros-Oton
Журнал надходить до Інституту математики міста Києва.
6. International Journal of Earth Sciences. – Heidelberg. – ISSN 1437-3254
Volume 107, Number 7, October 2018
Original Paper
Multiple crust reworking in the French Armorican Variscan belt: implication for the genesis of uranium-fertile leucogranites    C. Ballouard, M. Poujol, A. Zeh
Mineral chemistry and geochemistry of ophiolitic metaultramafics from Um Halham and Fawakhir, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt    A.-A. M. Abdel-Karim, S. Ali, S. A. El-Shafei
Contributions of gravity and field data on the structural scheme updating of the Tellian domain and its foreland (Nefza-Bizerte region, northern Tunisia)    E. M. Essid, A. Kadri, H. Balti, M. Gasmi, F. Zargouni
Long-term seismic observations along Myanmar–Sunda subduction margin: insights for 2004 Mw > 9.0 earthquake    P. K. Khan, J. Banerjee, S. Shamim, M. Mohanty
A new look on Imperial Porphyry: a famous ancient dimension stone from the Eastern Desert of Egypt—petrogenesis and cultural relevance    M. M. Abu El-Enen, J. Lorenz, K. A. Ali, V. von Seckendorff, M. Okrusch, U. Schüssler, H. Brätz, R.-T. Schmitt
Development of the Inland Sea and its evaporites in the Jordan-Dead Sea Transform based on hydrogeochemical considerations and the geological consequences    P. Möller, E. Rosenthal, N. Inbar, C. Siebert
Regional deformation of late Quaternary fluvial sediments in the Apennines foreland basin (Emilia, Italy)    M. Stefani, L. Minarelli, A. Fontana, I. Hajdas
Numerical simulation of present day tectonic stress across the Indian subcontinent    R. Yadav, V. M. Tiwari
Overturned jointed non-sheared granite block emplaced on sheared non-jointed Alum shale    A. Agarwal, P. Lied
Original Paper
A new U–Pb zircon age and a volcanogenic model for the early Permian Chemnitz Fossil Forest    L. Luthardt, M. Hofmann, U. Linnemann, A. Gerdes, L. Marko, R. Rößler
New 40Ar–39Ar dating of Lower Cretaceous basalts at the southern front of the Central High Atlas, Morocco: insights on late Mesozoic tectonics, sedimentation and magmatism    G. Moratti, M. Benvenuti, A. P. Santo, M.A. Laurenzi, E. Braschi, S. Tommasini
Genesis of Central Indian Ocean basin seamounts: morphological, petrological, and geochemical evidence    S. D. Iyer, A. A. Amonkar, P. Das
SHRIMP U–Pb detrital zircon dating to check subdivisions in metamorphic complexes: a case of study in the Nevado–Filábride complex (Betic Cordillera, Spain)    Á. Santamaría-López, C. Sanz de Galdeano
The Žermanice sill: new insights into the mineralogy, petrology, age, and origin of the teschenite association rocks in the Western Carpathians, Czech Republic    D. Matýsek, J. Jirásek, P. Skupien, S. N. Thomson
Petrological, geochemical, isotopic, and geochronological constraints for the Late Devonian–Early Carboniferous magmatism in SW Gondwana (27–32°LS): an example of geodynamic switching    J. A. Dahlquist, P. H. Alasino, M. A. S. Basei, M. M. Morales Cámera, M. M. Grande, Mario da Costa Campos Neto
A Cambrian mixed carbonate–siliciclastic platform in SW Gondwana: evidence from the Western Sierras Pampeanas (Argentina) and implications for the early Paleozoic paleogeography of the proto-Andean margin    C. D. Ramacciotti, C. Casquet, E. G. Baldo, C. Galindo, R. J. Pankhurst, S. O. Verdecchia, C. W. Rapela, M. Fanning
Lightning-induced beads, ‘fulguroids’, associated with kimberlite eruptions in the Kalahari, Botswana    M. J. McFarlane, C. W. Long, S. H. Coetzee
Fossiliferous high-pressure metasediments from the Western Alps (Petit-Saint-Bernard Pass, Subbriançonnais Unit, Italy)    G. Frasca
History of Earth Sciences
Hans Conrad Escher von der Linth, Geognost, Member of Parliament, Architect and Constructor of the Linthkanal    W.-C. Dullo, F. A. Pfaffl
Журнал надходить до Інституту геологічних наук міста Києва.
7. zfv – Zeitschrift für Geodäsie, Geoinformation und Landmanagement – Augsburg. – ISSN 1618-8950
Heft 5/2018 – 143. Jahrgang
Editorial Am Beispiel von …    H.Kutterer
Unten Durch statt Oben Herum     F.Konitzer
Immobilienwertermittlung in Frankfurt am Main    M. Debus, M. Schüßler
Bodenmanagement in Hessen     B. Bachner, S. Flecke, H. Terlinden
Kommunikation zur Beförderung der Ortsinnenentwicklung – Ein Werkstattbericht aus dem BMBF-Forschungsvorhaben Dorf und Du – Regionalstrategie Ortsinnenentwicklung in der LEADER-Region Wetterau/Oberhessen    O. Herling, K. Quaiser, M. Geier
Der Einsatz von Terrestrischem Laserscanning am Flughafen Frankfurt/Main für Facility Management-Aufgaben    S. Och
Management-Methoden zur Sicherung der Zukunftsfähigkeit der Hessischen Verwaltung für Bodenmanagement und Geoinformation     H. Terlinden
GDI-Südhessen: Aufbau und Betrieb einer kommunalen Vorreiter-GDI. – Geodaten. Gemeinsam. Nutzen. –     R. Seuß, M. Domeyer, S. Egert
Ingenieurgeodätisches Vertiefungsmodul der Frankfurt UAS an der Kinzigtalsperre – Ein Beitrag zur Vernetzung in der Region     C. Eschelbach, M. Lösler, H. Müller
Bodenbevorratung in Hessen – ein Förderinstrument in der Baulandentwicklung für hessische Kommunen     M. Klärle, P. Eschenbacher, U. Langendörfer
Журнал надходить до Полтавської гравіметричної обсерваторії Інституту геофізики
8. Kew Bulletin. – London. – ISSN 0075 -5974
Volume 73, Number 3, 2018
Rohdea harderi (Asparagaceae), a new species from northern Vietnam    Tanaka, Noriyuki, Hannon, Dylan P., Harder, Daniel K., Averyanov Leonid V., & Lahmeyer, Sean C.
Tupistra siphonantha (Asparagaceae), a new species from Lao P.D.R. with a simple pistil    Tanaka, Noriyuki, Hannon, Dylan P., & Vislobokov, Nikolay A.
Typification of Piper species (Piperaceae) in Southeast Asia, especially Thailand    Suwanphakdee, C., Simpson, D. A., Hodkinson, T. R. & Chantaranothai, P.
Canscora shrirangiana (Gentianaceae), a new species from lateritic plateaus of Goa, India    Kolte, Rutuja, Deshpande, Anup & Kambale, Sharad
A new name for Pterospermum gracile P. Wilkie (Malavaceae: Dombeyoideae)    Kottaimuthu, R.
Olinia chimanimani (Penaeaceae), a new species endemic to the Chimanimani Mountains of Mozambique and Zimbabwe    Shah, Toral, Darbyshire, Iain & Matimele, Hermenegildo
Polygala veadeiroensis (Polygalaceae), a new species of Polygala endemic to Chapada dos Veadeiros, Goiás, Brazil    Pastore, J. F. B.
Two new species of Eugenia sect. Phyllocalyx (Myrtaceae) from Brazil    Bünger, Mariana de Oliveira, Mazine, Fiorella F. & Stehmann João R.
A linear sequence to facilitate curation of herbarium specimens of Annonaceae    Chatrou, Lars W., Turner, Ian M., Klitgaard, Bente B., Maas, Paul J. M. & Utteridge, Timothy M. A.
Elatostema brachyodontum subsp. lengshuiheensis (Urticaceae), a new subspecies from Guizhou, China    Lin, Yun, An, Ming-Tai, Yang, Zhi-Rong, Dai, Yan-Qiang & Yu Deng-Li
Elatostema muluense (Urticaceae), a new species from the extraordinary caves of Gunung Mulu National Park, Malaysia    Rodda, M. & Monro, A. K.
Thismia kelantanensis (Thismiaceae), a new species from Kelantan, Peninsular Malaysia    Siti-Munirah Mat Yunoh
Lectotypification of Thismia arachnites (Thismiaceae), a mysterious species newly reported for Thailand    Chantanaorrapint, Sahut
Журнал надходить до Інституту ботаніки ім. М. Г. Холодного  міста Києва.
9. Zoosystema. – Paris. – ISSN 1280 -9551
Volume 40 (2018), Articles 12-17
Revision of Hesione Savigny in Lamarck, 1818 (Annelida, Errantia, Hesionidae)     Salazar-Vallejo S. I.
Overview of Mitaraka survey: research frame, study site and field protocols    Touroult, J., Pollet M. & Pascal O.
The scorpions from the Mitaraka Massif in French Guiana (Scorpiones: Buthidae, Chactidae)    Lourenço W. R.
Brentidae Acratini du massif du Mitaraka, en Guyane: une synthèse des données (Insecta, Coleoptera, Curculionoidea)     Mantilleri A.
Annotated checklist of the springtails (Hexapoda: Collembola) of the Collo massif, northeastern Algeria     Bendjaballah M., Zoughailech A., Brahim-Bounab H., Hamra-Kroua S., Bedos A. & Deharveng L.
New data and species of Thecomyia Perty, 1833 (Diptera: Sciomyzidae) from Mitaraka (French Guiana), with notes on the genus    Mortelmans J. & Pollet M.
Журнал надходить до Інституту зоології ім. І. І. Шмальгаузена  міста Києва.
10. ISIJ International. – Tokyo. – ISSN 0915 -1559
Volume 58, Number 8, 2018
Review Articles
Oxide Stability Diagram of Liquid Steels – Construction and Utilization    Y.-B. Kang, S.-H. Jung
Mechanical Properties
Overview of Dynamic Strain Aging and Associated Phenomena in Fe–Mn–C Austenitic Steels    M. Koyama, T. Sawaguchi, K. Tsuzaki
Regular Articles
Raceway Formation in a Moving Bed    V. Mojamdar, G. S. Gupta, A. Puthukkudi
Properties of Low-MgO Ironmaking Blast Furnace Slags    X. Ma, M. Chen, J. Zhu, H. Xu, G. Wang, B. Zhao
Effect of MgO on Formation and Crystallization Behaviors of Calcium Ferrite during Heating and Cooling Processes    N. Yang, X.-M. Guo, N. Saito, K. Nakashima, J.-T. Zhao
In-situ Evaluation Method for Crack Generation and Propagation Behaviors of Iron Ore Burden during Low Temperature Reduction by Applying Acoustic Emission Method    M. Mizutani, T. Nishimura, T. Orimoto, K. Higu, S. Nomura, K. Saito and E. Kasai
Numerical Analysis of Reaction Degradation for Three-dimensional Coke Pore Structure    Y. Numazawa, D. Igawa, S. Matsuo, Y. Saito, Y. Matsushita, H. Aoki, T. Shishido and N. Okuyama
Granulation Effectiveness of Iron Ore Sinter Feeds: Effect of Ore Properties    C. Yang, D. Zhu, J. Pan, L. Lu
Effect of Silicon on TiN Formation in Liquid Iron    K.-H. Do, J.-M. Jang, H.-S. Son, M.-K. Paek and J.-J. Pak
Bubble Behavior and Size Distributions in Stopper-Rod Nozzle and Mold during Continuous Casting of Steel Slabs    S.-M. Cho, B.G. Thomas and S.-H. Kim
Instrumentation, Control and System Engineering
A Fast Response Sensor for Continuously Measuring Molten Steel Temperature    J. Zhang, G. Mei, Z. Xie and S. Zhao
Chemical and Physical Analysis
Nanostructural Analyses of Intra- and Intergranular Precipitates in High-temperature Heat-treated Nitrogen-added Austenitic Stainless Steel    M. Ochi, K. Sato, R. Teranishi, Y. Sato, J.-i. Hamada, T. Takushima, T. Hara and K. Kaneko
Identification of Precipitate Phases in an 11%Cr Ferritic/martensitic Steel after Short-term Creep    X. Zhou, Z. Xu, Y. Shen, T. Shi and X. Huang
Extraction of Free Magnesia from Steelmaking Slags Using Iodine–Ethanol Solutions    N. Uehara and M. Takita
Forming Processing and Thermomechanical Treatment
Strip Edge Defects and Comprehensive Control Technology in Trimming Process    Y.-x. Liu, C. Qian, X.-y. Cui, Y.-y. Cui and Z.-h. Bai
Effect of Cementite Dispersion on Void Formation Process in Spheroidize-Annealed Steels    M. Maeda, J. Shimamura and S. Suzuki
Effect of Nozzle Geometry and Distance on Cooling Performance of Impinging Jets    H. Kobayashi, K. Kabeya, Y. Takashima, H. Takahas, H. Takahashi and G. Takeda
Surface Treatment and Corrosion
Enhancement of the Wear and Corrosion Resistance of DLC/oxynitriding Duplex-treated PM30 Steel by the Asymmetric Bipolar-pulsed Plasma Enhanced CVD    S.-H. Chang, C.-K. Peng, K.-T. Huang and C.-M. Liu
Effect of Protein Concentration on Corrosion of Ti-6Al-4V and 316L SS Alloys    N. R. N. Masdek, A. A. Rozali, M. C. Murad and Z.Salleh
Transformations and Microstructures
Lath and Butterfly Composite Martensite Microstructure of a Medium-carbon Steel and its Quantitative Evaluation    T. Hayashi, S. Morito and T. Ohba
Mechanical Properties
Effect of Si Content on the Microstructure and Wear Resistance of High Chromium Cast Iron    J.-P. Lai, Q.-L. Pan, Y.-W. Sun and C.-A. Xiao
Bend Failure Mechanism of Zinc Coated Advanced High Strength Steel     D. Fan, P. Kaushik, H. Pielet
Casting and Solidification
Shrouded Transfer of Molten Steel from Ladle to Tundish: Current Understanding, Mathematical Modelling and New Insight    D. Mazumdar, P. K. Singh, R. K. Tiwari
Журнал надходить до Фізико-технологічного інституту проблем металів та сплавів міста Києва.
11. Quarterly Report of RTRI. – Tokyo. – ISSN 0033-9008
Volume 59, Number 3, August 2018
Development Status of International Standards on the Rail Track and the Trend of the Related Research of RTRI    K. MURAMOTO
Trends and Topics in Research and Development Related to Transportation and Traffic Planning Technology    K. KAWASAKI, N. FUKASAWA
Recent Topics on Human Science Research for Railway Safety    K. OMINO
Methods for Detecting and Predicting Localized Rapid Deterioration of Track Irregularity Based on Data Measured with High Frequency    H.TANAKA, S.YAMAMOTO, T.OSHIMA, M.MIWA
Development of New Solid-bed Track Equipped with Resilient Sleepers Using the Shear-key to Achieve Efficient Construction Work    H.TANIGAWA, S.KIKKAWA, T.TAKAHASHI, Y.MOMOYA
Improving the Performance of Rail Fastening System Evaluation    T.DESHIMARU, S.TAMAGAWA, M.NOGUCHI, H.KATAOKA
Algorithm Based on Gust and Flood Forecasts for Managing Train Operation Control and Passenger Evacuation    N. OZAKI, T. WATANABE, N. FUKASAWA
Method for Forecasting Fluctuation in Railway Passenger Demand for High-speed Rail Services    R.MATSUMOTO, D.OKUDA, N.FUKASAWA
Train Operation/Passenger Behaviour Simulator under Moving Block Signalling Systems    T.KUNIMATSU, T.TERASAWA, Y.TAKEUCHI, D.TATSUI
Development of an Acoustic Deterrent to Prevent Deer-train Collisions    M. SHIMURA, T.USHIOGI, M.IKEHATA
Fundamental Evaluation of Decision-making Task for Development of Training Method    Y. KITAMURA, T. INOUE, A.SATO, R. NAKAMURA, N. ONOMA, C. NAKAGAVA
Learning Method of Communication Error Prevention    R.NAKAMURA, Y.KITAMURA, T.INOUE, A.SATO, N. ONOMA
Журнал надходить до Інституту геотехнічної механіки
12. Folia Medica. – Plovdiv. – ISSN 0204 -8043
Volume 60, Number 3, July-September 2018
Bacterial Co-infections in HIV/AIDS-positive Subjects: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis     Farzad Khademi, Arshid Yousefi -Avarvand, Amirhossein Sahebkar, Fahimeh Ghanbari, Hamid Vaez
Biomarkers in COPD – Challenging, Real or Illusive    Radostina V. Cherneva, Dimitar T. Kostadinov
Clinical Significance of Fine Needle Aspiration in Managing Patients with Breast Lesions    Konstantinos Dinas, Georgios C. Pratilas, Maria Nasioutziki, Eleftherios Vavoulidis, Vasileios Makris, Panagiotis D. Loufopoulos, Matthias Kalder
Jaspers’ Phenomenology     Diogo Telles-Correia, Sérgio Saraiva, João Gama Marques
Local Anesthesia in Pediatric Patients – a Review of Current and Alternative Methods, Devices and Techniques    Elitsa R. Veneva, Ani B. Belcheva
Management of High and Very High-Risk Subjects with Familial Hypercholesterolemia: Results from an Observational Study in Bulgaria     Ivo S. Petrov, Arman Sh. Postadzhiyan, Mariya P. Tokmakova, Lyudmila G. Kitova, Svetlin N. Tsonev, Janet Addison, Reneta T. Petkova, Vasil I. Lachev
ALK Mutation Status in EGFR-negative Non-small-cell Lung Cancer Patients in Bulgaria    Slaveyko N. Djambazov, Toni Y. Vekov, Evgeni V. Mekov, Georgi S. Slavchev, Rosen E. Petkov, Dimitar T. Kostadinov, Ljubliana T. Konteva
Clinical Evaluation of CAD/CAM Indirect Zirconia Restorations of Severely Destroyed Vital Teeth in the Posterior Area – Early Clinical Results     Mariela P. Tsanova, Neshka A. Manchorova-Veleva, Nonka G. Mateva, Snejana Ts. Tsanova
Anthropological Characteristic of the Distribution of Adipose Tissue in Bulgarian Females with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus    Atanas G. Baltadjiev, Stefka V. Vladeva, Dimitar B. Bahariev
Effects of Low Level Laser Therapy on Erosive-atrophic Oral LichenPlanus    Maria Z. Mutafchieva, Milena N. Draganova-Filipova, Plamen I. Zagorchev, Georgi T. Tomov
Pattern and Factors Associated with Medicine Usage in Middleaged Adults: a Population Based Cross-Sectional Study     Ermira Krasniqi, Mynyr Koni, Idriz Berisha, Arben Boshnjaku
Experimental Study of the Analgesic Effect of the Antidepressant Escitalopram     Hristina I. Zlatanova, Ilin K. Kandilarov, Ilia D. Kostadinov, Delian P. Delev, Maria T. Georgieva-Kotetarova
Autofluorescence and White Light Bronchoscopy in the Diagnosis of Endobronchial Malignant Lesions    Valeri Y. Andreev, Nikolay A. Yanev, Stefan K. Stanimirov, Ivan N. Ivanov, Savelina L.Popovska, Petkana A. Hristova, Yavor Y. Ivanov
Bulgarian Experience with Adverse Drug Reaction Reports from Patients and Consumers – Retrospective Data-base Study    Violeta I. Getova, Stanislav R. Georgiev, Assena H. Stoimenova, Elina S. Petkova-Georgieva
Beneficial Effects of Olive Oil on the Rats’ Cerebellum: Functional and Structural Evidence     Ali Noorafshan, Reza Asadi-Golshan, Mahboobeh Erfanizadeh, Saied Karbalay-Doust
Case Reports
Incidental Aluminum Phosphide Poisoning: Case Report and Current Management    Özlem Çakın, Gokhan Tazegul, Ayça Gümüş, Melike Cengiz, Atilla Ramazanoğlu
Clinical and Histopathological Findings of Chordomas: a Case Report     Saime G. Sagiroglu, Sezen Koçaslan, Selman Sarica, Nagihan Bilal, Israfi l Orhan
Adjacent Single-level Combined Fixation Using Kyphoplasty and Percutaneous Pedicle Screws in Type A3 Unstable Vertebral Fractures in Elderly Patients      Antonio Ortin-Barcelo, David J. Ortolà Morales, Michele Attilio Rosa, Domenico Fenga, Miguel A. Bañuls-Pattarelli, Fernando A. Lopez-Prats
An Unusual and Rare Case of Food-dependent Exercise-induced Anaphylaxis Caused by Ingestion of Potatoes     Elena V. Elefterova-Florova, Dora N. Popova, Rositsa V. Andreeva
Femoral Expandable Prosthesis In Bone Tumor of an Adult: A Case Report     Domenico Fenga, Michele A. Rosa
Журнал надходить до Інституту експериментальної патології, онкології і радіобіології ім. Р. Є. Кавецького міста Києва.
13. The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine. – Sendai. – ISSN 0040-8727
Volume 245, Number 3, July 2018
Regular Contribution
Expression of TBC1D16 Is Associated with Favorable Prognosis of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer    Zunxian Yang, Hongwei Shen, Weipeng He, Linlong OuYang, Yunyun Guo, Fang Qian, Baoduan Xu, Dan Xie and Guofen Yang
Infliximab-Induced Tubulointerstitial Nephritis with Image Findings of Striated Nephrogram in Crohn’s Disease    Tomonori Sato, Yoshihide Kawasaki, Akihiro Ito, Hideaki Izumi, Naoki Kawamorita, Shinichi Yamashita, Koji Mitsuzuka, Tomonori Matsuura, Mika Watanabe and Yoichi Arai
Inter-Regional Differences in Travel Time to the Nearest Nursery for Children with Mild Acute Illness in Japan    Akira Ehara
Incidence Rate, Subtype Frequency, and Occurrence Site of Malignant Lymphoma in the Gastrointestinal Tract: Population-Based Analysis in Miyagi, Japan    Fumiyoshi Fujishima, Hiroki Katsushima, Noriko Fukuhara, Sachiko Konosu-Fukaya, Yasuhiro Nakamura, Hironobu Sasano and Ryo Ichinohasama
Job Stress Factors Affect Workplace Resignation and Burnout among Japanese Rural Physicians    Yasuaki Saijo, Eiji Yoshioka, Sharon J.B. Hanley, Kazuyo Kitaoka and Takahiko Yoshida
Analgesic Effect of Double-Level Retrolaminar Paravertebral Block for Breast Cancer Surgery in the Early Postoperative Period: A Placebo-Controlled, Randomized Clinical Trial    Eiko Onishi, Mamoru Murakami, Ryo Nishino, Ruri Ohba and Masanori Yamauchi
Newly Identified t(2;17)(p15;q24.2) Chromosomal Translocation Is Associated with Dysgenetic Gonads and Multiple Somatic Anomalies    Kento Morozumi, Keiko Ainoya, Jun Takemoto, Kiyohide Sakai
Sera from Septic Patients Contain the Inhibiting Activity of the Extracellular ATP-Dependent Inflammasome Pathway    Van Minh Ho, Nobuyuki Hirohashi, Weng-Sheng Kong, Guo Yun, Kohei Ota, Junji Itai, Satoshi Yamaga, Kei Suzuki, Koichi Tanigawa, Masamoto Kanno, and Nobuaki Shime
Underexpression of Receptor for Activated C Kinase 1 (RACK1) in Leukocytes from Patients with Severe Acute Pancreatitis    Xiaoxin Zhang, Jia Guo, Haoyang Wang, Chenlong Zhang, Na Shi, Wenhao Cai, Tao Jin, Ziqi Lin, Yun Ma, Xiaonan Yang, Qing Xia and Ping Xue
Fever Responses Are Enhanced with Advancing Age during Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection among Children under 24 Months Old    Chiaki Kawakami, Atsuo Sato, Hiroko Sumita, Atsushi Isozaki, Hiroyuki Shimizu, Taichi Kanetaka, Koji Maehara, Kota Ao, Akiyoshi Nariai, Fumihiko Takeshita, Rika Kizu and Masaaki Mori
Журнал надходить до Інституту експериментальної патології, онкології і радіобіології ім. Р. Є. Кавецького міста Києва.
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