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Журнали представлені на виставці:
1. Applied Optics. – Washington. – ISSN 1559-128X
Volume 57, Issue 31, 1 November 2018
Research Articles
Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics
Fabry–Perot etalon-based ultraviolet trifrequency high-spectral-resolution lidar for wind, temperature, and aerosol measurements from 0.2 to 35  km altitude    Fahua Shen, Chenbo Xie, Chengqun Qiu, and Bangxin Wang
Simulation and assessment of solar background noise for spaceborne lidar    Chuanliang Zhang, Xuejin Sun, Riwei Zhang, and Yanwen Liu
Fiber Optics, Fiber Sensors, and Optical Communications
Modeling of transmission characteristics in step-index polymer optical fiber using the matrix exponential method    Grzegorz Stepniak and Jerzy Siuzdak
Energy attenuations in single microfiber and double-loop cavity supported by optical substrate    Xining Zhang, Dingxin Liang, Hao Dai, Zhijun Wu, and Jixiong Pu
Ultrahigh-resolution interrogation of a fiber Bragg grating sensor based on higher order four-wave mixing    Chiranjit Ghosh and Vishnu Priye
Flexible TWDM–RoF system with good dispersion tolerance for downlink and uplink based on additional SCS    Anliang Liu, Hongxi Yin, Bin Wu, and Zhiheng Zhou
Transparent intersatellite optical wireless communication link with double sideband-suppressed carrier modulation and coherent homodyne detection    Kang Zong
Logistic-function-based nonlinear companding transform for asymmetrical hybrid optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexing visible light communications systems    T. Zhang, Y. Zou, J. N. Sun, and S. Qiao
Geometrical Optics
General formula for bi-aspheric singlet lens design free of spherical aberration    Rafael G. González-Acuña and Héctor A. Chaparro-Romo
Producing uniform illumination within a rectangular area by using a nonimaging optic    Sina Babadi, Roberto Ramirez-Inguiez, Tuleen Boutaleb, and Tapas Mallick
Design of a two-dimensional stray-light-free geometrical waveguide head-up display    Luo Gu, Dewen Cheng, Qiwei Wang, Qichao Hou, and Yongtian Wang
Reversible and irreversible alterations of the optical thickness of PQ/PMMA volume recording media samples. Part 2: mathematical modeling    B. G. Manukhin, S. A. Chivilikhin, N. V. Andreeva, T. B. Kuzmina, D. A. Materikina, and O. V. Andreeva
Imaging Systems, Image Processing, and Displays
Improved small moving target detection method in infrared sequences under a rotational background    Zhang Tong, Cui Can, Fu Wen Xing, Huang Han Qiao, and Cheng Hao Yu
Computational ghost imaging with designed low spatial frequency masks    Yuya Yamazaki and Takanori Nomura
Three-dimensional imaging system with both improved lateral resolution and depth of field considering non-uniform system parameters    Hui Yun, Anabel Llavador, Genaro Saavedra, and Myungjin Cho
Accurate deduction of infrared imaging features of subpixel targets based on the conversion of radiation fields of measured area targets    Ke Li, Xiao-Rui Wang, Bing-Tao Guo, Wei-Guo Zhang, Hang Yuan, Xiong-Xiong Wu, and Chen Zhao
Instrumentation and Measurements
Systematic study of the cross polarization introduced by broadband antireflection layers at microwave frequencies    Valeria Tapia, Rafael Rodríguez, Nicolás Reyes, F. Patricio Mena, Pavel Yagoubov, Francesco Cuttaia, and Leonardo Bronfman
Suppression of stray light based on energy information mining    Ting Sun, Fei Xing, Jingyu Bao, Songsong Ji, and Jin Li
High-speed stereo-digital image correlation using a single color high-speed camera    Liping Yu and Bing Pan
Collinear heterodyne interferometer technique for measuring Goos–Hänchen shift    Wenjing Zhang and Zhiwei Zhang
Dynamics of the laser fragmentation/laser-induced fluorescence process in nitrobenzene vapors    Sergei M. Bobrovnikov, Evgeny V. Gorlov, Viktor I. Zharkov, Yury N. Panchenko, and Aleksey V. Puchikin
Misalignment measurement of membrane diffractive telescope segments by means of edge sensors with form closure    Shanyong Chen, Chuanchao Wu, Dede Zhai, and Junfeng Liu
Simple and compact grating-based heterodyne interferometer with the Littrow configuration for high-accuracy and long-range measurement of two-dimensional displacement    Qiang Lv, Zhaowu Liu, Wei Wang, Xiaotian Li, Shuo Li, Ying Song, Hongzhu Yu, Bayanheshig, and Wenhao Li
Why not use thermal radiation for nanothermometry?     Liselotte Jauffred
Droplet sizing with a wavelength modulated laser    Cecil F. Hess
Lasers, Optical Amplifiers, and Laser Optics
Multiwavelength Er-doped fiber laser using an all-fiber Lyot filter    Zihao Zhao, Xiaolei Li, Yue Li, Huabao Qin, Hushan Wang, Yiyang Luo, Zhijun Yan, Qizhen Sun, Deming Liu, and Lin Zhang
Random and pseudo-random phase modulations for FM-to-AM reduction in high power lasers    Martin Rabault, Jacques Luce, and Denis Penninckx
Determination of the refractive indices of ionic liquids by ellipsometry, and their application as immersion liquids    Xia Wu, Maren Muntzeck, Teresa de los Arcos, Guido Grundmeier, René Wilhelm, and Thorsten Wagner
Optical properties of surface states in two-dimensional topological insulators    L. S. Huang, H. M. Dong, Y. F. Duan, J. L. Liu, and C. X. Zhao
Medical Optics, Microscopy, and Biotechnology
Full-depth compressive sensing spectral-domain optical coherence tomography based on a compressive dispersion encoding method    Luying Yi and Liqun Sun
Nonlinear Optics
Sample orientation in corona-poled multilayer silica structures    Tahseen Haque, Seyed Hamed Jafari, Jacques Albert, and Christopher W. Smelser
Optical bistability, amplification, and transparency in a one-dimensional photonic crystal with a nonlinear central layer    Samira Alipour and Siamak Khademi
Optical Design and Fabrication
Numerical modeling of nominal and stray waves in birefringent interferometers: application to large-field-of-view imaging Fourier transform spectrometers    Hervé Sauer, Armande Pola Fossi, Yann Ferrec, Nicolas Guerineau, Jean Minet, Jean Taboury, and Pierre Chavel
Optical Devices, Sensors, and Detectors
Band enhanced ultra-broadband terahertz absorber based on a high-impedance surface and cavity resonance    Hao Zhang, Yu Ma, Hai-Feng Zhang, Jing Yang, and Jia-Xuan Liu
Novel technology for microlenses for imaging applications    Vasyl Motsnyi, Ingrid De Wolf, Veronique Rochus, Xavier Rottenberg, Ozlem Cangar, Jan Van Olmen, Stefano Guerrieri, Piet De Moor, and Mustapha Zahir
Space-qualified fast steering mirror for an image stabilization system of space astronomical telescopes    Zhichao Dong, Aimin Jiang, Yanfeng Dai, and Jianwei Xue
Color temperature tunable phosphor-coated white LEDs with excellent photometric and colorimetric performances    Wenjie Gao, Ke Ding, Guoxing He, and Ping Zhong
Design of modified InGaAs/InP one-sided junction photodiodes with improved response at high light intensity    Jie Xu, Xiupu Zhang, and Ahmed Kishk
Nanoscale, tunable, and highly sensitive biosensor utilizing hyperbolic metamaterials in the near-infrared range    M. A. Baqir, Ali Farmani, T. Fatima, M. R. Raza, S. F. Shaukat, and Ali Mir
Physical Optics
Lensing properties of rotational gas flow    D. Kaganovich, L. A. Johnson, D. F. Gordon, A. A. Mamonau, and B. Hafizi
Two-photon induced polarization spectroscopy of xenon 7p[1/2]0    A. Meindl, S. Loehle, and S. Fasoulas
Design of a compact wide-spectrum double-channel prism imaging spectrometer with freeform surface    Lei Feng, Jinsong Zhou, Lidong Wei, Xiaoying He, Yacan Li, Juanjuan Jing, and Bin Xiangli
Surface Optics and Plasmonics
Gold–aluminum-based surface plasmon resonance sensor with a high quality factor and figure of merit for the detection of hemoglobin    Ashish Bijalwan and Vipul Rastogi
All-in-fiber method of generating orbital angular momentum with helically symmetric fibers: publisher’s note    Li Li, Shicheng Zhu, Jinyan Li, Xinyu Shao, Almantas Galvanauskas, and Xiuquan Ma
Журнал надходить до Інституту радіофізики і електроніки ім. О.Я. Усикова міста Харкова.
2. Applied Optics. – Washington. – ISSN 1559-128X
Volume 57, Issue 32, 10 November 2018
Research Articles
Diffraction and Gratings
Multiring pure-phase binary optical elements to extend depth of focus    Ning Xu, Zhe Kong, Qiaofeng Tan, and Yuegang Fu
Fiber Optics, Fiber Sensors, and Optical Communications
Dimming control scheme for VLC systems based on multilevel data transmission    Yu Zuo and Jian Zhang
Analysis of a heterodyne detection system affected by irradiance and phase fluctuations in slant atmospheric turbulence    Zhenkun Tan and Xizheng Ke
Coherent phase transfer via fiber using heterodyne optical phase locking as optical amplification    Xue Deng, Jie Liu, Qi Zang, Dongdong Jiao, Jing Gao, Xiang Zhang, Dan Wang, Ruifang Dong, and Tao Liu
Highly sensitive displacement sensor based on composite interference established within a balloon-shaped bent multimode fiber structure    Ke Tian, Gerald Farrell, Xianfan Wang, Elfed Lewis, and Pengfei Wang
Measurement of a true Brillouin grating distribution generated at mated fiber connectors with optical low coherence reflectometry coupled with dispersive Fourier spectroscopy    Kazumasa Takada and Shin-ichi Satoh
Simultaneous measurement of displacement and temperature using a PMF-based dual Mach–Zehnder interferometer    Shuaifei Tian, Wenjing Chen, Hanyang Li, Zhangjun Yu, Jun Yang, Yibo Zhang, Haibo Zhu, Yonggui Yuan, Feng Peng, Xiaojun Zhang, Fuqiang Jiang, and Libo Yuan
Imaging Systems, Image Processing, and Displays
On-orbit radiometric calibration of Suomi NPP VIIRS reflective solar bands using the Moon and solar diffuser    Taeyoung Choi, Xi Shao, and Changyong Cao
Improved edge detection in computational ghost imaging by introducing orbital angular momentum    Sajjad Rajabi Ghaleh, Sohrab Ahmadi-Kandjani, Reza Kheradmand, and Babak Olyaeefar
Research of the three-dimensional tracking and registration method based on multiobjective constraints in an AR system    Zhe An, Xiping Xu, Jinhua Yang, Yang Liu, and Yuxuan Yan
Optical single-channel color image cryptosystem based on vector decomposition and three-dimensional chaotic maps    Mingming Chen and Chen Tang
Instrumentation and Measurements
Three-axis attitude accuracy of better than 5 arcseconds obtained for the star sensor in a long-term on-ship dynamic experiment    Liheng Ma, Dongshan Zhu, Chunsheng Sun, Dongkai Dai, Xingshu Wang, and ShiQiao Qin
Influence of the frequency response of the photodetector on the heterodyne interferometer-based sound pressure standards in water    Xiujuan Feng, Ping Yang, Longbiao He, Min Wang, and Guangzhen Xing
Practical implementation of the sine condition test    David Sommitz and Matthew Dubin
Lasers, Optical Amplifiers, and Laser Optics
Periodic-trajectory-controlled, coherent-state-phase-switched, and wavelength-tunable SU(2) geometric modes in a frequency-degenerate resonator    Yijie Shen, Xilin Yang, Xing Fu, and Mali Gong
Dual-wavelength end-pumped Rb-Cs vapor lasers    Shunyan Wang, Kang Dai, Juhong Han, Guofei An, Wei Zhang, Qiang Yu, He Cai, Niyaziaili Nulahemaiti, Xiaoxu Liu, Abai Alghazi, and You Wang
Power balancing the multibeam OMEGA laser    S. Sampat, T. Z. Kosc, K. A. Bauer, R. D. Dean, W. R. Donaldson, J. Kwiatkowski, R. Moshier, A. L. Rigatti, M. H. Romanofsky, L. J. Waxer, and J. H. Kelly
Wet-etching-assisted femtosecond laser holographic processing of a sapphire concave microlens array    Xiao-Wen Cao, Yi-Ming Lu, Hua Fan, Hong Xia, Lei Zhang, and Yong-Lai Zhang
Vacuum-compatible low-loss Faraday isolator for efficient squeezed-light injection in laser-interferometer-based gravitational-wave detectors    Eric Genin, Maddalena Mantovani, Gabriel Pillant, Camilla De Rossi, Laurent Pinard, Christophe Michel, Matthieu Gosselin, and Julia Casanueva
Tunable terahertz metamaterial absorber based on Dirac semimetal films    Tongling Wang, Maoyong Cao, Huiyun Zhang, and Yuping Zhang
Growth, spectral properties, and diode-pumped laser operation of a Nd3+-doped LaMgAl11O19 crystal    Yuxin Pan, Shidong Zhou, Jiawei Wang, Bin Xu, Jian Liu, Qingsong Song, Jie Xu, Dongzhen Li, Peng Liu, Xiaodong Xu, and Jun Xu
Optical Devices, Sensors, and Detectors
Estimation of spectral mismatch correction factor f'1 indicated by radiometer responsivity toward phototherapic infant devices    Sameh M. Reda, Alaaeldin A. AbdElmageed, Ahmed S. Monem, Reem H. El-gebaly, and Samaa M. Faramawy
Stokes imaging polarimetry using a twisted hybrid aligned nematic liquid crystal cell    Michinori Honma, Yuta Kasai, and Toshiaki Nose
Remotely biasing the electro-optic response of an electric field sensing-detection system using LiNbO3 asymmetric Mach–Zehnder optical retarders    Celso Gutierrez-Martinez and Rocio Ricardez-Trejo
Physical Optics
Linear-to-circular polarization transformation upon reflection by a transparent thin film on a transparent substrate: analytical determination of principal angles and principal azimuths    R. M. A. Azzam
Terahertz and X-ray Optics
Efficient terahertz transmission modulation in plasmonic metallic slits by a graphene ribbon array    L. Zhang and Z. C. Zhai
Журнал надходить до Інституту радіофізики і електроніки ім. О.Я. Усикова міста Харкова.
3. Serbian Astronomical Journal. – Belgrade. – ISSN 1450-698X
Number 196, June 2018
Invited review:
The Stellar Atmosphere Physical System I. Phenomenological Definition and Representation of a Stellar Atmosphere    L. Crivellari
Original scientific paper:
New observations and transit solutions of the exoplanets HAT-P-53b and XO-5b    D. Kjurkchieva, N. Petrov, S. Ibryamov, G. Nikolov, V. Popov
Professional papers:
Observations and Light Curve Solutions of the Eclipsing Binaries KR Lyn, CSS J110212+244412, NSVS 4917488 and NSVS 7336024    D. Kjurkchieva, V. A. Popov, J. Eneva, N. Petrov
Aleksandar Kubičcela (1930-2017) - An Astrophysical Research Pioneer at the Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade    L. Č. Popović, I. Vince
Журнал надходить до Головної астрономічної обсерваторії міста Києва.
4. Serbian Astronomical Journal. – Belgrade. – ISSN 1450-698X
Number 197, December 2018
Original scientific papers:
Kasner type Magnetized String cosmological models in f(R,T) gravity    S. P. Hatkar, S. V. Gore and S. D. Katore
Anomalous Cepheids Discovered in a Sample of Galactic Short Period Type II Cepheids    M. I. Jurkovic
Professional paper:
Digitization of the Belgrade Astronomical Observatory's Vertical Circle Observational Heritage     S. Šegan and M. Šegan-Radonjić
Book Review:
Light of the Stars: Alien Worlds and the Fate of the Earth / W.W. Norton, New York, 2018     M. M. Ćirković
Журнал надходить до Головної астрономічної обсерваторії міста Києва.
5. Romanian Astronomical Journal. – Bucharest. – ISSN 2285-3758
Volume 27, Number 1, 2017
Data ingestion methods and taxonomic results using M4AST    Simon ANGHEL, Mirel BIRLAN
Stability of Triangular Equilibrium Points for the Elliptic RestrictedThree-Body Problem with Drag    Mihai BARBOSU, Ciprian CHIRUTA, Tiberiu OPROIU
Reissner-Nordstr¨om Metric Violates Weak Equivalence Principle by Rotation    M. Khayrul HASAN, Kausari SULTANA, Md. SHAHJALAL
Rotation induced break down of Weak Equivalence Principle in Schwarzschild – (Anti-) de Sitter Geometry    M. Khayrul HASAN, Kausari SULTANA, Md. SHAHJALAL
Stellar Symbols on Ancient Coins of the Roman Empire Part III: 193–235 AD    Eleni ROVITHIS-LIVANIOU, Flora ROVITHIS
Introductio ad geographiam et sphaeram, A lesser-known book on astronomy    Magda STAVINSCHI
Журнал надходить до Головної астрономічної обсерваторії міста Києва.
6. Romanian Astronomical Journal. – Bucharest. – ISSN 2285-3758
Volume 27, Number 2, 2017
New concept of spectrograph for Near-Earth Asteroids observations    Mirel BIRLAN, François COLAS, François COCHARD, Benoît CARRY, Pierre VERNAZZA, Sonia FORNASIER, Davide PERNA
AIRA T40 - First Light    Radu Mihai GHERASE, Marcel POPESCU, Adrian Bruno SONKA, Petre PARASCHIV
Some results regarding statistical evaluation of the CCD astro-geodetic vertical deviation    Andreea Ioana GORNEA,Dan Alin NEDELCU, Paul Daniel DUMITRU
Laying the Foundations of Contemporary Romanian Astronomy    Sorin MARIN
Five days of solar wind evolution at 1 AU in May     Nedelia A. POPESCU, Cristiana DUMITRACHE
The AR12644 evolution – observations and simulations    Cristiana DUMITRACHE, Liliana DUMITRU, Octavian BLAGOI, Cristian A. DANESCU, Oana STERE, Adrian B. SONKA
Upgrading the solar instruments for space weather observations at AIRA    Octavian BLAGOI, Cristian A. DANESCU
Orbital flower    Iharka SZÜCS-CSILLIK
Журнал надходить до Головної астрономічної обсерваторії міста Києва.
7. Kodai Mathematical Journal. – Tokio. – ISSN 0386-5991
Volume 41, Number 3, 2018
Energy gaps for p-Yang-Mills fields over compact Riemannian manifolds    Zhen-Rong Zhou
A new formula for the spherical growth series of an amalgamated free product of two infinite cyclic groups    Michihiko Fujii
q-series reciprocities and further π-formulae    Wenchang Chu
Area of the complement of the fast escaping sets of a family of entire functions    Song Zhang and Fei Yang
Higher Bers maps and Weil-Petersson Teichmüller space    Shuan Tang and Jianjun Jin
Vojta's conjecture, singularities and multiplier-type ideals    Takehiko Yasuda
Derived category with respect to Gorenstein AC-projective modules    Tianya Cao, Zhongkui Liu and Xiaoyan Yang
On cobrackets on the Wilson loops associated with flat GL(1, R)-bundles over surfaces    Moeka Nobuta
Łojasiewicz exponents of non-degenerate holomorohic and mixed functions    Mutsuo Oka
Zariskian adic spaces    Hiromu Tanaka
Журнал надходить до Інституту прикладних проблем механіки і математики ім. Я.С. Підстригача міста Львова.
8. Indiana University Mathematics Journal. – Bloomington. – ISSN 0022-2518
Volume 67, Number 4, 2018
Minimal faces and Schur's Lemma for embeddings into R    Scott Atkinson
On arithmetic of the superspecial locus    Chia-Fu Yu
Asymptotic and viscous stability of large-amplitude solutions of a hyperbolic system arising from biology    Vincent Martinez, Zhian Wang & Kun Zhao
A singular perturbation limit of diffused interface energy with a fixed contact angle condition    Takashi Kagaya & Yoshihiro Tonegawa
On the essential normality of principal submodules of the Drury-Arveson module    Quanlei Fang & Jingbo Xia
Continuity results for TV-minimizers    Gwenael Mercier
A "liquid-solid" phase transition in a simple model for swarming, based on the "no flat-spots" theorem for subharmonic functions    Rupert Frank & Elliott Lieb
Asymptotic behavior of the powers of composition operators on Banach spaces of holomorphic functions     Wolfgang Arendt, Isabelle Chalendar, Mahesh Kumar & Sachi Srivastava
Curvature free rigidity for higher rank three-manifolds    Samuel Lin
Triebel-Lizorkin spaces on metric spaces via hyperbolic fillings    Mario Bonk, Eero Saksman & Tomas Soto
On the covergence of minimizers of singular perturbation functionals,   Andres Contreras, Xavier Lamy &Remy Rodiac
Adjoint orbits of matrix groups over finite quotients of compact discrete valuation rings and representation zeta functions     Michele Zordan
Журнал надходить до Інституту математики міста Києва.
9. Geofizika. – Zagreb. – ISSN 0352-3659
Volume 35, Number 2, 2018
Investigation of the Central Adriatic lithosphere structure with the AlpArray-CASE seismic experiment     I. Molinari, I. Dasović, J. Stipčević, V. Šipka, E. Kissling, J. Clinton, S. Salimbeni, S. Prevolnik, D. Giardini, S. Wiemer, the AlpArray-CASE Field Team and the AlpArray-CASE Working Group
Review and critical analysis on digital elevation models     E. S. Lakshmi and K. Yarrakula
Exchange of dense water between the open North Adriatic and the Croatian coastal sea: Explicitly solving a nonlinear problem     M. Orlić
Tropical cyclone intensity prediction over the North Indian Ocean - An NWP based objective approach.    S. K. Bhattacharya, S. D. Kotal, S. Nath, S. K. Roy Bhowmik and P. K. Kundu
Review of research on Plitvice Lakes, Croatia in the fields of meteorology, climatology, hydrology, hydrogeochemistry and physical limnology.    Z. B. Klaić, J. Rubinić and S. Kapelj
Журнал надходить до Інституту геофізики ім. С.І. Субботіна міста Києва.
10. Kew Bulletin. – London. – ISSN 0075-5974
Volume 73, Number 4, 2018
Four new species of Dypsis (Arecaceae: Arecoideae) from Madagascar    W.L. Eiserhardt, J. Dransfield, M. Rakotoarinivo, & W. J. Baker
New names for three African Acanthaceae    Kaj Vollesen & Iain Darbyshire
Casearia gambiana (Salicaceae), a new tree species from Gambia, West Africa    F. J. Breteler
Two new species of Syzygium (Myrtaceae) from North and West Sumatra    Pudji Widodo, &  Eve Lucas
New names in Ficus (Moraceae) and Ficophyllum, living and fossil    Alexander B. Doweld
Lectotypification of the Linnaean name Rhinanthus indicus (Orobanchaceae)     Rajeev Kumar Singh
Lectotypification of Boehmeria densiflora Hook. & Arn. (Urticaceae) and Hooker and Arnott’s sets of duplicates from Captain Beechey’s expedition    Vijay Vishnu Wagh & Imtiyaz Ahmad Hurrah
A new species and new combination in Polygala sect. Timutua series Timoutoideae from Brazil    José Floriano Barêa Pastore
Revisiting Psyllocarpus goiasensis (Rubiaceae: Spermacoceae): a new synonym, notes on type specimens, and conservation status assessment of this endemic species from the campo rupestre of Goiás state, central Brazil    João Afonso Martins do Carmo, Sandra Virginia Sobrado, Roberto Manuel Salas & André Olmos Simões
Two new species of Hydrobryum (Podostemaceae) from Laos    Satoshi Koi & Masahiro Kato
Molecular and morphological phylogenetics of the digitate-tubered clade within subtribe Orchidinae s.s. (Orchidaceae: Orchideae)     Richard M. Bateman, Alexander R. M. Murphy, Peter M. Hollingsworth, Michelle L. Hart, Ian Denholm & Paula J. Rudall
Investigating taxon boundaries and extinction risk in endemic Chilean cacti (Copiapoa subsection Cinerei, Cactaceae) using chloroplast DNA sequences, microsatellite data and 3D mapping    Isabel Larridon, Emily Veltjen, Ilias Semmouri, Pieter Asselman, Pablo C. Guerrero, Milén Duarte, Helmut E. Walter, Mauricio A. Cisternas & Marie-Stéphanie Samain
Additional notes on Ipomoea (Convolvulaceae) in Bolivia    John R. I. Wood, Maira Tatiana Martinez Ugarteche, Pablo Muñoz-Rodríguez & R. W. Scotland
A key to the species of Keetia (Rubiaceae - Vanguerieae) in West Africa, with three new, threatened species from Guinea and Ivory Coast    Martin Cheek, Sekou Magassouba, Denise Molmou, Tokpa Seny Doré, Charlotte Couch, Shigeo Yasuda, Charlie GoreAmy Guest, Aurelie Grall, Isabel Larridon, Isabelle H. Bousquet, Bella Ganatra & George Gosline
Asplenium arcumontanum (Aspleniaceae), a new species from the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania    Andreas Hemp & Neil R. Crouch
A new species of Leucas, L. gypsicola (Lamiaceae), from gypsum outcrops in eastern Ethiopia    Alan J. Paton, Ib Friis & Sebsebe Demissew
The publication and typification of the name Thalia dealbata (Marantaceae)     I. M. Turner & J. F. Veldkamp
Журнал надходить до Інституту ботаніки ім. М. Г. Холодного  міста Києва.
11. Adansonia. – Paris. – ISSN 1280-8571
Volume 40 (2018), Articles 1-15
1802–2018 : 220 ans d'histoire des périodiques au Muséum    E. Côtez, A. Mabille, C. Chester, E. Rocklin, T. Deroin, L. Desutter-Grandcolas, J. Lesur, D. Merle, T. Robillard & L. Bénichou
The typification of Lagenophora sundana Miq. (Asteraceae)    A. R. Bean & F. Jabbour
Sagina diffusa (Hook.f.) Timaná, comb. nov. (Caryophyllaceae), a new combination for the flora of île St. Paul (Southern Indian Ocean), with some historical notes    M. E. Timaná
Schmidiella Veldk., gen. nov., an enigmatic new genus of Gramineae from Laos    J.-F. Veldkamp
Floral reversion and first record of pseudovivipary in some species of Poaceae    J. M. Lo Medico, G. H. Rua , M. G. Bonasora & A. S. Vega
The species of Scrophularia L. (Scrophulariaceae) with white margined leaves in Flora Iranica    M. Ranjbar & N. Rahchamani
Bluegrasses (Poa L., Poaceae) of Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, an annotated checklist    M. V. Olovona & E.G. Nikolin
Nomenclature des genres néo-calédoniens Arthroclianthus Baill. et Nephrodesmus Schindl. (Fabaceae-Desmodieae)     H. Vandrot
Novitates Gabonenses 89: Combretum longistipitatum Jongkind, sp. nov. (Combretaceae), a new liana species from Gabon     C. C. H. Jongkind
Lectotypification of two Turkish endemic taxa of Centaurea L. (Asteraceae, Cardueae, Centaureinae)     K. Negaresh
Nouveautés taxonomiques et nomenclaturales chez les fougères grammitides (Pteridophyta, Polypodiaceae, Grammitidoideae) de Madagascar     F. Rakotondrainibe, A. Jouy, G. Rouhan, L. Bauret & B. S. Parris
Deux nouvelles espèces d'euphorbes (Euphorbia L. section Goniostema, Euphorbiaceae) de la région de Fort-Dauphin, Madagascar     J.-P.Castillon
Focusing on three Verbascum L. taxa (Scrophulariaceae) of the Flora of Iran     A. Sotoodeh, F. Attar, C. Andalo, M. Mirtadzadini & L. Civeyrel
Snails in the flowers of Campanula jacobaea C.Sm. ex Webb (Campanulaceae) from the island of São Nicolau, Cabo Verde archipelago     M. L. Gardère
Erratum: Article 40 (13) 2018: 171-181. Focusing on three Verbascum L. taxa (Scrophulariaceae) of the Flora of Iran     A. Sotoodeh, F. Attar, C.Andalo, M. Mirtadzadini & L.Civeyrel
Журнал надходить до Інституту ботаніки ім. М. Г. Холодного  міста Києва.
12. Annales Zoologici. – Warszawa. – ISSN 0003-4541
Volume 68, Number 4, 2018
Diversity of Gastrotricha on Spitsbergen (Svalbard Archipelago, Arctic) with a Description of Seven New Species    M. Kolicka, L. Kotwicki, M. Dabert
Two New Species of Eutobrilus Tsalolikhin, 1981 (Nematoda: Triplonchida) from Lake Baikal, Russia    V. G. Gagarin, T. V. Naumova
Cryptocephalus Species Described from South Africa by Johan Christian Fabricius and Carl Peter Thunberg (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Cryptocephalinae)    M. Schöller, J. Bezděk
Taxonomic Revision of the Cretan Fauna of the Genus Temnothorax Mayr, 1861 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), with Notes on the Endemism of Ant Fauna of Crete    S. Salata, L. Borowiec, A. Trichas
Description of Plagiolepis perperamus, a New Species from East-Mediterranean and Redescription of Plagiolepis pallescens Forel, 1889 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)    S. Salata, L. Borowiec, A. G. Radchenko
Immature Stages of Beetles Representing the ‘Opatrinoid’ Clade (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae): An Overview of Current Knowledge of the Pupal Morphology    M. J. Kamiński, M. Raś, W. E. Steiner, D. Iwan
Mycotretus alvarengai sp. nov. (Coleoptera: Erotylidae: Tritomini) from the Amazon Biome    I. S. De Castro Pecci-Maddalena, C. Lopes-Andrade
The First Fossil Limnichidae from the Upper Cretaceous Burmese Amber (Coleoptera: Byrrhoidea)    Y. Yu, A. Ślipiński, D. Ren, H. Pang
Sylvicola Harris, 1780 (Diptera: Anisopodidae) in the Eocene Resins    M. Wojtoń, I. Kania, K. Kopeć
First Cytogenetic Study of a Member of the Harvestman Family Neogoveidae (Opiliones: Cyphophthalmi: Sternophthalmi) from Cameroon with Description of a New Species Parogovia parasironoides sp. nov.    M. Hiřman, M. Kotyk, Z. Kotyková Varadínová, F. Šťáhlavský
Further Additions to the Jumping Spider Fauna of South Africa (Araneae: Salticidae)    W. Wesołowska, C. R. Haddad
Heterosymely and Accompanying Anomalies in the Spider Eratigena atrica (C. L. Koch, 1843) (Araneae: Agelenidae)    T. Napiórkowska, J. Templin
Журнал надходить до Інституту зоології ім. І. І. Шмальгаузена  міста Києва.
13. Zoosystema. – Paris. – ISSN 1280 -9551
Volume 40 (2018), Articles 18-26
Diversity, morphological phylogeny, and distribution of bats of the genus Molossus E. Geoffroy, 1805 (Chiroptera, Molossidae) in Brazil    LOUREIRO L. O., GREGORIN R. & PERINI F. A.
Enlinia Aldrich, 1933 of Mitaraka, French Guiana (Diptera: Dolichopodidae), in TOUROULT J. (ed.), “Our Planet Reviewed” 2015 large-scale biotic survey in Mitaraka, French Guiana     RUNYON J. B. & POLLET M.
New species of Dolichopoda Bolívar, 1880 (Orthoptera, Rhaphidophoridae) from the Aegean Islands of Andros, Paros and Kinaros (Greece)     DI RUSSO C., RAMPINI M., CHIMENTI C. & ALEXIOU S.
Dipterological survey in Mitaraka Massif (French Guiana) reveals megadiverse dolichopodid fauna with an unprecedented species richness in Paraclius Loew, 1864 (Diptera: Dolichopodidae), in TOUROULT J. (ed.), “Our Planet Reviewed” 2015 large-scale biotic survey in Mitaraka, French Guiana     POLLET M., LEPONCE M., PASCAL O., TOUROULT J. & VAN CALSTER H.
The dangers of inadequate literature search to nomenclatural stability: the case of the nomina Hyla quoyi Bory de Saint-Vincent, 1828 and Hyla prasina Burmeister, 1856 (Amphibia: Anura)      COSTA H. C. & SANTANA D. J.
The Hyla quoyi–Hyla prasina case (Amphibia, Anura), with comments on bibliographic and taxonomic databases and on Article 23.9 of the Code     DUBOIS A. & OHLER A.
Annotated checklist of the endemic Tetrapoda species of Iran     ESKANDARZADEH N., RASTEGAR-POUYANI N., RASTEGAR-POUYANI E., FATHINIA B., BAHMANI Z., HAMIDI K. & GHOLAMIFARD A.
Souzalopesmyia Albuquerque, 1951 (Diptera: Muscidae): new species from South America with an updated phylogeny based on morphological evidence, in TOUROULT J. (ed.), “Our Planet Reviewed” 2015 large-scale biotic survey in Mitaraka, French Guiana     GOMES L. R. P. & DE CARVALHO C. J. B.
Review of grapsoid families for the establishment of a new family for Leptograpsodes Montgomery, 1931, and a new genus of Gecarcinidae H. Milne Edwards, 1837 (Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura, Grapsoidea MacLeay, 1838)     GUINOT D., NG N. K. & RODRÍGUEZ MORENO P. A.
Журнал надходить до Інституту зоології ім. І. І. Шмальгаузена  міста Києва.
14. Systematic Entomology. – Oxford. – ISSN 0307 -6970
Volume 44, Number 1, January 2019
The past and the present through phylogenetic analysis: the rove beetle tribe Othiini now and 99 Ma    Janina L. Kypke, Alexey Solodovnikov, Adam Brunke, Shûhei Yamamoto and Dagmara Żyła
Genus delimitation, biogeography and diversification of Choristoneura Lederer (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) based on molecular evidence    Giovanny Fagua, Fabien L. Condamine, Jason J. Dombroskie, Bong-Kyu Byun, Jurate De Prins, Thomas J. Simonsen, Marcos Baez, Bryan M.T. Brunet and Felix A.H. Sperling
Phylogenetic relationships and convergent evolution of ocean-shore ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Trechinae: Bembidion and relatives)    David R. Maddison and Munetoshi Maruyama
Chromosome evolution and phylogeny in Ronderosia (Orthoptera, Acrididae, Melanoplinae): clues of survivors to the challenge of sympatry?    Elio R.D. Castillo, Dardo A. Martí, Maximiliano M. Maronna, María C. Scattolini, Diogo C. Cabral-de-Mello and María M. Cigliano
The phylogeny of Coleopterida (Hexapoda) – morphological characters and molecular phylogenies    Rolf G. Beutel, Hans Pohl, Evgeny V. Yan, Eric Anton, Si-Pei Liu, Adam Ślipiński, Duane McKenna and Frank Friedrich
Giant sawflies and their kin: morphological phylogeny of Cimbicidae (Hymenoptera)    Lars Vilhelmsen
Molecular phylogeny of the fungus gnat subfamilies Gnoristinae and Mycomyinae, and their position within Mycetophilidae (Diptera)    David Kaspřák, Peter Kerr, Vít Sýkora, Andrea Tóthová and Jan Ševčík
Phylogeny and evolution of the cryptic fungus-farming ant genus Myrmicocrypta F. Smith (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) inferred from multilocus data    Jeffrey Sosa-Calvo, Fernando Fernández and Ted R. Schultz
A multilocus phylogenetic framework of the tribe Aeromachini (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae: Hesperiinae), with implications for taxonomy and biogeography    Zhen-Fu Huang, Hideyuki Chiba, Ju Jin Athulya, Girish Kizhakke, Min Wang, Krushnamegh Kunte and Xiao-Ling Fan
Divergent host use among cryptic species in the fungivorous ciid beetle Octotemnus laminifrons (Motschulsky, 1860), with descriptions of three new species from Japan    Takuya Kobayashi and Teiji Sota
Phylogenetic relationships and biogeography of the Ipsiura cuckoo wasps (Hymenoptera: Chrysididae)    Daercio A. A. Lucena, Lynn S. Kimsey and Eduardo A. B. Almeida
Molecular phylogenetic and morphological studies on the systematic position of Heracula discivitta reveal a new subfamily of Pseudobistonidae (Lepidoptera: Geometroidea)    Houshuai Wang, Jeremy D. Holloway, Niklas Wahlberg, Min Wang and Sören Nylin
An integrative approach elucidates the systematics of Sea Hayward and Cybdelis Boisduval (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae: Biblidinae)    Fernando M. S. Dias, Ricardo R. Siewert, André V. L. Freitas, Gerardo Lamas, Luiza M. Magaldi, Olaf H. H. Mielke and  Mirna M. Casagrande
The first Ironomyiidae from mid-Cretaceous Burmese amber provides insights into the phylogeny of Phoroidea (Diptera: Cyclorrhapha)    Xuankun Li and David K. Yeates
Early evolution of Nemopteridae illuminated with the first and oldest thread-winged lacewing in Cretaceous amber    Xiumei Lu, Bo Wang, Shiyan Yang and Xingyue Liu
Журнал надходить до Інституту зоології ім. І. І. Шмальгаузена  міста Києва.
15. Journal of the Japan Petroleum Institute. – Tokyo. – ISSN 1346 -8804
Volume 61, Issue 6, November 2018
Review Paper
Upgrading of Heavy Oil with Steam Using Iron Oxide-based Catalyst    E. Fumoto
Development of Highly Active Co/SiO2 Catalysts with Chelating Agents for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis    T. Mochizuki
Regular Paper
Effect of Wettability on Flow in Porous Media    Y. Onaka, A. Goharzadeh, and K. Sato
Dehydrogenation of Methylcyclohexane over Zinc-containing Platinum/Alumina Catalysts    K. Mori, Y. Kanda, and Y. Uemichi
Research Note
Inhibitory Effect of Additives on Cellulase Adsorption Mediated by Hydrophobic Interaction    Y. Ueno, D. Taneda, S. Okino, and Y. Shirai
Development of Hydrogen Recycling Systems for Petroleum Refineries: Hydrogen Sulfide Decomposition Using Titania Photocatalyst    M. Takase, S. Furukawa, S. Matsuda, K. Nishimori, and Y. Kanda
Журнал надходить до Інституту геології і геохімії горючих копалин міста Львова.
16. Quarterly Report of RTRI. – Tokyo. – ISSN 0033-9008
Volume 59, Number 4, November 2018
Recent Research and Development Activities in Vehicle Technology     Y. UJITA
Research and Development Trends in Restoration Technologies for Railway Bridges and Viaducts Developed by the Railway Technical Research Institute    M. KODA
Recent Status of Fundamental Research on Superconducting Maglev Technology and Research on the Application of Maglev Technology to the Conventional Railway System    K. NAGASHIMA
Total Performance Evaluation of the Assist Steering System for Bolsterless Bogie    S. KAMOSHITA, Y. UMEHARA, Y. YAMANAGA, M. SUZUKI, T. HONDO
Fundamental Study of Influence of Lateral Car-body Vibrations on Overturning in Case of Crosswinds    Y. HIBINO, H. KANEMOTO
Measurement and Evaluation Method of Dynamic Deformation of Brake Disc    S. SAGA, Y. TOYOSAKI
Prediction Method of Damage of Ground Induced by Liquefaction Based on Geological Structure of Surface Ground    T. MATSUMARU, T. SATO, A. KUDO
Evaluation of Deformation and Failure Behavior of Mountain Tunnels on Lining Material    K. YASHIRO, N. OKANO
Seismic Design for Improvement Construction Method of Ceiling of Existing Stations    K. SHIMIZU, H. MIKI, S. YAMADA
Development of Superconducting Magnetic Bearing Capable of Supporting Large Loads in Flywheel Energy Storage System for Railway Applications    Y. MIYAZAKI, K. MIZUNO, T. YAMASHITA, K. NAKAO, S. MUKOYAMA, T. MATSUOKA
Mechanical Vibration Tests on Real-scale REBCO Coil    K. MIZUNO, M. TANAKA, M. OGATA
Characteristics of Magnetic Springs for Guidance of Superconducting Maglev Vehicles    T. YONEZU, K. WATANABE, E. SUZUKI, T. SASAKAWA
Журнал надходить до Інституту геотехнічної механіки ім. М. С. Полякова міста Дніпра.
17. The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine. – Sendai. – ISSN 0040-8727
Volume 246, Number 1, September 2018
Demonstration of Mitochondrial Damage and Mitophagy in Cisplatin-Mediated Nephrotoxicity    Miki Ichinomiya, Akinori Shimada, Naoki Ohta, Erina Inouchi, Kikumi Ogihara, Yuko Naya, Masaki Nagane, Takehito Morita and Masahiko Satoh
Sleep Disturbance Is Associated with New Onset and Continuation of Lower Back Pain: A Longitudinal Study among Survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake    Yutaka Yabe, Yoshihiro Hagiwara, Takuya Sekiguchi, Yumi Sugawara, Masahiro Tsuchiya, Masashi Koide, Nobuyuki Itaya, Shinichirou Yoshida, Yasuhito Sogi, Toshihisa Yano, Ichiro Tsuji and Eiji Itoi
Inequality and Mother's Age as Determinants of Breastfeeding Continuation in Bangladesh    G.M. Rabiul Islam, Isao Igarashi and Koichi Kawabuchi
The Japan Environment and Children's Study (JECS) in Fukushima Prefecture: Pregnancy Outcome after the Great East Japan Earthquake    Hyo Kyozuka, Keiya Fujimori, Mitsuaki Hosoya, Seiji Yasumura, Tadahiko Yokoyama, Akiko Sato and Koichi Hashimoto
Concomitance of Polymorphisms in Glutathione Transferase Omega Genes Is Associated with Risk of Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma    Tanja M. Radic, Vesna M. Coric, Marija S. Pljesa-Ercegovac, Gordana M. Basta-Jovanovic, Sanja M. Radojevic-Skodric, Dejan P. Dragicevic, Marija G. Matic, Ljiljana M. Bogdanovic, Zoran M. Dzamic, Tatjana P. Simic and Ana R. Savic-Radojevic
Unilateral Chewing as a Risk Factor for Hearing Loss: Association between Chewing Habits and Hearing Acuity    Ye-Ran Lee, Jun-Seon Choi and Hee-Eun Kim
Inverse Relationship between Baseline Serum Albumin Levels and Risk of Mild Cognitive Impairment in Elderly: A Seven-Year Retrospective Cohort Study    Lu Wang, Feng Wang, Juan Liu, Qiang Zhang and Ping Lei
Abnormal Osmolality Gap Exists in Distal Symmetric Polyneuropathy    Tetsuya Akaishi, Toshiyuki Takahashi, Ichiro Nakashima and Masashi Aoki
Журнал надходить до Інституту експериментальної патології, онкології і радіобіології ім. Р. Є. Кавецького міста Києва.
18. The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine. – Sendai. – ISSN 0040-8727
Volume 246, Number 2, October 2018
Sleep Disturbance and Hyperactivity Detected by Actigraphy in Rats with Allergic Rhinitis or Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder     Motohiko Suzuki, Meiho Nakayama, Kayoko Bhardwaj Ando, Sachie Arima, Yoshihisa Nakamura, Makoto Yokota and Shingo Murakami
Vaccination Status and Antibody Titers against Rubella and Measles among Japanese Female College Students Majoring in Childcare between 2015 and 2018     Yoshifumi Shoho, Takao Kimura, Yoshimaro Yanagawa, Ai Saito, Toshiya Inoue, Chiaki Suto, Katsuhiko Tsunekawa, Osamu Araki, Makoto Nara, Yutaka Tokue and Masami Murakami
Simplified Prediction Model for Accurate Assessment of Dental Caries Risk among Participants Aged 10-18 Years     Jung-Min Kim, Jun-Seon Choi, Yoon-Hyeong Choi and Hee-Eun Kim
Decreased Expression of MicroRNA-107 in B Lymphocytes of Patients with Antibody-Mediated Renal Allograft Rejection     Zhe-wei Zhang, Ming Wang, Jun-jie Hu, Gang Xu, Yong Zhang and Nan Zhang
Strategic Methods for Recruiting Grandparents: The Tohoku Medical Megabank Birth and Three-Generation Cohort Study     Mami Ishikuro, Taku Obara, Tamae Osanai, Chizuru Yamanaka, Yuki Sato, Satoshi Mizuno, Masako Miyashita, Masahiro Kikuya, Kasumi Sakurai, Atsushi Hozawa, Hiroaki Tomita, Yasuyuki Taki, Fuji Nagami, Hirohito Metoki and Shinichi Kuriyama
Deregulated MicroRNAs in Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts from Front Tumor Tissues of Lung Adenocarcinoma as Potential Predictors of Tumor Promotion     María Cristina Negrete-Garcia, Sandra Lizbeth Ramírez-Rodriguez, Claudia Rangel-Escareño, Said Muñoz-Montero, Javier Kelly-García, María Eugenia Vázquez-Manríquez, Patricio Santillán, Martha Montaño Ramírez, Gustavo Ramírez-Martínez, Alejandra Ramírez-Venegas and Blanca Ortiz-Quintero
Infant Suffocation Incidents Related to Co-Sleeping or Breastfeeding in the Side-Lying Position in Japan     Chitaru Tokutake, Akiko Haga, Kesami Sakaguchi, Atsuko Samejima, Miki Yoneyama, Yoshiharu Yokokawa, Masayoshi Ohira, Motoki Ichikawa and Makoto Kanai
Chronological Changes in the Gastric Cancer Subsite in Akita, Japan: The Trends from the Data of a Hospital-Based Registration System     Shigeto Koizumi, Satoru Motoyama, Noboru Watanabe, Tamotsu Matsuhashi and Katsunori Iijima
Myeloid Sarcoma of the Paranasal Sinuses in a Patient with Acute Myeloid Leukemia     Jun Suzuki, Yoriko Harazaki, Shinkichi Morita, Yoshiko Kaga, Kazuhiro Nomura, Mitsuru Sugawara and Yukio Katori
Журнал надходить до Інституту експериментальної патології, онкології і радіобіології ім. Р. Є. Кавецького міста Києва.
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